What I Learnt From My Parents Episode 3


Brie’s Sweet Medication

(Continue from episode 2)

Brie came to life. Where was she? She felt like she was in her bed, naked as before, when her dad tried to steal the sheet off of her. Was it all a strange dream? she thought.

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But something didn’t feel quite right. She squinted at the bright overhead lights. They were fluorescent. Am I still in school?
She slowly sat up.

Her head felt like it was full of gauze, but not in the same way it had before; this time it was not delirious pleasure, just dreamy confusion.

She groaned and began to sit up in bed, adjusting the lumpy, foreign pillow behind her. She looked around. This was not her bedroom. I’m in a hospital? she thought. Why am I in a hospital?

Brie vaguely remembered the sensations she had felt, and that the world had gone dark around her.

So, it must not have been a dream. Her cheeks felt hot with embarrassment, but at least that was a sensation she understood.

The door creaked open. “Brie!” a high-pitched voice pierced the air. It was a young girl, and a familiar face. She was smiling and ran and jumped onto the bed.

Brie was glad to see her. “Elsie! What are you doing here?”

“I heard all about it and I had to come see you and hear your side of the story.” Elsie blurted out excitedly, “Your dad said I could come in here and see if you were awake.”

Brie flushed with embarrassment and, feeling vulnerable, pulled the top sheet up around her neck. She wasn’t sure she could actually explain her side of the story. “Well, what’s the other side?” she asked nervously.

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“I only heard rumors, but… some of the girls were saying you were possessed! And others said that you were…” Elsie looked away.

“I was what?”

Elsie turned back and lowered her voice to a whisper. “You were playing with yourself! In the middle of class!”

“I wasn’t! I never have, not in class or anywhere!”

Elsie continued, electrified by the gossip, “They also said you kissed Mr. Ivarson!”

“I’ve never kissed anybody!” Brie continued to deny.

“And you wet yourself.” Brie, in her nudity, admitted to herself that that could have been a possibility. Still, she wasn’t sure that was it true. Her cheeks burned hot.

“I don’t know what happened to me this morning!” Brie was frantic. “I felt so out of control.” She paused and thought. “Maybe I was possessed, but those feelings… they just felt so good.”

Elsie went wide-eyed. “Really? So it is true?”

“I felt like I was losing my mind. But it was the best feeling I’ve ever felt.”

Elsie stared at her friend, considering, “Do you feel it now?”

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Brie rubbed her legs along the coarse hospital sheets. Then she rubbed her cheeks with her hands. “No. I don’t think so. It was different this morning.”

Elsie leaned over, reaching out and petting the hair atop Brie’s head. “Does that feel good?”

Brie smirked. “Yeah, but not in the same way. I just like it when my head gets rubbed or scratched.”

Elsie climbed across the bed and squeezed her friend’s shoulders. She giggled, asking, “What about that?”

“That just feels like squeezing,” Brie chuckled.

Elsie moved her head in close to her friend’s. Brie was unsure what was going on, but she recognized that devilish smile meant her friend was up to no good.

“What about this?” Suddenly Elsie pounced, quickly straddling Brie’s small form and sliding her arms under either side of the sheet. She gripped Brie’s bare waist and dug her fingers in.

Brie screeched and writhed as her friend playfully tickled her. “No fair, I’m naked!” She fought back, jamming her hands into her friend and tickling Elsie in the sensitive spots at the base of her neck.

That made Elsie shriek. The tumbled around, no longer caring how the sheet fell, for they were best friends and had seen each other in any state of undress over the handful years they had known each other. Back and forth they went, both girls screaming and tossing around in the hospital bed until they heard a woman clear her throat.

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Brie looked up. “Mom!” She quickly gathered the sheet and she laid back where she had originally found herself.

Hazel smiled. “I’m so glad you’re feeling better, honey. What happened to you today?”

“I don’t know. I blacked out,” she replied, truncating her story. She shot a glance at her friend, who smiled reassuringly.

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“Well, I’ve heard everything. But don’t worry, the doctor’s here. He’ll tell us what’s going on with you.”

