What is the Easiest and The Cheapest Way to Send Money to Germany?

When it comes to sending money to Germany, most of the ex-pats are in to get the highest cash amount on the receiving end in a completely timely manner.

You cannot ignore the major fact that you have to pay the small fee and settle the lower exchange rates. But this does not mean that you should be settling yourself for the old international money transfer service.

Keeping this fact in mind, here we have a guide for you to discuss the best and cheapest ways for sending money to Germany. We have compiled different services for you based on how much money you want to send.

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Let’s dive into the discussion below!

What do you need to Consider When Sending Money to Germany?

Before you make an international money transfer into Germany, right here are the main things which you need to consider which are:

  1. Fixed fee
  2. Percentage fee
  3. Combination fee

Let’s look at each one of them closely.

1. Fixed Fees

A fixed fee is the major type of money transfer you will come through when you send money to Germany and does not change with the amount of money you transfer into the country.

Whether you send USD1,000 or USD10,000, you will be charged an equal fee, which varies between banks and online cash exchange providers

Bank of America, for example, costs USD45 no matter how much cash you send to Germany. This makes the bank institution as one of the most inexpensive picks for transfers over a few thousand dollars.

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2. Percentage Fees

However, a percentage fee is another kind of transfer you’ll come across as opposed to fixed fees; proportion fees change with the amount you send to Germany.
Wise, for example, costs percentage fees of 0.48% on a USD1,000 transfer. This means that you’ll pay roughly USD4.80 in Wise share prices.

However, keep in mind that when you use online money transfer service and transfer with a credit score card, you will be charged a 1 to 3 percentage rate of the whole amount you’re sending to Germany.

3. Combination Fees

The third type of fee you will come through when transferring money to Germany is the combination fee. It is the mixture of a fixed fee and a proportion fee.

PayPal makes use of this structured state to charge for worldwide cash transfers. Keep in mind that fee types don’t usually predict whether or not a service will be more cost-effective or greater high-priced than the next.

Exchange rates additionally play a vital role when getting money into a German bank, so let’s look at how they can both keep or value your money.

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Exchange Rates

It’s a fact that banks and online cash transfer companies will provide you with mid-market prices (except for Wise). So be sure to look at the exchange rate you’re quoted with the mid-market rate on XE.

Moreover, the service companies that don’t charge transfer fees— like Xendpay for the first GBP2,000 — make their cash by taking a small reduction of the exchange rate.

The Xendpay, on average, takes about 2-3% of the mid-market alternate charge discovered on XE. Aside from transfer fees and exchange fees, you additionally have to think about switch speeds, which we will cover next.

Transfer Speeds

You may additionally or may not be in a rush to get your money sent into Germany. However, it’s suitable to recognize how traditional long transfers will take if you have to schedule month-to-month repayments or want dwelling expenses.

Using services like Wise, Xendpay, or banks will typically take one to three business days.
When using a service like Western Union, you can get your cash in minutes, however, be organized to pay a lot extra in fees.

If you go with the old money sending methods, be ready to wait months for that transfer to clear.

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Which Best Money Transfer Options are Available Sending Money to Germany?

Now let’s highlight a few major money transfer options to consider when sending money to Germany:

1. Wise

Wise is one of the few amazing and best online money transfer companies with current mid-market exchange prices, making them famous with ex-pats in Germany.
You’ll pay a proportion of fees when using this service, and in contrast to different companies, its quotes are competitive.

For example, on a USD1,000 transfer to Germany, they cost USD4.80 alongside the USD2.59 bank charge for ACH transfer. This is the most inexpensive choice on its website. In the end, you will end up with EUR832.55.

However, that same USD1,000 transfers would cost greater if you choose wire transfer. Debit card, or debit card as an option of payment or the wire transfer will cost:

  • Wire transfer— USD5.64 fee
  • Debit card — USD11.56 fee
  • Credit card — USD37.44 fee

Moreover, Wise is pretty quick, promising one-day shipping if you make the transfer on Mondays to Thursdays.

As for security, Wise employs a devoted team, presents real-time notifications, data protection, and more. You can use Wise on your laptop or smartphone on both its Android and iOS app, and verification takes a few minutes if you have archives ready.

2. Xendpay

The Xendpay is an amazing option for first-time transfers, as they provide a “pay what you want” structure for the first USD2,275 you send to Germany.

Sending USD1,000 to Germany via Xendpay would get you EUR838, or about EUR5 more than wise. Remember that after you meet your preliminary USD2,275 limits, Xendpay will begin, including extra expenses relying on your transfer method. Here they are:

  • Credit card — 2.3 percentage fee
  • Debit card — 2.3 percentage fee

When sending cash to Germany via Xendpay, you’ll get your cash in one to three working days. Xendpay additionally takes its protection seriously. They provide information protection, partake in anti-money laundering programs, and use the ultra-modern web safety protocols.

You can transfer through Xendpay the use of its website or app for Android and iOS.

3. PayPal

You can additionally transfer money to a bank account in Germany by using PayPal’s service, Xoom.

Xoom is barely higher than Western Union, too. For a USD1,000 transfer into Germany, they’d take about 2-4% in alternate cost alongside a debit or credit card fee of USD30.49.

PayPal’s Xoom does have one component going for it —transfer speed. You can get your cash in Germany in just three hours. Xoom is additionally eager on security, as they use facts encryption and fraud monitoring on all its transfers.

Its website is handy to use as well and ties in with your PayPal account. You can additionally use its app on Android and iOS.

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Comparison Table of Best Method to Send Money to Germany

As you can see through the table below, Xendpay is the best choice when you are sending USD1,000 to Germany. But as you will reach closer to the USD10,000, however, bank transfers will tend to yield up more money over the receiving end.


How To Send Money To Germany Through Speed

How To Send Money To Germany Through Wise
1 to 3 days

Sending Money To Germany Using Xendpay
1 to 3 days

How To Send Money To Germany Through Bank Transfers
1 to 2 days

How To Send Money To Germany Through Western Union
1 to 5 days

How To Send Money To Germany Through PayPal
1 day

How To Send Money To Germany Through ATM

How To Send Money To Germany Through Cryptocurrency

By keeping all those general numbers in mind, let’s discuss a few options that are best for the ex-pats from certain countries.

How to send money to Germany: Country-Specific Recommendation

If you are sending money to Germany from the U.S., the U.K., or Canada, below are the best options to consider first-hand:

United States

Xendpay is your best option to consider if sending a few thousand bucks to Germany from the U.S. But as soon as you start getting closer to the USD10,000 marks, your best option is to use a financial institution transfer, such as through Bank of America.

However, if you discover that your bank is charging more than USD100 for USD10,000 transfers, you may have to use Wise instead.

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United Kingdom

When sending money from the U.K. to Germany, Xendpay is an excellent choice, particularly considering that they provide a “pay what you want” platform for global transfers up to GBP2,000. Once you end up with your limit, you can swap to Wise if they provide a higher amount on the receiving end.

For large transfers, you can also use a bank such as Barclay’s or HSBC UK. Barclay’s costs a constant rate from GBP19 to GBP44 for all transfers, while HSBC UK costs up to GBP30.


If you have to send money from Canada to Germany, use Xendpay for the excellent rates, as they seek out Wise when it comes to the total amount received. And it’s easier to see why that’s the case. Scotiabank just cost around CAD19 for worldwide cash transfers into Germany.

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