What I Learnt From My Parents Episode 4

The Story Continues From

What I Learnt From My Parents Episode 3

The Dressing Room

Warrick heard a knocking at the front door. He cracked his eyes open and squinted into the morning sunlight. It was Saturday, and he had some idea of who could possibly be coming over so early, but he didn’t delight in the commotion she was likely to bring, so he groaned and turned over.

The knocking persisted and Hazel croaked sleepily, “Honey, will you go see who that is?” Warrick sighed, sat up in bed, and stretched.

He knew fully well who it was. He rubbed his hand lightly on his wife’s naked back for a moment, thinking fondly about the previous night, and then got up to put on his bathrobe.

He smoothed his bedhead over as he descended the stairs to the door. When he opened it, Elsie burst inside. “Hey Warrick! Is Brie awake yet?” she asked brightly.

“Elsie, it’s far too early to be so loud,” Warrick complained.

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“Sorry, sir, I’ve been up for two hours now and I’m so bored I’m practically a tree. Can Brie and I play today?”

“I don’t know if she’s awake right now. Brie had a… long day yesterday.” Warrick was a little unsure how to proceed. “You can go up and check on her, but she might not be awake right now.

And,” he added, “she might need her privacy, so knock before you go into her room.”

Elsie gave an over-exaggerated salute. “Yes sir!” Then she tromped loudly up the stairs.

Warrick shook his head, wondering how a girl so small could make such a racket. In the back of his mind, he recalled how he had masturbated to her photo in his car the previous day.

He felt a little bit self-conscious about his behavior, with her hanging around in person, but at the same time still had to admire her toned, dancer’s figure and matching attitude.

Today, she was wearing a floral cotton sundress with opaque black tights and chunky black sneakers. On top of her head was a pair of cheap but stylish-enough sunglasses.

She disappeared around the corner and Warrick sighed and went to make some breakfast.

Upstairs, Brie became aware of an approaching maelstrom as she was jarred suddenly out of her slumber. Something was coming her way, but she was barely awake enough to comprehend it.

Ignoring Warrick’s ground rules, Elsie flung open the bedroom door without knocking. “Honey, I’m home!” she shouted.

They heard a muffled shout from Hazel’s bedroom, “Elsie, quiet down! It’s too early for that much noise!” Elsie grimaced at Brie.

Brie squinted at her friend and then stuffed her pillow over her face, “Go away.”

“No way, man,” she countered, “I’m bored and my parents made me go outside.”

“Well, you’re not outside now. Why’d you have to come over here? I’m not even awake yet.”

“Cuz I’m booored,” Elsie repeated. “And it’s Saturday. And you’re my best friend. And best friends go out on Saturdays!” She kicked off her shoes and jumped onto the bed, crawling close to Brie.

Brie sighed, removing the pillow from her face. A smirk betrayed her annoyance, “Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to wake up on my own.”

“Brie, if it were up to you, you’d never wake up.”

Brie shot her tongue out at her best friend. Elsie gave her an air kiss and a wink in return. They both burst into giggles.

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When they calmed down, the room got notably quiet. Brie looked away from her friend, blushed, and said, “Well, you should probably leave the room. I need to… get ready.”

Elsie was indignant. “What? I’ve seen you get dressed before. Hell, I’ve helped you!”

“I know, but I don’t mean to get dressed. Now I’ve gotta take care of something first. So I don’t pass out again, remember?”

Elsie’s eyes went wide, “Oooh, right! I can’t believe I wasn’t thinking about that. Well, don’t have too much fun without me,” she joked. She left the room and closed the door behind her.

Brie loaded up a syringe with the syrup she was supposed to take. She squirted it into her mouth and swallowed.

The doctor had said that this would help speed the process along, and right away she felt her head get a little bit fuzzier, her loins warmer. Then it was time to make herself cum so that she wouldn’t get distracted and make a fool of herself while she was out with her friend.

Outside, Elsie headed toward the stairs, passing by Warrick’s and Hazel’s room on the way. The door was ajar and she slowed and glanced in as she passed.

She saw Brie’s mom had gotten out of bed and was standing at her dresser in her bathrobe, rummaging through the top drawer. Elsie must have been making enough noise because Hazel turned to look at her, catching her eye.

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“Oh, good morning Elsie, how’s Brie doing?”

Elsie’s eyes went wide. Hazel’s robe was open, showing Elsie nearly everything. From her soft, voluptuous, bare breasts, down to the cleft of her vagina, Hazel left nothing to the startled girl’s imagination.

It’s not that Elsie hadn’t seen naked women before—she had seen her mother, her sister, women on the internet, even Brie—just that she had never seen, or expected to see, Brie’s mother particularly so nonchalant about it. In her hands, the older woman held a pair of delicate panties she had picked out for the day.

Elsie, embarrassed, tore her eyes away from the sight and walked swiftly down the hall to the stairs. “Uh, Brie seems good,” she called back. Her cheeks burned hot as she recalled the sight. That was amazing, she thought.

Once she was downstairs, she padded into the kitchen and slipped onto a stool near where Warrick was mixing up some pancake batter in his own bathrobe.