The door to the room opened again. This time, in came Brie’s father along with the family’s pediatrician.

She had gone to this doctor ever since she was a baby. She met eyes with her dad, and he looked down awkwardly. “Hello kiddo.” He looked at his wife. “Dr. Taylor says he thinks he knows what happened.”

Dr. Taylor cleared his throat. “The good news is, we ran some standard tests and everything checks out okay.

No heart murmurs, no seizures, nothing serious. After looking into the report of what happened, I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on.

It’s likely a genetic thing. We can run some more in-depth tests to confirm, but they’re expensive, and it’s usually faster to confirm diagnosis based on your response to treatment rather than waiting for tests to be processed.”

“A genetic thing?” Warrick questioned. “So one of us gave it to her?”

“Not necessarily.”

”What are we talking about here, Doc?”

“A genetic mutation. In a rare minority of people, they have a certain mutation in their genes that doesn’t usually display itself until they reach a certain age.”

“Whoa!” Elsie exclaimed. “You’re a mutant! Like the X-Men! Cool.”

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Warrick interjected. “Elsie, you probably shouldn’t be here.”

“No way!” Brie shouted, “Elsie’s my best friend, we don’t have secrets!”

Elsie spoke up again, “So what’s her superhero power?”

The doctor laughed, “I don’t think this is the kind of power you can save the world with. To be quite frank, little Brie here is what we call super-orgasmic.” Warrick’s head snapped a double-take toward the doctor. Brie blushed.

“That’s wonderful,” Hazel said. Warrick looked at her quizzically, but she reassured him, “I just mean that I was afraid it would be something more dangerous to her health. But Doctor, what does this mean for us?”

“It means that Brie is probably going to be extremely susceptible to feelings of pleasure. While this might be great for her and her future partners in general, it can be difficult to manage, and of some inconvenience as a young person, as you are now fully aware.”

Brie swallowed a lump in her throat.

The doctor continued, “Luckily, there are a couple things we can do to treat this.”

Warrick let out a quiet breath of relief. “Go on.”

Dr. Taylor began to speak with some trepidation. “Well, ah, the first treatment is to make her… cum.”

“Excuse me?” Warrick choked.

“Whoa, what?” exclaimed Elsie.

“I’m sorry to be frank, Mr. Nova, but there’s no point in being overly formal with scientific terms. Most parents just get confused when pediatricians break out the 25-cent words.

Just bear with me a moment. This is certainly a sensitive topic to broach between parents and child, but when the diagnosis is super-orgasmic, there isn’t much I can do to protect conservative sensibilities. May I continue?”

Warrick glanced at his wife, who nodded at him. He gestured silently for the doctor to continue. His sex life was progressive, open, and generous, and he didn’t like being pigeon-holed as a prude.

Dr. Taylor continued.

“I’m sure as with your own normal sexual feelings, when Brie cums, the pleasurable desires will fade away for a while and clear from her head. But it’s going to be important to make her cum regularly, that way you will have some control over when and where that happens. That will ensure the best quality of life for her. In cases such as these, if she doesn’t cum for too long, she may lose control of herself to her primal urges and even black out, as we saw today.”

Dr. Taylor could see Brie grow red-faced. “I’m sorry, I know it must be embarrassing talking about this now in front of your parents and friend, young lady, but I’m sure you won’t want a repeat of today’s incident. Am I right?” He turned back to Warrick and Hazel.

“I would say she should have an orgasm every one or two hours to start out with. Not when she’s asleep of course—no need to rouse her in the middle of the night—but definitely right before bed and as soon as she wakes up.”

“Gosh, Doctor,” Warrick said. “That seems like a lot.”

“There is another consideration, as well. You can feed her a dose of this syrup. This should help speed the process along. It comes in a syringe—”

Brie recoiled and hid herself away under the sheet. “No way! You’re not sticking me with any needles,” she exclaimed.

“Brie, we need to be reasonable,” her mother chided.

“Don’t worry,” the doctor chuckled, waving his hands in the air, “these syringes don’t have needles. They have a wide opening. We can just squirt the syrup right into your mouth. Here, you can see it right here.” Dr. Taylor produced a small plastic syringe filled with a pearlescent syrup. “Let’s give you a dose to start you out. Open wide.”

