Your Kissing With Cross May Cause You To Lose Your Political Career – White Money Tells Queen

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Whitemoney, prompted Queen against her ‘additional kissing’ and other outrageous exercises, considering them a ‘stupid demonstration.

He offered her this guidance after the Friday night Jacuzzi Party, following some close exercises among Cross and Queen in their alleged smashed state.

According to Whitemoney, such act is an idiotic demonstration and can prevent her from accomplishing her political aspiration, an objective she had before examined with him.

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“From the things you’ve advised me, I’m attempting to secure you because  things like this can dissipate those sort of things.

You would prefer not to be a competitor that is known for getting rowdy when she’s in a particular sort of level,” Whitemoney said.

He proceeded, “I’ve seen certain individuals lose government positions as a result of certain things.”

Sovereign countered, “In this house. I’ve not done anything moronic. Assuming I needed to accomplish something moronic, I’d have accomplished something with Boma.”

“That is the thing that you’ll say. It’s just plain obvious, those additional kissing, squeezing, and that load of things is an idiotic demonstration. I guarantee you, it is. For those things you need to do? It is,” Whitemoney added.

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Alluding to her political aspiration, Whitemoney added, “With the exception of you don’t want to do that thing full time since it’s an exceptionally moronic act, believe me.”

PiggyVest Task Winner

  • 1st – Saskay wins N1,550,000
  • 2nd – Liquorose wins N750,000
  • 3rd – Yousef and Angel with 100points each win N500,000
    Congratulations to you guys…

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Emmanuel: If i leave on Sunday, this is the memory you want me to have about us

Liquorose: Ooh please you’re not going anywhere

Emmanuel: I don’t like seeing you like this, why are you hurting yourself. I want you to know it’s really not one sided, i really like you a lot.

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