She was glad that his was tied closed. She didn’t want to see both of Brie’s parents in the buff, especially since Warrick was a male. She realized she was holding her breath and exhaled loudly, startling the man.

“Jesus, Els, where did you come from?”

Elsie giggled, relieved to have some levity to break the tension she was holding in her chest. “From upstairs!”

“I swear, that’s the quietest you’ve been in your entire life, young lady.” Elsie grinned through squinted eyes, then stuck out her tongue. “How’s Brie, kiddo?”

“She’s good. Are you making pancakes?”

Warrick gestured to the bowl of batter, “What does it look like?”

“Looks like a mess,” Elsie taunted.

Warrick shot a glare at Elsie and she giggled again. “Why you little b—” Warrick halted and Elsie feigned shock at the word he could have finished his sentence with.

“I’ll make a mess of you, little girl!” And with that, he lifted the wooden mixing spoon out of the bowl and flicked it at Elsie. A glob of pancake batter splattered across her face and she shrieked. Warrick laughed, “Take that!” He flicked it again, another stream of batter flying. “And that!”

“Ooh! You got it in my hair,” Elsie recoiled and whined. But she doubled back, leaning forward, opening her mouth wide. “In my mouth! In my mouth!” she exclaimed. She closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

Warrick was suddenly struck by the sight in front of him. Brie’s young friend sat forward, mouth agape, sticky fluid streaked across her pretty little face, asking for more in her mouth.

He flashed back to the streaks he left on the photo of her and Brie that he had used the morning before. It didn’t take much time for a tent to form underneath his robe.

Luckily, the girl’s eyes were closed, so he was able to quickly adjust himself without her noticing. “In your mouth, huh?”

“Uh huh,” she giggled without pulling her tongue in or closing her mouth.

Warrick knew the thoughts filling his head were taboo, but he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He moved closer to her and put one hand on the top of her head, pushing it back. “Alright, lean back and keep your mouth open.”

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She smiled and said, “Ahh.”

Warrick brought the batter-covered spoon over her mouth and flicked it gently. Slowly, the viscous batter oozed off and dripped into her mouth. Elsie groaned with pleasure as it collected in her mouth and dripped onto her chin. After a few moments of memorizing the sight, Warrick let go of the girl and she opened her eyes and swallowed.

“Yum! That tastes good,” she smiled.

“I’m sure it does,” Warrick replied and swallowed hard. Elsie collected what remained on her face onto her fingers and sucked them dry.

“In my mouth! In my mouth!” they heard from the stairs. “What on earth is going on down here?” Hazel inquired. Warrick turned red. He knew she had heard the same things he had.

Hazel appeared in the doorway. Elsie was glad that she was wearing short shorts and an oversized tee-shirt instead of an open bathrobe. She got up and rushed to meet Hazel by the kitchen door. “He got it in my hair!” she exclaimed.

“He did? I hate it when that happens,” she said with a laugh. Warrick choked and shot a glance at his wife. With her finger, Hazel wiped up some of the remaining batter from Elsie’s hair and licked it off, winking at Warrick.

He tried to maintain his composure, but he was positive his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. “There we go, all cleaned up now. Go take a seat at the table. Brie should be down soon.” Elsie left for the neighboring room.

Warrick retreated, turning toward the counter, and began pouring the pancake batter onto the hot griddle. Hazel approached. “And what about you?” She wrapped her arms around him from behind.

He leaned back into her. “What about me, dear?”

“Are you all cleaned up?” She reached down into his robe and clutched his hard cock. “Oh my, someone’s a little dirty,” she chided quietly into his ear. Warrick didn’t know how to respond.

She brushed her hand along its length until she got to the top. She felt his warm pre-cum oozing from the slit. Loud enough for Elsie to hear, she said, “Looks like someone’s got a little batter on himself, too.

” She gathered it together on her fingers and then lewdly sucked them clean next to his ear. “There we go, you’re all cleaned up, too.” And with that, she released her grip, kissed him on the cheek, and started gathering up table settings.

Warrick was a bit confused, but a large part of him was so turned on that he wanted to just bend his wife over the kitchen counter and take her right there. Of course, he knew he couldn’t with Elsie just in the next room over. Or his daughter upstairs, for that matter.

“Morning dad,” he heard from behind him.

“Oh, morning honey,” Warrick replied, glancing over his shoulder. He saw his daughter in a white, fitted tee shirt and baggy sweatpants. He also thought he could detect a fading sheen of sweat on her face.

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He assumed she had successfully masturbated for the first time that morning. “You’re not wearing any panties, right?”

“Da-ad,” Brie whined.

“It’s an innocent question, kiddo.” Warrick defended himself. “Gotta follow the doctor’s orders.” He switched subjects to assuage her embarrassment, “Hungry for pancakes?”

“I could eat a whole load!”

“Me too!” called his wife from the other room. He wasn’t sure if she meant that as a double entendre.

“Me three!” finished Elsie.

“Okay, here it comes.”

“So what are the two of you getting up to today?” Hazel asked as they finished the last of the pancakes.

Elsie piped up, “We’re going to the mall. We’re gonna do some shopping.”

“More like you’re going to do some shopping,” Brie interjected. “Your parents always give you money.”