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Brie opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, saying “Aaah.” The doctor pushed the plunger into the syringe and the syrup oozed onto the back of her tongue. As he removed the tool, some of it trailed down over her bottom lip.

Brie stifled a laugh and wiped it into her mouth, sucking off her finger. With all the talk about cumming, the display seemed vaguely sexual and made Warrick’s throat dry.

The girl wrinkled her nose. “It’s kind of salty.”

The doctor chuckled. “That’s why I tried to squirt it as far back in your throat as possible, so you wouldn’t have to taste it too much.” He turned to her parents. “There, this medicine, twice a day, should help take care of it, and regular stimulation should help curb her urges, too.”

“Is that all?” Warrick asked.

“Oh, and I almost forgot! As ordinary sensations are likely to compound the problem, just be aware that some kinds of clothing can be a real problem. Coarse fabrics like denim and wool can be an irritant.

And in fact, underwear can be an issue. Anything around the erogenous zones should be kept to a minimum.”

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“Hmm,” Hazel said, looking at the table where Brie’s clothes lay folded. “I suppose no more lace panties for you.” She picked them up off the pile and confiscated them to her purse. “And I guess we’ll hold off on bra shopping tonight, too.”

The reality was setting in for Brie. No panties, medicine every day, and hourly stimulation? In some ways it sounded like a huge inconvenience. But deep inside her, she began to feel a familiar knot building.

Warrick, too, was wondering what the hell had happened to his life. In light of what he had experienced this morning, he felt his relationship with Brie was changed for good.

And now he had to put up with her wearing no pants or underwear, and regularly stimulating herself somehow. He wondered how that would change the dynamic of the house. He wondered what Hazel would make of it.

After the doctor left the room, Brie got up and went for her clothes. Warrick stared uncontrollably at his naked daughter.

This had never really been significant for him before, but his perspective had changed since witnessing his daughter’s sudden sexual awakening, and he no longer knew what to think.

She was once his little girl, but suddenly she was this being who could experience more sexual ecstasy than he could even imagine.

Brie reached for her jeans, but her mother cut her off. “Uh uh, remember what the doctor said? No denim. Besides, your jeans are still damp.”

“But mom, what will I wear?”

Hazel looked around. She opened a cupboard labeled “gowns” and pulled one out. “Here, put this on.” Brie attempted to wear the hospital gown, but she put it on like a bathrobe and was having issues making it work.

Elsie chuckled, “You’re putting it on backwards, stupid. You gotta do it so the opening is in the back.”

“Oh,” she replied and flipped it around. Hazel helped tie it up, but Brie felt a sneaking feeling like it could come open at any moment.

“Here,” said her mom, “Your shirt is pretty dry now. You can wear it over the top.” That did make Brie feel a little bit more put together, though she was aware of a draft on her butt. “Alright, the nurses said we’re free to go now, so let’s get moving.”

They headed out the door and toward the doctor’s lobby. Elsie followed behind and snickered, “I can see your bottom, Brie!” Brie snapped her hand behind her and attempted to close the two halves of the gown.

Even when it was all tied up in the back, it was far from an ideal garment. They piled into the car and Elsie took off on her bike. Warrick then started the drive home.

Brie was thankful that the drive felt so much more normal than the last time she was in the car.

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She didn’t feel the intensity of the vibrations and the way the seatbelt came around her chest didn’t bother her. She leaned back into the seat and exhaled. Her mind drifted off to her classmates.

She wondered what they were saying about her. Had she really played with herself in class? Had she really kissed Mr. Ivarson? She had never even kissed a boy her age before. She was so unsure what had really happened. All Elsie heard were rumors.

She pushed the growing knot in her tummy out of her mind and wondered what it would be like to really kiss a boy.

To make out with one, like she had seen in so many movies. Brie was broken out of her daydream as her mom turned around in the passenger seat. She smiled gently, but Brie felt like her eyes were boring into her.

