Why You Should Know The Types of Light Bulbs, How to Use and When to Use it

There are so many light bulbs in the world. These light bulbs can be incandescent bulbs and can-descent bulbs.

Incandescent Bulbs:

In Ghana, these types of bulbs are known as old bulbs. This is because the bulbs are yellow in color and it produces heat. It is made in several ways.

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These are Halogen bulbs, Fridge bulbs, 40watts, 60watts and 100watts bulbs. The power(watt) shows how hot these bulbs are. There are another bulbs aside these which also produce heat but has been made with different colors like; blue, green, voilet and red that gives decorations. It is called garden egge bulbs.

Can we say that these bulbs were introduce into the country because of enough power to power it?

Candescent Bulbs:

These types of bulbs are white in color and do not produce heat. In Ghana, these bulbs take names like; Energy Saving Bulb, Fluorescent Bulb and Light Emitting Diode(LED).

These bulbs have less consumption and cost. It differs among itself in terms of shapes and moulds. These are the well know bulbs in the system now.

People demand for these modern bulbs are high because the Electricity Company of Ghana has recommend it. It takes so many colors aside the white bulbs we all know. Such colors it takes are; yellow, green, blue, red and mercury. Note that their watts are equivalent to incandecent.

Photos of Different Typez of Bulbs:

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