“Oh is that how it is, my child?” Hazel asked, bemused. “Do I detect a hint of guilt trip?”

“It’s true!” Brie protested, and glanced at Elsie, who just shrugged and swigged her milk.

“Well, in this family, money is earned. I don’t hear you stepping up to do more chores.”

Warrick chimed in, “The car could use a wash.”

“Ugh,” Brie sighed and crossed her arms, “Why did I have to be born into the cheapskate family?”

Her father just chuckled, “Well, the offer’s there if you want to accept.”

Brie rolled her eyes, crammed the last of her pancake in her mouth and spoke through her chewing, “Let’s get out of here, Elsie. I’m ready to go.”

“Right-o!” Elsie slammed her glass on the table and hopped off the chair. “Oh, I left my shoes in your room, I gotta go grab ’em!” She left Brie at the foot of the stairs and trampled noisily up them as Warrick sighed and shook his head, exchanging a knowing smile with his wife.

Elsie reached Brie’s room and bent over to scoop up her shoes. As she turned to leave, she glanced over at the bedsheets. In the middle, a rather large wet patch caught her attention. Surely Brie didn’t wet the bed, she thought.

She recalled the rumor that she heard that Brie had wet herself in the middle of class. But from her own private experiences, she was well aware that girls could produce moisture down below.

Plus, there was the fact that she knew that Brie was super-orgasmic. Could that be it? she wondered. Those sheets seemed awful wet to her. She stepped closer to the bed. She sensed a pungent aroma, and felt a wave of intense curiosity.

She climbed up onto the bed to get closer, leaned her head down and drew in the scent. It definitely wasn’t ordinary wet sheets. It smelled similar to the scents that Elsie left on her own fingers.

Not the same, but close enough that she knew. She was fascinated and felt her slit seemingly volunteer to add its own contribution to the large spot. Her mind swam, wondering why she felt that way about her best friend’s girlish fluids.

“Elsie! Are you coming?” Brie shouted from the stairs.

Elsie snapped out of her reverie, “Yes, just tying my shoes!” She jammed her sneakers sloppily onto her feet and raced down the hallway. “Let’s go, what are we waiting for?”

Brie smirked mischievously at her friend. “You! I’m waiting for you.”

“I’m ready to go, so let’s go!”

“Bye mom, bye dad!”

“Bye h-honey,” Warrick stammered from the other room. Hazel said nothing. Unknown to the girls, her mouth was full with her husband’s hard-on. But without a further care or concern, the girls burst out of the doorway and into the already hot morning sun.

“How do you get your parents to give you money all the time?”

“I just ask my dad,” Elsie replied.

“That never works for me,” Brie said with consternation.

“If I really want to get what I want, I make sure to call him ‘daddy’. He can almost never resist when I do that. I think it makes him think I’m a kid all over again.”

“I know that trick, too! Too bad it never works when money is involved.”

“Your dad really is a cheapskate!”

“I knooow,” Brie moaned, “It sucks.” She changed the subject, “So what are you gonna buy today?”

“I dunno, I’ll see what’s cool.”

“Elsie, you’ll never be cool,” Brie teased.

Elsie recoiled. “Uh, shut up! Not on a day like today, anyway. Literally. It’s so hot! Why did I decide to wear tights?” she whined.

“Trying too hard to be cool. Like always!”

“We aren’t friends anymore,” Elsie returned, matter-of-factly.

The mall was about a mile away, but it was enough to build up a decent sweat for both of the girls. Brie felt the droplets beading up and running down her lower back. It kind of tickled.

As they neared the entrance, they saw a group their age. Some of them were skulking about in the shade, watching as others practiced skateboarding tricks.

Brie felt a little self-conscious. She wasn’t sure what rumors they would be saying about her. Had word gotten around school on Friday?

She could barely recall what she had actually done in school the day before. Elsie recognized one of the girls from the next grade up. “Dude, Mia! What are you doing here?”

Mia was a slender girl with much darker skin and a wild, explosion of hair on top. She wore a vintage, threadbare ringer tee that fit tightly across her chest and considerably ripped-up boyfriend jeans.

She picked up her skateboard and approached the two. “Whassup, bitches? I’m just hanging with my friends. It’s too nice to be indoors today.”

“Yeah,” conceded Elsie, “except it’s fucking hot out, and we’re both modern girls who like modern conveniences… like air conditioning.”

“Aren’t you fancy?” Mia retorted, arching one eyebrow teasingly. “Well, there ain’t no environment faker than the mall, so you’ve come to the right place, honey.” Mia looked over at Brie and gave her a once over. “Speaking of hot, who’s your friend?”

Brie blushed, at once relieved that nobody seemed to recognize her and flattered that someone who seemed so cool was interested in her.

Elsie clutched her friend’s shoulders, “This is my friend Brie Nova,” she said, and then quickly added, “And you can’t have her. She’s taken!”

Brie stammered at the declaration, “Taken?! By who?”

Elsie smiled broadly at her, then, with a nod in Mia’s direction she stated, “Me!” With that, she turned back to Brie and planted a big, sloppy, wet kiss on her cheek.