“Honey? Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah, mom, I think so.”

“Are you having any feelings right now? Any feelings of arousal?”

Warrick clicked his tongue. “Hazel…”

“I’m just worried, is all,” Hazel countered. “Dr. Taylor said that it’s important that Brie c… cums often.” Warrick snapped his head over to Hazel when she said that.

Hazel swallowed and continued, “And especially when she wakes up. And well, she did just wake up.” She looked back at Brie.

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The young girl felt herself turn red at her mom’s comments, but was too mortified to say anything.

“So, Brie… I think that you should… make yourself cum.”

“Mo-oom,” she finally managed to finally whine. “You’re embarrassing me.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie. I normally wouldn’t talk about this with you—not in this way—but we need to be extra careful right now.

We need to be vigilant and follow the doctor’s orders until we know what’s the right way to handle this.”

Brie was red-faced, but she also had to admit there was some kind of feeling growing deep within her, and it was mixing with a feeling of slight terror, that she might lose control again.

Still, it seemed kind of inappropriate to do anything there in the car, especially in front of her parents.

At the same time, she trusted her mother.

“I— I don’t know what to do,” Brie admitted quietly.

Warrick grunted. “What did you do in school?” he said, finding himself clever.

This set Brie off. “I didn’t do anything!” she protested. “I mean… I don’t… really remember what I did.”

“It’s okay, sweetie,” her mother cut in again softly. “I can help you through it.”

Brie was visibly unsure about this. Her father was, too.

“If I tell you what you need to do, will you climax for me? Will you have cummies for mommy?” Warrick again shot a glance at his wife.

He returned his eyes to the road and squirmed in his seat. Hazel noticed, but paid him no mind. Brie did not.

She was fixated on her mother’s soothing voice, her oddly dirty talk, and her wide-eyed gaze, locked onto her own eyes. Brie felt a close connection in that moment, and trusted her mom implicitly.

“Okay, mom,” she swallowed. Warrick glanced back in the rearview mirror at his daughter, one eyebrow raised.

Hazel smiled warmly. “Okay Brie, first let’s take off your shirt and gown.”

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Brie takes her medication

Hazel smiled warmly. “Okay Brie, first let’s take off your shirt and gown.”

Brie felt like she should protest. “But mom, I’ll be naked! In public!”

“Don’t worry about that. We’re in our car. We can do whatever we want here.

If someone drives by, the most they could assume is that you’re topless, and with your figure, they will probably think you’re still just a precocious young girl.

But we know what a big girl you are.” Brie appreciated that her mom vouched for her maturity, something her dad ever refused to do.

With that encouragement, she shyly slunk her top off and untied the back of her hospital gown.

She pulled the fabric slowly down her body, still hesitant to reveal herself to her parents in such a way.

She felt the coarseness of the cheap hospital fabric as it dragged across her increasingly sensitive chest. Her nipples stiffened as they reached the air and her heart beat strongly beneath her youthful chest.

The fabric slid down her belly, tickling her along the way, which generated goosebumps. Finally, it hit her lap and stopped. She was reluctant to pull it down any further.

She didn’t want her mom looking at her pussy this way. Not yet. She shot her a pair of pleading eyes.

Her mother relented. “Alright, we’ll start here.” Brie gave a tiny nod, not breaking eye contact with Hazel. “Now honey, you don’t have to do any one thing.

I’m not going to tell you what you can or can’t do. Sexuality is a personal thing. The main idea is to let your urges guide you. Let’s start with rubbing your tummy with your fingers.”

Brie was hypnotized by her mother’s soothing voice, amplified by the hazy, cottony feeling growing in her head. She began to lightly rub her fingers across her slender belly. It kind of tickled, making the hair on her arms stand up, and it caused her to inhale deeply.

She finally broke eye contact with her mother and closed her eyes, sinking a bit into the seat with a light sigh. The vibrations of the road were also becoming more apparent again.

“There you go, honey,” Hazel said. “Now, are your urges telling you to move your hands up or down?”

“Um, up, I guess,” Brie replied quietly.

