What I Learnt From My Parents Episode 5


Brie & Elsie Adventure

This chapter is more of adventure and foundation for the next chapter.

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The two girls stopped by the hamburger stand in the mall food court and ordered burgers, fries, and vanilla shakes and brought their trays to a small table. They sat down on the hard stools and Elsie grimaced. “Ohmygod, this skirt is still wet!”

Brie blushed and looked down at her food, knowing that she was the cause of the wetness.

But Elsie merely shrugged, flipped the skirt up behind her and over the seat, and sat with her panties and bare legs directly on the cool stool. They scarfed down their food, not saying much to each other while doing so.

“So,” Elsie ventured a topic, “what does your dad think of all this?”

Brie blushed again, “I don’t really know. I think he’s trying not to think about it. I mean, I don’t blame him. I’m trying not to think about it, too.

The trouble is, I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. I finish up one session and it’s all I can do not to go to sleep. Then, before I know it, it’s time for round two. And it’s only been a day since I developed this…”


Brie broke into a smile at her friend’s insistence that she’s some kind of superhero. “How do you think I’m gonna save somebody’s life with this kind of super-power?”

“Just because you have a super-power doesn’t mean you’re a super-hero. Maybe you’ll turn out to be a super-villain instead. The nefarious O-Girl is at it again, instilling fear wherever she goes… or comes!”

Brie choked on her soda. “Anyway… my dad has barely acknowledged it, so I don’t think it’s really affecting him at all. My mom has been trying to be helpful, but… it’s kinda embarrassing when she steps in.”

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Brie noticed that her friend was barely listening. Instead, her attention was focused somewhere behind her. She craned her neck around and that’s when she noticed two cute boys staring back at them.

She smiled self-consciously and turned back to her friend. “You’re not even paying attention to me, are you?”

“I’m listening!” Elsie feigned offense. “I can listen and flirt at the same time. I’m a multi-tasker. It’s a hallmark of my generation.”

She fluttered her eyes at the two boys sitting across from her and demurely sucked the straw of her milkshake. She swallowed and continued, “You were saying your mom is helpful.”

“Well, she tries to be helpful, but I’m really not sure what to make of it.”

“What does she do?”

“She just seems super… concerned, I guess,” Brie said, being light on specifics.

“She probably is concerned,” Elsie said, oblivious. “Moms are like that, but she loves you. She’s looking out for you.” Elsie flipped her hair between her fingers, still sending vibes to the two boys at the other table.

Brie sighed, “But it’s more than that. Yesterday she— she offered to… help me.”

Elsie tore her attention away from the boys at last. “Get out. She wanted to help you… get off?”

“Keep it quiet! But yeah, I mean, I think so.”

“You think so? Did you let her?”

“I don’t think so!” Brie was too self-conscious to admit the truth and tried to walk the subject back, “I mean, I don’t really remember for sure. Everything is so blurry. That would be weird, wouldn’t it?”

“Oh man, I would never let my mom help me! But she’d never ask, either, thank goodness.” Elsie paused and then shifted her eyes around to make sure nobody was listening in. She leaned in with a smirk and continued. “I have gotten off with my sister before, though.”

Brie’s eyes widened, “What? Mallory fingered you?”

Elsie leaned back. “No, dummy, don’t be gross. That’s not what I’m saying. I just said we’ve gotten off together.”

“Really? What was that like?”

“Well, we share a bedroom, you know?” Brie nodded, “One night before I fell asleep, I heard her.”

“You heard her?”

“Yeah, like I heard these sticky sounds, I guess, coming from her bed. I think she was just horny and wanted to jill off and probably thought I was asleep. But I wasn’t.”

Brie swallowed hard. “What did you do?”

“I watched her for a while. I was really interested in it at the time. I’m younger than her and I had just started playing with myself not long before that. Like, I was even waiting for her to go to sleep so I could do the exact same thing. And I was laying on my side, already facing her, you know. So yeah, I watched her play with herself for a while and, I don’t know, like I said, I guess I was kinda feeling it, too. I figured if we were both doing it, it wouldn’t be that weird. So, I rolled over onto my back to start but that made her stop, like instantly. I think the sound startled her. She probably thought I might’ve woken up.”

Brie leaned in intently. She couldn’t believe Elsie was being so open about such an intimate experience.