Brie shrieked and ducked away, “You’re crazy, Elsie!” Mia and Elsie burst into laughter. Brie came back to give her friend a light shove.

They stood awkwardly for a moment, regaining their composure. Brie felt like she was under a spotlight all of a sudden. She sensed Mia’s eyes boring into her, and her own eyes dodged around, avoiding eye contact with the upperclassman.

Finally Mia piped up, “That name, Brie. Say, are you that girl that I heard rumors about at school yesterday?”

“No. I mean, um, I dunno. What rumors?”

“I just heard a bunch of people talking about this girl who took her clothes off in the middle of class. I’m pretty sure the name they were saying was ‘Brie’.”

The poor girl’s body language said everything. There was no way she could lie her way out of it.

“You’re not gonna believe it!” Elsie jumped in, “The doctor said—”

“Elsie! What are you doing?” Brie whispered. She was near tears.

“What? You know they’re already spreading bad rumors about you. I was just going to spread some good ones. Make some people jealous.”

Brie’s bottom lip was quivering. Elsie pressed on, soothingly, “Hell, girl, even I’m super-jealous. You’re gonna be having hyper-sex while all of us are gonna be doing things like normal.”

“Hyper-sex?” Mia perked up.

“Yeah, dude, you know how some superheroes have heightened senses? Well Brie is like that. But she’s not gonna be an X-Man, she’s gonna be more like… O-Girl, if you know what I mean!”

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“That so?” Mia looked toward Brie, who took a deep breath and sighed, eyes locked on her feet. “Damn, girl, I’m am jealous. It’s hard enough for Carter to get me off as it is.”

“Anyway,” Elsie butted back in, “talk about that if you’re gonna be spreading rumors. We’re going shopping.” Elsie herded her friend toward the door.

Mia called after them, “A’ight, peace ladies. You should come around here more often, both of you!”

Hot tears scorched Brie’s cheeks. “I’m soo embarrassed. I’m gonna die!”

“You’re gonna be fine, Brie. Look, you’ve already got Mia on your side, and she’s so cool! And get this, she’s supposedly bisexual.”

Brie turned around and saw Mia talking to her friends. She noted they all turned in her direction, eyes wide. “Really? But she said she was dating someone named Carter.”

“So? That doesn’t make you not bisexual, you idiot!”

Brie smirked, “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”

“Oh good, a hint of a smile. Maybe we can get back into the shopping mood now. You’ve got Mia on your side; that’s a pretty good start.”

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The two girls entered the mall. Frigid air conditioning fought back against the summer sun, blasting across their bodies. Both girls shivered, and Brie’s teeth chattered briefly.

She quipped, “I’m so glad we’re heating up the rest of the planet so that we can freeze our boobs off in here.” She could feel the sweat evaporating off her body in the cool, dry air. In fact, it almost tingled. She felt another shiver rise from the small of her back up over her shoulders.

“Maybe tights weren’t such a bad idea after all!” Elsie bragged, “I’m pretty comfy now.”

The girls wandered the mall, window shopping for something that caught their interests. Elsie attempted to catch the eyes of any cute boys she saw, but Brie mostly kept her head down, still a little nervous about anybody who might recognize her from school.

At last, Elsie zeroed in on a store that catered to her tastes. “Ooh, Justine’s Place! Lets go in here. It’s always super-cute and super-cheap, too.” She grabbed Brie’s hand and pulled her inside.

“Aren’t we getting a little old for this store?” Brie thought they had some nice designs, but felt a bit like she was growing out of the style.

“Oh hush, I can still rock it!” Elsie defended. Brie felt a little less out-in-the-open once she was in the store, and so admitted to herself that she didn’t really mind, after all. Inside, they appeared to be the only ones shopping. A single cashier, an older boy, worked the main counter.

Brie Nova: what i learnt from my parents episode 2 

Elsie and Brie helps each other

“Aren’t we getting a little old for this store?” Brie thought they had some nice designs, but felt a bit like she was growing out of the style.

“Oh hush, I can still rock it!” Elsie defended. Brie felt a little less out-in-the-open once she was in the store, and so admitted to herself that she didn’t really mind, after all. Inside, they appeared to be the only ones shopping. A single cashier, an older boy, worked the main counter.

They both poked around the racks, while Elsie piled some things up across one arm. “Ooh, don’t you think this is cute? I wonder if this is in my size. Do you think I could pull this off?” For penniless Brie, this was to be only an aspirational exercise.

“C’mon, help me try these on now,” Elsie said, heading for the dressing room.

The cashier boy approached her, “Ready to try those on?”

“Yeah, looks like I’ve got…” she counted the pile on her arm, “seven things.”

“Okay, just put this tag on the outside of your door before you go in.” He handed her the plastic number and wandered away as Elsie stepped in.

She turned and, with a sly smirk, flicked her head at Brie in the direction of open dressing room. “Come help me try these on!” she whispered. Brie grinned, looked around quickly and then dashed into the cubicle with her friend.

“You know they can see our feet, right?”

“Ah, they’re not gonna care, anyway. Besides, it’s not like I’m bringing a boy in here.” Elsie hung up her choices and put them in the order she wanted to try them on.