“Okay, go ahead, honey.” Hazel put a hand on Brie’s ankle, reassuringly. Warrick kept an eye on his daughter via the rearview mirror.

He watched as she dragged her fingernails lightly up her stomach to her chest, and alternately across each nipple. Already she appeared to be in a trance.

Still, he knew he had to watch the road while he was driving. He sighed quietly and adjusted the uncomfortable bulge growing in his pants, giving it a bit of a squeeze once it was in a more comfortable position. He could feel a bit of precum ooze out.

Meanwhile, Brie felt soft and fuzzy and more than a little moist herself. She sank into her seat and felt as though the car upholstery were enveloping her in a warm cocoon.

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At the same time, the cool air conditioning on her nakedness made her feel alive. She was losing herself in her new world, but she wasn’t afraid, because this time, with her mom’s permission, she felt in control.

She shifted the pressure of her hands, now massaging her flat chest. Her fingers rippled one-by-one over her nipples. She grabbed one and focused on it.

Her other hand she brought to her mouth, sucking on her index finger. She moaned a bit as she squeezed her little bud in her one hand, feeling it stiffen.

From somewhere far away, she heard her mom encouraging her, “Yes, honey, it’s perfectly okay to make noises.”

“Hmm, yesss, like you and daddy do at night,” Brie called back from a different plane.

Both of her parents were caught off guard. For the first time, Hazel turned and caught Warrick’s eye. Warrick blushed. Neither of them had realized that Brie was aware of their regular evening sessions.

Hazel’s expression shifted to slightly bemused and she recovered. “That’s right, it’s how you show you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Ooh, fuck,” Brie cussed as she tweaked on her nipple.

“Where did you learn that word?” her father interjected, and Hazel silently shushed him. But Brie could barely hear him, anyway.

Her hand was slowly making its way down now. Across her tummy, under the hospital garment, and down to her hipbone. As she neared her pussy, her hand crept ever slower.

Meanwhile, Hazel’s own hand moved up from her daughter’s ankle. She slid it up her calf to the bottom hem of the gown that covered the remainder of her body.

Her skin was slightly slick from a sheen of sweat. Warrick watched as his wife’s hand snaked up and tugged the fabric covering lightly, causing it to slide off their daughter’s lap, down her legs, and onto the floor of the car, once again revealing her entire body to her familial onlookers and potentially anybody driving by.

Brie shivered and moved her hand onto her exposed mound.

Hazel cooed lightly. “Ooh, yes dear, follow your urges.”

The girl now barely registered those around her. She was fascinated by how good she was feeling. Her whole body felt cool and wet on the outside as a film of sweat formed on her smooth, bare skin.

Yet inside she was burning up. She slouched down in her seat, savoring the sensation as the fabric upholstery pushed back against her.

Instinctively, she spread her legs a bit and her fingers found the spot just inside her slit that seemed to be calling out to her to be touched. She moaned loudly as she put pressure on it.

Hazel continued to encourage her, “That’s it, baby. That’s your clit, and it’s going to feel extra nice for you. Try rubbing that.” Brie didn’t need the direction.

Almost immediately, she felt her crotch become incredibly slippery. She rubbed the fluid she was producing all around the area between her legs, her inner thighs, even up to her belly button. Her labia became glossy with her sudden flow of juices.

The car filled with the scent of her musk and the sounds of her moaning.

Suddenly a huge vibration shook the entire car. Warrick’s eyes snapped back to the road and he realized he was coming up to a stop sign.

Rumble strips were carved into the road to warn drivers of the intersection. Brie couldn’t handle it and cried out.

Her hips bucked off the seat and her hands travelled wildly all over her body, across her chest and down to her inner thighs.

She could only sense traffic around her, and in the back of her mind, she knew that if any of the passengers looked in through the car window, they could see her lithe, naked form thrusting wildly.

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Incomprehensible noises were coming from her mouth. She sounded almost like she was speaking another language, mixed with the occasional “shit” and “fuck”.

They crossed another rumble strip and Warrick began to slow down.

Brie bucked her hips into the air again and, as she did this time, Hazel reached her hand up to meet Brie’s bare slit, zeroing in on her child’s clit and said, “Mommy wants to help, baby.”

