Yahoo Update: Chase to BTC 2022 Tutorial – Requirements



Get a Chase bank Log with email access,
Create an ID card in the name and picture of the Log owner.

How do you get the picture of the Log owner?


This is where TRUTHFINDER comes in.

Go to truthfinder or instacheckmate or any background check website and search for the owner’s name to get the picture, you can also use Facebook or Instagram ( Though I suggest background checkers like Truthfinder as it is more accurate).

Now log into Coinbase, Click on BUY BITCOIN WITH BANK ACCOUNT
you will be asked to input the login details of the bank Log.

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After you input the login details you will be prompt to chose weather to receive code via email or phone number, since you only have access to the email, Chose email

A code will be sent to the email, get the code, input it to Coinbase and delete from the email asap so the owner doesn’t know what’s happening.

Now after inputting code, on the next page, Coinbase will ask for additional verification by asking for the verification documents of the log owner, this is where you need the fake ID card you created.Simply chose ID card since it’s what you have.

On the next screen you will be asked to upload your ID card, just click on upload and select the ID card you already created and upload it.

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Then Coinbase will review the ID Card,
it takes up to 30minutes for the verification process, at this point you may Log out of Coinbase or stay if you chose to

After 30minutes you will receive a Linking successful email from Coinbase.
This is the sweetest part.

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Now you are set to make some cool money

Now log back into Coinbase, click on “Buy Bitcoin with bank account” and on the next screen you will be shown the Chase bank log that you have linked.

Now click on it, and purchase bitcoin you can purchase anything below $15,000 worth of BTC for first and the second time
Don’t purchase more than that so that the transaction won’t be flagged. Transaction takes up to 2 Business days
After that your $15,000 worth of BTC will be deposited to your wallet.

After the first and second purchase, you can then increase it, you can purchase up to $50,000 Worth of BTC on the third time.

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