Up first was a red and black plaid, flared minidress. She flipped her sundress over her head as Brie took a seat on the small bench. That Elsie was topless in front of her was nothing new to Brie.

They had been close friends for a long time and, between baths, swimming excursions, sleepovers, and shopping adventures like these, they had seen each other in various states of undress their entire lives.

Elsie lifted the hanger out of the minidress and pulled it over her head. She smoothed the garment down over her body and looked at herself it in the mirror. “Hmm, what do you think?” she questioned thoughtfully.

“I think it looks nice. But you look kind of like a goth in it.”

“Yeah… you’re right. It is black and red, I guess.”

“I bet it would look better with red tights instead of black.”

Elsie cocked her head to the side, considering it. “I’d look like a peony!” she announced. Brie burst into laughter, which caused Elsie to follow suit. “Red tights are too much like midnight mass on Christmas!”

Brie conceded. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Hmm, what about no tights?” she offered, “What does it look like like that?”

Elsie nodded. “Good call.” With that, she kicked off her sneakers, reached up under the dress, and pulled her tights down her legs. She stepped out of them and again smoothed down the fabric.

“That’s better… buuut… I’ve decided I don’t love it.” Brie nodded in quiet agreement.

Elsie pulled the dress off and, now in just her panties, hung it back on the rack. “Nice underpants,” Brie teased. Elsie glanced down at them.

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They were geometrically-themed boyshorts in a clashing teal and yellow color scheme. Brie legitimately thought they seemed very trendy.

Elsie looked up at her friend and grinned. “You haven’t seen these before?”

“Not those. Not yet.”

“Hm, I guess I got them last week, probably.”

Brie rolled her eyes. “Ugh, you’re always getting new clothes! I pretty much only get them when back-to-school comes around. And then my parents complain about how much money they have to spend.”

“Oh my god, Brie!” Elsie spoke loudly, “Speaking of your parents, I totally saw your mom naked today!” Suddenly they heard a nearby dressing room door open, which startled them.

The two girls froze and watched through the gap at the bottom of their cubicle door as two pairs of feet stepped by. They heard a cough from the cashier boy who had stationed himself close by. He asked apprehensively, “Do, uh, you need me to find another size for you?”

An older woman replied, “No thanks, I think my daughter and I have seen—and heard—enough here.”

“Okay,” he cleared his throat, “Have a nice day.”

Brie reached out and covered her friend’s mouth. “Honestly, Elsie, you’re always so loud! That family and that boy probably heard you.”

“Sorry!” Elsie whispered through Brie’s fingers. She caught a familiar scent on them from earlier in the morning, a scent that matched Brie’s bedsheets, but she was too distracted by her story to give it further thought.

She grabbed a tee-shirt from they try-on pile. There was an artistic blue pattern screen-printed on it and overtop was a message that said, “Every day is an adventure.” Her tone turned instantly conversational again, albeit more hushed than before, “But I saw her!”

“So what? I see my mom like that all the time. I’m sure it was an accident.”

“It was an accident! At first. I mean, I didn’t mean to catch her dressing. But then she turned to me and just started talking to me. She didn’t even care that she was naked!”

Brie wasn’t entirely sure what to say, but her head began to swim lightly at the thought.

She did think her mother was acting a little strange lately, ever since she got out of the hospital when she helped her masturbate for the first time after the doctor’s diagnosis. “Well, okay, so you’ve seen my mom’s vag now. Welcome to the club.”

Elsie pulled on a blue-patterned ruffled mini-skirt that seemed to be designed to match the top perfectly. “I didn’t just see it, she practically showed it off to me. Oh shit,” she spat. “I’ve got the wrong size; it’s too big.

Let me go get a different one.” She bunched up the loose skirt into her hand and pulled it tight around her waist. As she reached for the door, she said, “But I will give her credit. It wasn’t bad. It was…pert.”

Brie guffawed, “What?”

“It was pert!” Elsie chuckled, “Your mom has a pert pussy!”

She pulled open the dressing room door and took a step forward, but stopped short and squeaked. There was the cashier, standing conspicuously close, but notably where they couldn’t have seen him under the door gap. He flushed deeply and cleared his throat, looking nervously around the hallway, “Uh, is there another size I can get you?”

Elsie glared at him and shut the door, “No.”

“Oh–oh–okay, just let me know if you need anything,” he stammered. They heard him walk quickly off.

Elsie frowned at her friend, “The sneak! I think he was eavesdropping on us!” Brie felt her cheeks flush. He had probably overheard about her mom’s strange behavior.

She silently despaired at what was her life coming to. Elsie bent over and peaked under the door. “Okay, I think he’s gone. I’ll be right back.” She gripped the too-big skirt around her waste and headed out the door.

While Brie waited, she gazed at the remaining clothing her friend had yet to try on. One was an overly long, military-green shirt with a single button at the top. She liked it and she knew that she and Elsie were similar sizes, though her friend was slightly smaller than her.

She decided that even though she couldn’t afford it on her own, she wanted to see how she looked in the shirt. She was attempting to distract herself from her thoughts.

Thoughts about her mother’s strange interaction with her friend. Was it really true? Why did she do it? Was it a misunderstanding? Either way, Elsie didn’t seem to mind. And there was something about it that Brie was desperate to normalize.