“I laid there for a long time, not really sure if I wanted to actually go for it. And anyway, if she had started back up again, I don’t think I could have heard her if I wanted to, because my heart was pounding in my head. Finally, I figured if she was fine with doing that while I was there—even if she thought I was asleep—if she was desperate to take the risk, she probably wouldn’t be that embarrassed if I did the same thing. So I kicked off the covers and kinda start going at it.

I’m rubbing my clit and fingering myself and I get loud enough that I know she can hear me. You know, I’m moaning a little bit, and I think she can hear the sloshing going on at my fingers.”

Brie licked her lips, which still tingled from their earlier session.

“Finally all this tension started melting away. Before I knew it, I could see that she started up again. She was a lot more obvious than before, and she started moaning, too. After that, I came pretty quickly, and so did she. It was kind of wild having an audience, even if it was just dumb Mallory.”

Brie was fascinated, and plumbed for advice. “What happened after that? Was it awkward?”

“A little bit right afterwards, like the next day. We didn’t talk about it, but we both know what each other had done. But we had crossed that line, and eventually, when nobody made fun of the other about it, we started doing it again. And we’ve actually done it a lot since then.”


“Yeah, it’s always after the lights go out, and except for that first time, I usually always stay under the covers, since Mal always has.” At this point Elsie remembered the boys again.

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Even though she was still conversing with her friend, she almost seemed to be talking to them, instead, though they were too far to hear what she was saying. “Whenever she starts, I usually join in. Sometimes I’ve been the one to start, just because I feel so horny and she always joins in.

It’s fun, and it’s just better with someone else, and at this point I trust my sister not to be embarrassing about it, like tease me for it and stuff.”

“I can’t believe you’ve never told me this before. I can’t believe you still have secrets I don’t know about.”

Elsie leaned in close again and whispered (albeit loudly), “I kinda wanna see what she looks like naked. She has boobs now!”

Brie teased, “And you think it’s weird that my mom wants to help me when you’re such a slut for your sister.”

“First off, I’m not a slut for my sister. I’ve never touched her. And second off, fuck you, don’t slut shame.”

Brie acted faux-offended at the swear and giggled.

Elsie continued, “Anyway, with that out of the way, I would never have my mom help me with anything sexual, but clearly I can’t judge your situation. But I mean, I think your mom is way cooler than mine, anyway, and I suspect you agree.”

Brie frowned and conceded, “Yeah, guess so. She can be pretty fun. Your parents are pretty strict.” She used the end of Elsie’s story to change the subject, “I just wish mine would give me some money once in a while.”

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“We gotta get these boys to take us out.” Elsie nodded in their direction.

Brie turned around again and one of them winked at her. She did find them quite attractive. She turned back around and smiled at her friend.

Elsie returned with an impish grin. “I’ve got an idea to get them to notice us.”

“Um, Elsie, I think they already have.”

“No, I mean to really get their attention.”

“What is it?”

“Shh, just act normal.”

At that point, Brie’s mind could only fixate on how nobody can ever act normal when they’re told to act normal. She fished for something to say: “Um, soo, how are things?”

Elsie checked her surroundings to see whose attention they might have. The mall food court was bustling all around them, but, beyond the two boys, nobody seemed particularly concerned with them.

When she felt she had a reasonable amount of privacy, she reached under her new skirt, lifted her butt off the seat ever so slightly, and slid her panties down over it.

Then she plopped bare-assed back down onto the plastic stool. As she did, she almost slid off the edge, which startled her. “Oop! Guess I’m still a little slippery down there!”

Brie was shocked, “Elsie, what are you doing?”

“Woo, this seat is a little chilly,” she winked.

Brie looked under the small diner table they sat at. She could only see Elsie’s legs. Her skirt, while short, draped over them and down over the stool slightly. She watched as Elsie once again reached under her skirt and peeled her underwear down her thighs to her knees.

Brie’s heartbeat began to rise and she looked over the table again at her friend, who was smiling dreamily at the boys. “What are you up to?”

Parrying the question, she asked, “You think they can tell what I’m doing from over there?”

Brie turned, red-faced, and looked at them. “Um, I—I don’t think so. I think I’m blocking their view.”

“Oh well, it’ll be more of a surprise once they figure it out.”

Brie looked around the food court again to see if anyone else was on to what was going on, but everybody appeared to be oblivious. Again her eyes returned under the table. Elsie pushed her panties over her knees and they slid freely down her legs to the floor.

She stepped one foot out of them, then lifted the other to cross it. The undergarment dangled off her raised ankle and as she moved it over her knee, she slipped it off altogether, then crumpled it into her fist. Then she moved both her hands above the table to sit more or less normally.