Brie moaned, barely able to form words, “Muh muh, muh muh.” Her mother’s hand rubbed away, up and down the small divide between her legs, giving extra attention to the sensitive bundle of nerves near the top.

Brie grabbed one of her small breasts and massaged it. With her other hand, she supported her body, attempting to push herself up off the seat and instinctively closer to her mother’s invading fingers.

Warrick slowed over the final rumble strip, drawing it out even longer. He could barely comprehend what was going on in the car.

The strong vibrations were enough to send Brie over the edge once more. She stiffened up, went silent for a few seconds, and then she began to cum.

“Mommy! Cummies!” Pleasure spread quickly from her pussy out to her fingers and toes. Her body wracked with convulsions that she couldn’t control, even if she had been totally lucid.

Hazel could barely keep her daughter steady with the one hand she had on her, she was bucking so wildly. A copious amount of fluids sprayed over her hand, onto the seat, and dripped onto the floor of the car.

Warrick finally managed to slow the vehicle to a stop and turned in time to see Brie collapse back in her seat into a heap, exhausted. Girl cum continued to ooze out of her crack.

Hazel turned to look at her husband, a devilish smile on her face. “I guess we know how her pants got so soaked now, huh? That was a lot of cum,” she said.

“Mo-oom,” Brie whined, a half-satisfied smirk betraying her annoyance. She felt chilly now, so she put her shirt back on and pulled the hospital gown up from the floor. She curled up on the seat, using the gown as a makeshift blanket, closed her eyes, and sighed.

Hazel looked at her slick hand, then back at Warrick, who just sat there staring at her in silence. “What?” she asked slyly. “She needed help!” Warrick didn’t know what to say, he only knew that he wasn’t going to argue about it.

He didn’t understand what had just happened, but he knew that he enjoyed it. In fact, maybe he enjoyed it a little too much.

On any ordinary day, he might have called the cops on a mother touching her child in such a way, but given his daughter’s unconventional affliction, he wondered if his wife had not, in fact, crossed a line.

The rest of the drive home was, by comparison, uneventful. Nobody said a word, and Brie dozed lightly in the back seat until they arrived.

After pulling into the driveway, Warrick opened the back door, reached in, and picked his daughter up. She made tired grunts and pulled herself into him.

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He privately savored the feeling of her bare legs across his arms, still somewhat slick from her climax. Being sure to keep the gown cover over her, he carried her into the house.

Once they were inside, he dropped her too her feet. She ditched the gown and headed to her room.

“Take a shower and get changed for dinner,” Hazel shouted after her. “And no more napping! We don’t have time to go through this again before bedtime.”

“Okay, mom,” she called back.

“I love you, Brie.”

“I love you too, mom.

After his shower, Warrick climbed into bed next to his wife, who was reading a book. She glanced over and said, “Hey honey.”

“So…” Warrick started off awkwardly.


“Today was… something, huh?”

“Yeah,” Hazel replied, matter-of-factly, “It sounds like our baby’s gonna be fine, though.” Warrick was surprised that she didn’t seem to have much to say about the day’s events, in particular her interaction with their daughter in the car.

He pressed on. “I just think we might want to come up with a game plan. How much help is she going to need? And, uh,” he swallowed hard, “how much involvement are we going to need to provide?”

Hazel’s eyes flicked over and met his. She huffed, marked her place in her book, placed it on the nightstand, and rolled toward her husband.

“This is new to me, too, Warrick. It’s new to Brie, it’s new to all of us. I don’t honestly know how much help or guidance she’s going to need. I just want her to know that she can trust us to give it to her when she needs it.”

“Well, yes, I suppose that’s true.” Warrick conceded.

“Our daughter is going to need to learn what her needs are and what her limitations are. Nobody can decide that for her. But if she needs our help, we need to be there for her.”

Warrick was still a little unsure of what she meant by “help”. Was that what she was doing in the car earlier on the way home? Hazel sighed and shifted her eyes away from his, smirking. “Honestly, I’m a little bit jealous of her.”

