Why Several Firms Closed Up in Nigeria Today


So bad, I went to the Care Center of a mobile phone company last week to fix my phone that has screen issue.

On getting to the entrance, the security guard of the company asked me what I came for, I told him I came to fix the screen of my phone.

As he was handling my tally number to me, he was also whispering to me that he knows where I can fix the phone in a cheaper price.

Putting it exactly the way he said it, “Oga I know where them go do this phone for you correct in this computer village and na like half of the money you go pay here.

I was shocked to my marrow, how could this man be working here, drawing his salary here and still be sabotaging the company while on duty?

Just because of what he would get by referring me to the other place, he’s ready to jeopardize the effort of his company.

As the man in the frontage, he should be the most trusted staff that potential client will see and have the confidence that they’re in the right place, he’s the same person that let himself and his company down.

As I was seated, waiting for my turn to fix my phone, looking at the man handling tally number to clients and probably whispering the same thing to them. (Because I saw some people turned back from the entrance), I arrived at the conclusion that this is the summary of Nigeria and Nigerians.

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There are several companies folded up in Nigeria today not because of electricity as we always say, it’s because of internal sabotage. Everybody at every cadre will steal from the company till it collapses.

As the Directors are stealing in millions, the management staff are stealing in hundreds of thousands, senior staff are stealing in thousands, junior staff are stealing in hundreds.

When the company cant bear it any longer, it collapsed and everyone is thrown into the labour market.

Whenever it rains, the whole country will be flooded because the Government failed to do enough drainage, the few that were done were badly done by the contractor who wants to maximize profit and the rest of us will throw rubbish into the not well-done drainage to block it.

Every day you receive messages and calls of potential scammers. Some people can sacrifice anything for money including their blood relative.

Trust is gradually becoming a scarce and expensive commodity. And our situation is gradually becoming the prophetic things that fall apart and the centre cannot hold.
Nigeria will be great again if all of us stop our contribution of sabotage today and put the interest of the country in our hearts.

God Bless Me

God Bless You

God Bless Nigeria.

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