Women Temptation: Sister Nora and Brother Michael

Avoiding Women Temptation

“This is alarming oooo…. What am I going to do about this issue of sister Nora. She promised to change her lifestyle, but am seeing another different things entirely in my dream (he went closer to his dining table and sat down there, thinking…this is tempation).

Indeed, the spiritual controls the physical realm, and what I’ve seen in my dream is clearly defining that she has an interior motive against my ministry.” brother Michael said, thinking about the dream he had last night….

Brother Michael knelt down and prayed over sister Nora’s matter. Hope that brother Michael isn’t affected in his prayer life?

“Oh! My God! I’m now getting cold in prayers because of this sister Nora.” he said; as he was yet speaking, he received a call from Nora.

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“Hello, sir, Good afternoon sir” she greeted
“Good afternoon how are you doing?.” he responded.

“Sir, pls I have something important I want us to discuss about. Can you come to my house this evening?.” she requested
“Do you mean this evening? ” he asked pretending that he didn’t hear what she said clearly….

“Yes, this evening in my house so that we can discuss more better on the issue of things to do in other to serve God more better than before, because I’ve decided to serve God again as I promised you the other day… ” she said.

“Ok, as far as our discussion is based on tips on how to serve God, there’s no problem about it. I will come but I won’t waste much time when I come to your house.” he agreed to visit her.

What else could it be if it isn’t deception….

Brother Michael prepared to meet her at her house as he has promised through the phone conversation they had.

It is 7pm in the evening, he prepared and left to visit Nora at her house. On his way going, he spent almost close to 5hours on his way to visit her. The traffic was much and everywhere was blocked, the traffic wasn’t moving at all…

He got to her house late in the night, around 10pm in the evening. (What a dangerous time). When he got there, Nora couldn’t permit him to leave her house as they agreed.

  • Proverbs 6:26For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.
  • 6:27Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?

“The time is late for you to leave my house. Why not pass the night with me? Don’t worry, don’t be afraid you’re save okey?” Nora said.

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“I can’t pass the night here with you here in this house; it’s dangerous and the temptation of sex can come at anytime. I have decided and I jave promised God that nothing on earth will cause me to commit sin against Him (God).” he replied.

“My brother, nothing is actually wrong with you passing the night in my house. Are we sleeping on the same bed? No! So don’t perturb yourself, just come inside take your shower and I will direct you where to sleep so that tomorrow early morning you can be going back home.

It’s too late to go by this time ooo, something terrible can occur to anyone especially during this time of the night. Just relax yourself.” Nora said trying to convince brother Michael to pass the night in her house.

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“Listen, Nora, the reason why I’m here haven’t be discussed at all of which I’ve just wasted my money in coming to this place. Nevertheless, I know that we are one is Christ, but at the same time, the issue of me passing the night in your house can’t be successful.” he replied her…

Brother Michael didn’t accept her offer, but he rather left her house that night and make his journey back again to his house. He got home that night after much stress he passed through on his way home; he took his bible to study and pray, but he was slumbering on his table.

“What’s happening to me?

Why am I struggling to study the Bible and to pray? Oh God deliver me and save my soul from destruction.” he said, as he was yet striving to prayer: he was singing songs and praises to God, immediately, he slept off again till the breaking of the day.

He woke up with a bittered heart because of the dream he had throughout the night as he was sleeping…. “Oh! This lady has come again and shattered by dream.

I have to run to the pastor for deliverance because am not the person that I use to be. Everything I have is gone. I can no more pray again like before. Where are thou oh Lord!!!! Temptation is a sin, Come and deliver me.” he wept sorrowfully because tension is always on him whenever he remembers sister Nora….

Brother Michael quickly prepared to meet the pastor for thorough deliverance and counseling…

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