“Holy shit, Elsie!” was all Brie could think to say. She could see swatches of the teal and yellow panties peeking out of her friend’s balled fist. At least now her friend’s boyshorts weren’t hanging off her ankle, on display for the mall to see, so her heartbeat began to slow a bit.

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“Like I said earlier, I like not wearing panties sometimes.” Elsie winked again at the boys, “Now we match.”

Brie breathed deeply. Her chest flushed hotly. “Girl, you’re no good for my nerves these days. You’re being so rebellious all of a sudden.” Elsie just laughed. Brie asked, “So what are you gonna do with those things now?”

“C’mon.” Elsie got up and dumped her trash, then she headed for the boys. Brie could only follow behind. One of them had dark, wavy hair styled up, and a black Nirvana tee-shirt and gray zip hoodie. The other had light brown hair that was flopped down over his eyebrows.

He wore a white tee-shirt with red text that said “it’s lit”. Both of them were about a head taller than Brie and Elsie. As the girls approached their target, Elsie stalked with the confidence of a tigress, while Brie lowered her head bashfully.

“Hey boys,” Elsie said, “What’s going on?”

“Just admiring the view,” the dark-haired boy replied.

“I don’t recognize you. You must go to a different school than us.”

“Totally. We’re from out of state. We’re home from college visiting our parents for the weekend.”

“Really?” Elsie shot a look at her friend, “Brothers, then?”

“Yeah, I’m Oliver. I’m the older one,” he said proudly.

“And I’m Hunter,” the boy in the white tee spoke up, then asked somewhat awkwardly, “So what about you two? Are you sisters?”

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Elsie winked at Brie, “We have a few things in common—under the hood—but we’re not related. We’re besties. We do, like, everything together.”

“Nice,” Hunter replied with a dopy, too-big smile, as if the innuendo he had heard wasn’t intentional.

“So, did you find what you were looking for at the mall?” Elsie asked.

Oliver chimed in, staring intently at the two girls, “I think maybe we have.”

“Well, we’re not done shopping yet. Wanna come along? We were thinking about looking around Hush-Hush.”

Brie gasped quietly at her friend’s provocative suggestion of the popular underwear store. Both boys gaped, as well. Oliver recovered quickly and spoke up, “Bummer, our parents are on their way to pick us up. We’ve got a family photo to take. It’s dumb.”

He rolled his eyes, but he quickly brightened up and dug into his pocket, producing a Sharpie and a scrap of paper, “But we’re both pretty much free after that. Maybe we can get together this weekend sometime. Maybe you could give us your numbers?”

Brie was fairly impressed with the efficiency of it all.

“That sounds great,” said Elsie, grabbing the marker, “But I’ve already got something to write on.” With that, she opened her fist and the brightly-covered panty within unfolded over her palm. Again the boys’ jaws went slack as she uncapped the marker with her teeth and proceeded to scrawl her number onto the fabric.

She had to go over some areas a few times where the ink didn’t take and remarked, “I guess it’s a little wet here.”

Brie couldn’t believe how graphic her friend was. Again, she glanced around to see if anybody was watching. She caught the eye of an older man—the same one with the wife that earlier saw Elsie wandering Justine’s Place in just her underwear and tee-shirt. Brie quickly broke eye-contact and stared at the floor.

She wondered if he recognized the underwear pattern from not much earlier in the day.

Elsie signed the panties “Zoey” and handed them over to Oliver. “Text me.” Oliver smiled roguishly.

Hunter interjected awkwardly toward Brie, “Uh, uh, what about you?”

She looked up, “What? Me?”

“Uh, can I get your number?” he stammered.

Brie blushed and paused bashfully. She did think he was cute and but wasn’t sure she wanted to give up her number. “I’m… not wearing anything I could write it on.”

Elsie quickly jumped in, “She’s mine, boys, so you can reach her through me.”

“Oh, nice. Well. Can I at least get your name?”

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Brie also wanted an alias, but struggled to come up with something convincing, “Briley”.

“Briley. Uh, okay, nice.” Hunter smiled wide.

“Alright, see you losers later,” Elsie said. And at that, she spun, twirling her skirt, grabbed Brie by the shoulder, and marched them off out of the food court and back into the mall proper. “Briley?” she said with a chuckle.

“I know! Shut up, I was nervous. My heart was beating a million miles an hour. That guy even saw you again.”

