Who Are The Members of The Suicide Squad and What Are Their Skills

A team as varied as the one that the Suicide Squad movie will bring requires a review of the actors and the powers of the characters to assimilate what is coming our way.

This weekend we have been quite entertained with all the content that the DC FanDome has given itself.

The DC virtual convention has been full of news in the different areas that the company touches. Especially active have been the panels related to future DC film projects: News related to The Snyder Cut from Justice League, the new Batman movie with Robert Pattinson or the imminent (we hope) premiere of Wonder Woman 1984.

But the entire DC FanDome has had a completely badass touch coming from the Suicide Squad news. In addition to the new game from Rocksteady of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Leagu, the convention has left us juicy news from The Suicide Squad, the new film by James Gunn.

While we wait for the time to go to the cinema to enjoy the film, which we hope will redeem the regular result that Suicide Squad had in 2016, we are going to review the main characters of The Suicide Squad, as well as their powers. more characteristic.

Harley quinn

At this point, the character that Margot Robbie passionately embodies needs little introduction. Harley Quinn is heavily influenced by the Joker, but has made a name for herself as a villain in her own right and as an anti-hero on more than one occasion.

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His fondness for the old-fashioned bullets, and the things that “PUM” do, as well as his macabre sense of humor, promises that he will reprise his role from 2016. Of course, everything will be great if he does not oversaturate like in the movie of Birds of Prey.

Rick Flag

Another character who repeats the role after the Suicide Squad movie is Rick Flag , the military leader of the group played by Joel Kinnaman who will once again demonstrate his leadership skills before this crazy group of villainous scum.

In addition to having the name of a well-known electronics brand, the character that Nathan Fillion will play has a few surprises up his sleeves. Don’t wait, you don’t have sleeves, because you don’t need them.

The main quality of TDK is that it can tear off its arms and use them as weapons . Yes, well, how it sounds. At least it wasn’t called Tirabrazos or anything like that. In that it has been more original. Right, Javelin?

Another of James Gunn’s regulars in his films is Michael Rooker. And he has also made a little hole in The Suicide Squad to play one of those characters that can give him great charisma. It is about Savant, a billionaire who has so much money and free time that he has become an expert in combat. Read more

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