WhatsApp Marketing: How To Make Massive Income Through Your WhatsApp in 2022

You need to understand what Whatsapp Marketing means. WhatsApp has now become a very strong lead generation platform. WhatsApp is the #1 highly used app followed by Facebook, YouTube then you can move on to other platforms like telegram, Instagram, Twitter etc

By Coach Joshua:

Before you continue reading this article, let me quickly introduce myself. I’m  referred to  as Coach Joshua by name, a final year student, content writer, copywriter, and lastly Child of God.

If you reach out to people via WhatsApp, as many that we come in contact with you via WhatsApp, you have the opportunity to make money from them. What you just need to do is to know the secret and strategies in making money through your WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most used social media platform in Nigeria. Anybody you see with an Android phone is definitely on WhatsApp.


Why do we need WhatsApp marketing?

  1. WHATSAPP is a Useful and powerful messaging app.
  2. For Personal Use
  3. For Business Purposes


  • For connecting with friends and family

Download the whatsapp messaging personal App

  • For Business Purposes

Download the WhatsApp business app

  • To show case your business profile

Connect directly with your customers that you are winning over to convert them to your regular customers.

WHATSAPP as a business opportunity

According to statistics, there are 7.8 billion people in the world, and expected to reach 8 billion people by 2023. About 4.57 billion people use the internet, out of which 2 billion use whatsapp in 180 countries in the world isn’t that great?

Yes it is!

The average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times per day. That is why millions of businesses loss huge amount of money when Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter shot down for just 5hours towards ending of the year 2021. The world is practically on WhatsApp and as you all know, wherever people are gathered, money is there.

You can use WhatsApp business as an enquiry page for your business

Where two or three people are gathered, there is money in their pocket or bank account. How about where  1.5 billion people are gathered? There is massive money!

I want to inform you that whatsapp is the most widely used instant messaging platform. An average WhatsApp user is active at least 2 hours a day. This means that WhatsApp has more daily engagement than any other social media. Right? Yes!

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing

  1. Whatsapp is the most Used social media platforms in Nigeria
  2. It is the cheapest social media marketing tool
  3. Whatsapp messages gets higher open rates
  4. WHATSAPP gives you the attention of your customers 100%
  5. Whatsapp helps you build personal relationship with your customers (KLT factor). For people to buy from you there is what we called the KLT factor, they need to know you, Like you and trust you.
  6. It is easy to use.

Disadvantages Of WhatsApp Marketing

  1. It requires More Work to Maintain
  2. Very difficult to automate
  3. Limited people to join groups

4.There is limitations to people you can add to broadcast list

There are 3 basic requirements you need, if you really want to make money through your WhatsApp

  1. Products/services
  2. Sales page
  3. Traffic
  • Product/ services

If you want to make money on whatsapp you will need the product of your own or services of your own, or product of someone or services of someone.

  • Sales page

If you don’t have a blog you can use your WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram as your sales page. But we are talking about whatsapp. So you can let your WhatsApp be your sales page.

  • Traffic

Before you can make money on WhatsApp you will need traffic, you need to drive traffic to your WhatsApp, you need audience, people that will see your products, and buy your product or pay for your services. At the end of this article, if you will take the offer, you will learn how to drive massive traffic to your WhatsApp and make them buy anything you are selling.

Let’s Talk About The WhatsApp Status.

So many people are making money through their WhatsApp status.

The WhatsApp status is a very good way and effective way of uploading your business and making money online. You don’t need anybody to advertise your business for you, you don’t need a shop, you don’t need to rent a shop. You can snap your product right in your house, post them on your WhatsApp status boom! You start making money. They will chat you up or send you a direct message and pay you for your products, before you know you have started making money.

Let me reveal some strategy and secret that will convince people to view your status.

  • Don’t post too much things on your status, like don’t post like 100 post, 50 post at the same time or 1 day that’s too much, I myself won’t view your status because it’s too much, unless if you will pay me for viewing it. You can just post little post. Make it minimal. Don’t make people run from viewing your status.

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  • If you want to post, post like 5 in the morning, post like 5 in the afternoon and also post 5 things in the night or evening. If you want to post it, the first one you can post your products, the second post you can post your products maybe bag, the third post you can post your bag, the fourth one you can post your bag while the fifth one you can post something that’s trending or your fine pics especially if you are a girl or lady.

When people are scrolling through their status, they will see the last post that you posted which is trending or your fine picture, they will want to click on your status to view it but when they click on it they will see your products first, the second post your products, third post they will see your products and fourth same.

It’s on the fifth post they will now see what you posted that’s trending or your fine pics, but they have seen all your products already, those that will patronize you will chat you up and patronize you. That’s cool right?

Best Ways To Make Money on WhatsApp

There are many ways to make money from your status, I will reveal only four ways in this article.

  1. Selling your own products/services

This is the most sustainable and profitable among the four ways you can make money on WhatsApp, why?? Because you are the one selling it, you are the one producing it. You are the owner of all the money after selling it, the reason why MMM and other stuff crash is because they want to make money without selling anything.

You produce, you market and sell. In case if you don’t have a product of your own I have a special offer for you, you will get to know the offer after reading all these. If you take the offer you will learn how to make massive income even without having product of your own to sell.

  1. Advertisement

So many WhatsApp influencers charge people to place their products on their WhatsApp status. This is one of the reasons you should save contact on your phone or email account. Saving your contact is advisable on your email account so when you misplace your phone you can still get the contact. You also need a lot of traffic, that’s you need a lot of audience to always view your status, I will teach you that as time goes on. Just keep reading.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

People are making a lot of money through affiliate marketing, you can be involve in affiliate marketing either as a product owner or as an affiliate marketer. As a product owner maybe you have a product to sell you will give it to people they will help you to sell and they will make their commission while the remaining money will come to you.

While as an affiliate marketer, there are different affiliate marketing company, you will register under them, you will sell for them and you will receive your commission when someone buy it, like expertnaire you will sell for them, for example you sell a product of 20k, 10k will come to you while 10k will go to the owner of the products, is that not cool? If 10 people buy the product from you every week, that’s 100k per week. That’s cool cash.

Your own is just to convince people to buy the course or anything you see there. Then you make your cool money.  I will reveal other affiliate marketing company where you can get their products and advertise for them and make massive income, that will be when you take the special offer I have at the end of this class. Don’t miss that offer for anything. I will also reveal some secrets on how to get people to patronise the products and get your commission.

  1. Refer to use App

Another way you can make money on WhatsApp is when you refer people to use App. I will reveal two apps that will pay you a certain of money if you refer someone to the app. There are many apps but I will reveal just two.

  • Branch app_branch app will pay you a certain amount of money when you refer someone to them just refer someone to them and you will be paid. App like branch app will pay you 500 or 250 if you refer just one person to them, now imagine if you refer like 10 or 20 per day to the app through your whatsapp do you know how much you will make per day??
  • Piggvest app_ this app will pay you #1000 if you refer just someone to use the app but that’s if they activate it and use it, you will be paid N1000. Imagine you get just 30 people to the two apps in 30 days do you you know the amount you will make from the two apps each?? I will still reveal more apps that do pay if you take the special offer.

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There are many other ways you can make money with your WhatsApp which is not included here but you will be taught everything when you take the offer.

In summary

What do you need  to make money daily on WhatsApp?

Just 2 tasks

  1. Collect contacts daily on all your social media app, Facebook free or paid ads etc
  2. Send messages full of values, and you sell your products or services, tell people about your products, give people value what will they benefit if they get your products, make them trust you. People won’t pay you until they trust you because they are afraid of being scammed. Scammers are too much let them know you are not among.

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