“What guy? What do you mean?”

“Oh! When you were in Justine’s Place in just your undies, a guy walked by and saw you.”


“And he just saw you give those same undies to that boy, too!”

“OMG. You have to point him out next time we see him.”

“Why? So you can give him ‘a story to tell his wife?’” Brie prodded.

“Haha, noo. I just want to know who he is. Well, actually, maaaybe,” she finished slyly.

“You’re incredible. This is a whole new side of you, Els.”

“Maybe it’s a whole new side of us—Briley,” Elsie teased.

Brie punched her friend in the shoulder playfully. “Don’t make fun of my name, bitch, my mom gave it to me!”

Elsie punched back. “Hah, sounds like your mom is really gonna give it to you, for real!”

“Ugh, you’re such a sister-fucker sometimes.” Brie ribbed bashfully.

“You’re hilarious,” Elsie replied sarcastically, then, like a puppy dog, suddenly she was on to a new subject. “Oh look, a makeup counter!” She wandered up to the kiosk in the middle of the promenade and began smelling the perfumes. “Mmm, these smell so good. Come check this one out, Brie.” The label on the bottle said “Libertine”.

A couple of older salespeople approached them as they poked around the selection. One was a slender, well-tanned man with bleached white teeth. The other was a woman with dark hair and a pale complexion. She spoke: “Hello children, can I help you?”

Elsie frowned, “We’re not children, lady. And we don’t need your help.” She turned away from them and continued on to the lipstick section.

The woman continued “Don’t be foolish,” she said brusquely. “We’re having a sale. Fifty percent off of Libertine stock. You would be fools to pass this up, silly girls.”

The two girls exchanged annoyed glances. Brie spoke quietly, “Let’s get out of here, this woman is weirding me out.” They took off from the counter.

As they left, the woman’s male co-worker attempted to corral her attitude, “Heather, you have to be more agreeable.” He felt like he should say something to apologize, so he caught up with the Brie and Elsie before they got far. “Excuse me? Sorry girls, she meant no offense. We’re both fairly new at this, and Heather is sometimes not as affable as a salesperson should be.”

“She’s a real character,” Elsie commented flatly.

“If I may, I’d like one more chance to show you what we have. Like I said, we’re new at this, and we really need to make some sales. I really think you’re going to like our products.”

“That’s great,” Brie replied matter-of-factly, “But I can’t afford your products. I’m broke.

“That’s okay,” the man stated quickly, “I think we can work out a sweet deal between the three of us.”

“Oh?” Brie brightened up slightly at the prospect of cheap beauty products.

“Here’s what I think we can do. We need to sell Libertine products, but nobody has heard of our brand before. I think if we can show their transformative power, people will really get interested. What if we gave you a six-months supply? How does that sound?”

Elsie’s jaw dropped, “For free?”

“Yes, for free.”

“Sign me up!”

The man laughed, but Brie barged back in. “Hold up, Els, why do I get the feeling there’s a catch?”

“You’re a smart girl,” the man said, “What’s your name?”


Elsie snorted quietly.

“Well, Briley, there is only one catch and that is that we’d like to have the two of you model Libertine in a live makeover performance. You’d simply have to sit in a chair while we do the rest: haircut, rejuvenation, and makeup. The whole works. And we’re starting a partnership with Scarlet, too. You know, the fashion house?”

“Of course,” said Elsie.

“You might be able to walk the runway a few times with some of their latest summer pieces.”

“Modeling? That’s it?” Brie asked.

“That’s it.”

“But why us?”

“The idea just popped into my head, honestly! I thought Heather was very rude to you, and I wanted to make it up to you. And you’re both so naturally beautiful to begin with, you’d help us sell our products for sure.” Both Brie and Elsie blushed at the compliment. “You’re not professionals already, are you?” he winked.

Brie smirked, taking the compliment. “No, we’re not.”

“Well then, this will be your first gig! Do you accept?”

The two girls swapped looks of confirmation and nodded. “I’m still in,” Elsie said.

“Sure!” said Brie, “That sounds like fun.”

“Great, let’s meet up back here at 1 pm tomorrow and we’ll get you all set up. Like I said, all you really have to do is sit there, but if you feel like hamming it up in the spotlight, I’m sure the audience will love you either way.”

They all shook hands and parted ways.

“Wow!” exclaimed Elsie, “A free makeover and free makeup? We’re so lucky!”

Brie was equally enthusiastic, “I know, I haven’t had any new makeup in over a year.”