She stripped off her top and momentarily the cool air of the shop caressed her naked torso. A shiver raced through her as her nipples stood at attention.

Her skin began to shine with a faint glimmer of sweat and her vagina suddenly felt a little bit dewy. She thought that she’d soon have to take a personal break, to take care of herself, per the doctor’s orders.

She wasn’t sure where she could do that at the mall, so she put it out of her mind, trying to ignore the buzzing in her head. It would have to wait for home.

She put on the shirt, pulling it over her breasts, down her waist, and just over her hips. It really was quite a long shirt, she realized, but it was tight. It clung to her moistened skin and even with her slight frame, it was a bit of a struggle.

The door swung opened suddenly, startling the poor girl. “I’m back, bitch!” Elsie shouted in her patently loud way. In one hand she had a new skirt and with the other, she loosened her grip on the bunched-up over-sized garment she was currently trying on.

She shimmied her hips and, as it drifted off her waist and down to the ground, she looked Brie up and down in the new shirt. “Nice! That’s looking pretty good!”

“I think it’s a little small.”

“Well, let’s see the real deal, first!”

“What do you mean?” Brie frowned.

“The way it’s supposed to look!” Elsie said matter-of-factly. “Take off your pants.”

“What? Why?”

“It’s a shirt-dress, you idiot. You’re not supposed to wear pants with it.”

“Oh! I knew that,” Brie lied through the fog that was quickly collecting in her head.

“Honestly, you’d be a fashion nightmare without me, Brie. Those sweats are bad enough.” Brie shot out her tongue and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and dropped them over her hips and down to the floor.

She tugged at the hem of the shirt dress to make sure it covered her. The cool, processed air of the store battled against the rapidly building heat of her exposed cunt.

“Not bad, not bad,” Elsie observed thoughtfully. “How’s it feel?”

Brie wrinkled her nose and shifted around. “Still tight.” She turned slowly, and stiffly, like an exaggerated robot. When she was facing away from her friend, she breathed deeply and declared, “I don’t think it will even keep my bottom covered.

Check it out.” She bent suddenly over, and the hem of the dress flipped up over her round, bare cheeks, exposing herself to her friend.

Elsie’s eyes went wide. “Holy shit.” She was stunned by her friend’s sudden daringness and stared at the display. She was long familiar with Brie’s naked body, but today, something seemed different.

Her pussy lips were puffy and rosy, and they had a slight sheen of moisture in the harsh light of the dressing room.

Brie, herself, was a little unsure of what she was doing. She felt simultaneously more free and quite out of control. It frightened her, but she liked it.

A bead of fluid formed at the top of her crevice and rolled down her slit, eventually dotting onto the floor. She could see her friend’s expression via the mirror on the back wall of the dressing room, and noted Elsie’s curious fascination.

This caused her insides to oil up even more, yet her throat was parched. “Is this what my mom showed you?” she asked huskily.

After a moment, Elsie spoke, hushed, “Well yes… and no.”

Brie fought back for control of herself and turned around and sat down, bare-ass on the wooden bench. She pulled the shirtdress’s hem down over her crotch, hiding her slit. Feeling some amount of embarrassment washing over her, she sat in awkward silence.

Elsie began to understand the rumors she heard in school the day before. Brie seemed momentarily like she wasn’t cognizant of the real world.

Elsie was partly concerned, but felt incredibly curious about the whole scenario. She finally broke the tensions with a warm smile. Clearing her throat, she teased, “Nice underpants, Brie.”

Brie was thankful for the joke. She licked her tingly lips and put her head in her hands, “I knowww, I’m not supposed to wear them anymore. They can… set me off I guess. I just want to wear cute panties again, like you have!”

“Don’t worry about it, kid.” Elsie sat down next to her friend and rubbed her shoulders gently. Brie cooed at the personal attention. She was feeling a great deal of affection toward her friend, despite the self-imposed humiliation.

“I do love me some cute panties,” Elsie continued, “but a close second is not wearing any underwear at all! I think that’s why my mom kicks me and my sister out of the house on Saturdays, just so we’ll have to get dressed!

At least you’ve got a good medical excuse.” She changed the subject, “So, the dress is too small. That’s easy to fix. I’ll just go grab you the next size up.”

Brie cuddled inside of her friend, feeling infatuated with her attention. “Eh, it doesn’t matter. I can’t buy it, anyway.”

Elsie grabbed the tag and turned it over in her fingers. “Yer in luck. It’s on sale, and I’ve got Daddy’s cash. I’ll buy it for you!”

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Elsie got up and started to step into her new skirt size, but a daring idea grew quickly in her head. She wasn’t sure if she was feeling solidarity for her friend’s embarrassment, or if Brie’s actions had kindled something deep inside her, but whatever it was, she felt like being impulsive.

She grinned at Brie, “Hey, that guy, the eavesdropping cashier. If he wants a story to tell to his friends, I bet I can give him a better one than your mom’s pert pussy.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Watch this…” she once again let the skirt fall to the ground and stepped out of it. She cracked the door open and scoped out what she could see of the rest of the store. “Looks like we’re all alone in here.”

