Zappos: Earn Massive Referal Bonuses and Additional Incentives For Each Person You Sign-up

Good day my people, you are welcome to another online investment scheme. As I have told you earlier in most of my articles regarding e-commerce (online business), nobody will follow my trend and lose a dime in any of these platforms.

The is Zappos an online investment program with the aim of helping Amazon, eBay, etc to machandize their products and give percentage to members who click on their adverts.

For those of you that invested in Nigeria Order Works and lost, this is a great opportunity for you all and as at now E-commerce is still paying and I believe by now you should have recover your loss in NOW.

Zappos is another opportunity for you all.

To invest:

Click on recharge at the top right corner on your dashboard when you log in and follow the process to pay with your ATM card or change payment option and pay with bank transfer.

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They have the following paid packages:

  1. #6000
  2. #25000
  3. #50000
  4. #80000
  5. #100,000
  6. #200,000

To input your account details on the platform: Click on ‘me’ button on the bottom left and click on bank card binding option to input your account details then click on confirmation button.

To withdraw: Click on ‘me‘ button on the bottom left and click on withdrawal button at the top right.

To earn your returns for the day: Click on the package on your dashboard eg 1000 and then click on submit orders and then click on buy. You can do this simple tasks 12 times at a go and you are done for the day.

To join the company’s social media group on Whatsapp and Telegram: click on the WhatsApp and Telegram icons showing on your dashboard.

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Instant #1000

Invite and earn massive referal bonuses and additional incentives for each person you sign-up.

If you have not signed up on ZAPPOS you are wrong. ZAPPOS is paying like… rush now .. sign up with my link and be wise with the amount you want to invest.

Invest With What You Can Afford To Lose, but if you Register earlier, you will gain all you have lost in the past.

Click Here To Register

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