“Well, with Libertine you’ll be ahead of the curve again. That shit ain’t cheap.”

“You think Scarlet will let us keep any of their clothes, too?”

Elsie got even more amped, “I hope so. That would be so amazing. Free clothes!” Both girls squealed and jumped together.

Their money spent and with plans made for the following day, they decided to trek back home in the hot, humid afternoon. The sticky air hit them as they shoved the exterior door open and they groaned in unison. Brie shaded her eyes from the bright afternoon sun and Elsie flipped her sunglasses down. As they trekked across the pavement, they heard a wolf whistle in their direction. They snapped their heads to look at the scoundrel and discovered Mia giggling self-satisfactorily.

“Fuck you, Mia,” Elsie shot out.

“Hey”, Mia called after them, “if you hotties wanna get out of the hot, hot heat today, and into your teeny-weeny bikinis, Carter and I are going to the public pool in a bit.”

Elsie held up her middle finger and cooly continued on her way, which made Mia cackle.

To Brie, Elsie spoke, “So sticky out here. I’m so glad I took off my tights.” Then she smirked, “My undies, too, for that matter, heh.” She flipped the front of her skirt up and down rapidly, fanning her pussy.

“You’re gonna flash someone if you keep that up, Els.”

“Heh, I bet Mia wishes she was standing in front of me right now.”

“I’m beginning to wonder if you’re wishing the same thing,” Brie said with a knowing grin. “Still, I think she was on to something. A dip in the pool would feel pretty nice right about now.”

“You’re right, we should go! Besides, like I said, Mia’s actually really cool. You should get in good with her.”

The midday sun scorched their shoulders as they finished their walk back to their neighborhood. Sweat trickled down Brie’s body, causing her to feel a tingly tickle in her belly. She shivered with goosebumps, despite the heat.

They stopped by Elsie’s house so that she could drop off her loot and pick up her swimming suit. While she rummaged in her room, her older sister Mallory wandered out of her own room and struck up a conversation with Brie in the foyer.

“Hey Brie,” she started.

“Oh, hey Mallory!”

“How are you feeling today?”

Brie blushed deeply. “Um, fine. I guess you heard about what happened at school.”

Mallory moved in for a hug. “Elsie told me what was up.”

Brie groaned into Mallory’s shoulder, “I don’t know how such a small girl has such a big mouth.” She felt safe enveloped within Mallory’s embrace.

“Hey,” Mallory lifted Brie’s chin and looked her in the eyes, “Don’t worry, Brie. She confided in me, and I can keep a secret. Els and I have lots of secrets that we’ll never tell anyone else about. You can trust me; it won’t go past Els and me.”

Brie couldn’t help but stare at the girl. She now knew at least one of the secrets about her that she wasn’t supposed to know. She thought about the normal and charming girl holding her close, lost in the ecstasy of an orgasm while Elsie, the girl’s own sister, lay nearby in a similar state of bliss. Her loins stirred slightly at the mental image.

In a way, she felt equal knowing Mallory’s secret when she held a secret of her own. She also knew that, whether Elsie and Mallory could keep a secret, rumors were surely going to spread around the school either way. After all, she had cum all over her chair in the middle of class. After what she knew was too long of a pause, she snapped out of it. “Um, well, we’re going to the pool now!”

“Oh, cool. Today’s the perfect day for it, huh?”

“Yeah, you can come along, if you want. We’re meeting Mia there.”

“You’re friends with Mia?”

“Yeah! Well, no, not really. But she invited us out today. So, maybe?” Brie shrugged awkwardly.

“She’s pretty cool, but she hangs in a slightly different circle than me. Thanks for the offer, but I’m sticking around in the central air. You won’t catch me out in that heat, even if I was fully naked.” Brie knew it was a joke, but didn’t laugh. She just swallowed hard as her chest fluttered at the incidental mention of nudity.

Just then, Elsie marched out of her room with a duffel bag of her things. She looked at her sister and said matter-of-factly, “You can’t come.”

“Too late, Brie already invited me.”


“But I’m not going, anyway, brat. Y’all are masochists going out there in that sun.”

“Alright, see ya!” As she passed by, Elsie swatted her sister hard on the ass. Mallory squeaked and then groaned in annoyance.

As they left her and the door closed behind them, Brie chided under her breath, “Flirt.”

“Psh!” was all Elsie could think to retort with, but her blushing cheeks said much more…

One of the greatest adventure stories from the bible

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