At that, she opened the door and walked out into the dressing room hallway in nothing but a tee-shirt and her panties.

Brie couldn’t believe it, but didn’t dare make any noise beyond a tiny squeak. Elsie padded slowly out into the main part of the store, sneaking around clothing racks so as not to be seen.

The undressed girl felt her heart pounding in her chest. Her ears felt like they were full of cotton and her mouth was a desert. But her pussy dripped inside her exposed panties.

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She slowly and deliberately snaked her way among the clothing racks, ducking behind them whenever the cashier boy seemed like he would spot her exposed panties.

Brie, too, felt excitement deep inside her core. She couldn’t believe what her friend was doing. At one point, Elsie moved out of the view where Brie could see from her vantage.

So she pulled the tiny shirt dress back down over her ass and she, too, exited the dressing cubicle and moved down the hallway toward the main store. But unlike Elsie, she dared not venture any further.

The store itself was quiet, but the mall still bustled outside. At one point, an older couple walked by.

The man was on the window side and he peered in casually. He did a double-take when he saw a young, pantless girl padding around the floor of this fashion store. Elsie didn’t notice him at all, but Brie could see him from her vantage.

Her heart leapt in her chest. She was sure they were going to get in trouble. Instead, the man did nothing, only craned his neck to watch for as long as he could during their brief pass-by.

All the adrenaline was causing Brie to lose her mind. She leaned against the cool, metal doorway of the hall and began to absent-mindedly reach under the short dress and caress her mound as she watched.

She could feel her thighs getting slick with sweat and girl cum. Her cheeks burned and her breathing became labored. Her vision tunneled to focus on her friend’s risqué actions. Her legs trembled and she whimpered quietly.

At last Elsie reached the rack with the shirt-dresses on it. Making sure to position herself behind the rack from the cashier’s perspective, she browsed through and found the size that Brie needed and then began to venture back.

She spotted Brie watching her from the doorway. But she almost felt like her friend was watching from a different dimension. Brie seemed to be looking at her and through her at the same time.

Elsie also noted that one of her hands was moving slowly up underneath the dress. She could barely believe her friend was fingering herself in front of her, and there in the store, yet it helped to validate Elsie’s own confused feelings of eroticism toward her friend that were quickly building.

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She strategically worked her way back toward the dressing area, but just before she got back, the cashier boy turned completely away from her. Elsie noticed and then, out of nowhere a naughty idea popped into her head. With a quick leer in Brie’s direction, she found courage to take her risky behavior one step further.

From the middle of the shop floor and with her back facing the cashier, she yanked her panties down and bent over, mooning the boy without his knowledge. She watched as Brie’s eyes went wide.

The girl’s careful self-caress turned into masturbation in earnest as she watched her friend bent over bare-assed in a public venue. Her fingers danced through her slick, velvety folds. She melted down the door frame as her legs failed to support her. She stifled a moan.

Elsie leered at her friend and gave a wiggle of her ass in the direction of the cashier when she suddenly heard voices at the entrance of the store. “Mommy, let’s look in here! This is my favorite store.” This spooked her and she jolted up, yanking her panties back up into her crotch.

The cashier boy turned to greet the customers and Elsie bolted back to the dressing rooms, bare feet slapping against the tile. The commotion caught his attention, however, and he turned and watched a pair of teal and yellow panties and skinny legs disappear around the corner. He sighed to himself, knowing he missed a good story that he could tell his friends.

Elsie had grabbed Brie by the shoulders and practically dragged her on her way by back into their private cubicle. “Holy shit, that was fun! I can’t believe I did that!”

But Brie wasn’t paying attention. She was no longer in the dressing room, she was on another plane. She sat on the ground, legs splayed out. The too-tight shirtdress was hiked over her bare hips and she frigged her slick pussy mercilessly. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned loudly.

“Shh! Oh my god, Brie, you can’t—” but Elsie knew it wouldn’t help. She bent over and picked her friend off the ground and sat her on the changing bench so nobody wandering by would see her working herself off through the door gap.

A viscous fluid seemed to pump slowly out of her vagina, coating her inner thighs and dripping down toward her knees. Some of it flowed out onto the wooden bench and dotted onto the floor.

Brie babbled incoherently and Elsie knew she had to do something to keep her quiet. As her friend writhed and slid around on the bench, she climbed onto Brie’s lap and straddled it to keep her from sliding off, and then covered her mouth with her hand.

This did seem to keep the noise down, though it made the sticky sounds of Brie’s lascivious actions sound more apparent.

And while Brie’s fingers flicked against her slippery clit, the back of her hand now also battered against Elsie’s own straddling mound. The whole experience was becoming too much for poor Elsie and she, too found herself stifling her own moans with her remaining free hand.

They remained there together, quietly mewling. Elsie subtly began to hump her hips in rhythm with Brie’s hand, her own hands clasped over both of their mouths. Brie was at last ready.

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She suddenly stiffened up and cried out through Elsie’s fingers, “Fuuuck.” The world around her disappeared and she swayed limply against the wall of the changing cubicle. Her hand moved rapidly along her drenched slit.

The fluids now squirted out of her, into the air, and soaked Elsie’s straddling panties that hovered over her crotch. Her whole body slid and twitched until she was laying on the small bench, squirming wildly.

Elsie sat down onto Brie, humping her own pussy into the back of Brie’s hand, while trying to keep the two of them quiet. Brie’s orgasm was beginning to recede, and she began to regain control, but she wasn’t ready to return to Earth yet.

She twisted her masturbating hand until it faced palm up, and she pressed her thumb into the crease in Elsie’s panties. Elsie squeezed her eyes shut and inhaled sharply as the girl found her clit. “Fuck!” The underwear was soaking from both Elsie’s fluids and the spray of Brie’s climax.

Brie’s fingers felt for the edge of her friend’s panties and slipped underneath. Elsie’s smooth crack was already plenty slick from her copious lubrication. Brie’s probing fingers easily found their target and dipped deep into Elsie’s hole.

Elsie whined in pleasure and began thrusting her hips onto her friend’s hand. In and out Brie’s fingers pumped, treating Elsie to a brand new experience: getting finger-banged by another person.

Brie’s mind began to clear, and her vision became less hazy. She quieted down and Elsie removed her hand from her mouth. Brie became acutely aware that her friend, her best friend of many years, was having sex with her.

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She could barely remember how she got here. Yet she found she wasn’t entirely opposed to the idea. She thought about stopping her, but as she looked up into Elsie’s eyes, her gaze was returned with pure lust.

She felt like she was seeing the scene with new eyes, and the eroticism of fingering her best friend in a mall dressing room pulled her back into a reverie.

Elsie looked down into her friend’s eyes and bit her lip. “Faster,” she whispered. Brie obliged and pumped her fingers into her friend’s pussy with more speed. Her experience with sex was limited to her own adventures in self-discovery, but she could tell that Elsie was close.

Again Elsie moaned out, perhaps a bit too loudly, and so, to censor herself, she leaned down and locked her lips with Brie. This surprise was enough to send Brie back over the edge.

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As she cummed again, the sight of Brie’s twisted face, and the feel of another shower of cum against her thighs along with Brie’s wild fingers, were too much for Elsie, and she began to cum along with her.

They were as quiet as they could manage, blissfully bawling into each others’ mouths, both thrusting their hips wildly, crashing into each other with loud slaps.

At last they had reached their climax, and the headiness slowly dissipated. Elsie slumped over onto her friend, laying her head on her heaving chest. Their sanity began to creep back, as did their normal breathing. Brie came out of her preoccupation and wondered what this meant for the two of them.

Again, she felt ashamed that she had lost control, but yet this time here was Elsie, in a similar state of undress, having achieved a similar state of ecstasy. They were in it together, it seemed.

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Elsie laid on her friend a while before she broke out into a giggle and craned her neck up to catch Brie’s eyes. “That was good for me. I can’t imagine how it felt for you, Super-orgasm Girl. That was crazy!”

Brie blushed, “Yeah, it was good for me, too, but it somehow already seems like a dream.”

“Well, you looked like you were in a dream world. Hyper-sex!”

They laid there a moment longer while the tingles left their lips before Brie spoke up, “We should probably get out of here.”

“Yeah, we should get these back on the racks. Luckily you didn’t soak anything we don’t already own.”

Brie peeled off the sweaty shirtdress she was wearing. “Not quite.” She picked up the skirt that Elsie going to try on. It was blotched from the fountain of cum that had drained from her.

“Fuck it, I’ll wear it out of the store,” said Elsie, yanking the tag off of it along with the one on her own damp tee-shirt.

Brie pulled on her original outfit and as she pulled her sweatpants on over her bottom, she noticed that a pair of eyes were staring at her. She jumped with a start.

A blonde girl with big eyes was peering underneath the door. Brie figured that it must have been the one who came in with her mother. Brie asked, “How long have you been standing there?”

From off in the distance she heard the mother’s voice, “Fiona, are you spying? How many times have we talked about this? Come in here and help mommy try this on.” Without a word, Fiona jumped up and ran down into the dressing room hallway.

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Elsie grinned wickedly at Brie and said quietly, “I hope they don’t end up in the same spot we did, ‘helping’ each other.” Brie blushed again and whacked her friend lightly with the back of her hand.

They exited their cubicle and Elsie’s sneakers nearly slipped in the puddle that Brie left behind.

They hung the unwanted pieces on the return rack and Brie hoped the sweat-soaked, ill-fitting shirtdress would air out before the cashier had to restock it. She blushed at the thought of him discovering her scent on the fabric.

“Did you find everything you were looking for?” the boy asked with a hard stare.

Elsie grinned, “Oh… we discovered a lot. But we’re only buying these three things.” She handed him Brie’s new dress and two moist tags. After she paid up, they dumped what they weren’t wearing into their shopping bag and left the store.

Elsie guffawed in the mall walkway. “Did you see the expression on his face? He looked like he was trying to find out what we were doing just by wishing hard enough.” She inhaled deeply. “What a thrill!”

“I’m glad to see you’re still filled with energy,” Brie yawned, “I’m exhausted.”

“I’m not tired, but I sure am hungry.”

“Me, too. Let’s get something at the food court.”

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