“What do you mean?”

“You saw what happened. You saw her. To be in such pleasure, lost and delirious, exploring new feelings for the first time. It makes me nostalgic for my own youth.”

He nodded, but thinking about his daughter in orgasm was making him unexpectedly stiff while he laid there next to his wife, and he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

He didn’t want Hazel to think there was a correlation, so he pushed himself a bit away from her, but tried not to draw attention to his actions.

She continued, “It reminds me a bit of my first time exploring those feelings. But hers seem different, so much bigger, so intense.” She inhaled deeply.

“Yes, and she makes a bigger mess, too.” Warrick noted.

Hazel chuckled, “Speaking of which,” she pulled herself closer to him and reached out to grab her husband’s cock, exhaling slowly and smiling at its hardness, “Mmm, I’m ready to make a mess of my own.” She pushed him over onto his back and climbed on top, straddling him.

His cock was lined up against the slick crack of her pussy. Warrick was glad she, too, wasn’t wearing any underwear.

It felt like heaven, especially after a day like today. She pulled the tank top she was wearing over her head and freed her breasts to the evening air.

Warrick was more than ready for some action. He had jacked off in the car earlier that day, but the rest of the day’s events had revved his motor even more.

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Now his wife was beside him, raring to get a piece of him. Hazel, too, was feeling exceptionally aroused, hoping to capture some of the lightning that her daughter had felt. She longed for the pending pleasure she was about to feel.

“Wait,” said Warrick, “This afternoon, Brie mentioned that she could hear us.”

Hazel rolled her eyes, “I don’t care. We’re in our room, honey.”

“But the door is open!”

Hazel peered over. “Brie’s asleep already. If she could sleep through you and Ivy, she can sleep through you and I. And it’s gonna get stuffy in here, anyway. It’s only open a crack.”

Warrick admitted to himself that he felt a thrill run through his chest at the minor taboo of fucking with the door open again. It was something they didn’t get to do very much these days.

He ceased to press the issue further, “Alright, just making sure you’re aware. Now let’s get to work on this open crack.”

Hazel giggled and started rocking her slippery sex across his hardened member. She cooed and relished the feeling of its firmness and, somehow at the same time, its softness as she slid her clitoris along its length.

With her eyes closed, she arched her back and ran her fingers through her hair and across her scalp, which also had the effect of putting her perky breasts on display for her eager husband.

Warrick appreciated the effort his wife was giving as she slid back and forth on top of him. The feeling of her slick pussy lips wrapping around his shaft as she worked the underside of his dick was setting him off into euphoria.

He worked his abs to get himself sat himself up and brought his mouth to one of Hazel’s presented breasts. He wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her ass as he nursed on her nipple.

Hazel moaned and wrapped her hands around his head. “Hmm, yes, this feels so fucking good.” She continued humping her hips into his, the building stickiness produced by their organs making obscene noises with each movement.

Warrick’s shaft rubbing against her clitoris was already bringing Hazel close to orgasm. Her breath caught in her throat and she tossed her head back, gasping.

Warrick switched breasts with his mouth, but continued to stimulate his original target with his fingers. Meanwhile, with the other hand, he pulled Hazel back and forth by her ass, helping to maintain the rhythmic humping that was bringing them so much pleasure. “Oh fuck!” Hazel shouted, as she was almost there, “I’m gonna cum.”

“Do it,” Warrick commanded, “I want you to cum. I want to watch you cum. Cum for me, baby. Right here on my cock.”

“Fuck,” Hazel whined, “Fuck. Oh god. I’m—I’m cumming,” she stammered. Her whole body tensed up for a moment and suddenly she was shaking, doing her best to slam her pussy roughly onto her husband’s dick.

Warrick wasn’t sure he could maintain, as she was sliding her slit up and down over the most sensitive spot on his underside, and he found it extremely erotic when his wife lost control like this.

She began to fall backwards onto the bed, but he caught her and held her there, arm around her back. She hung like a ragdoll, shuddering, rocking, and babbling like a toddler as the waves of pleasure coursed through her.

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Warrick nearly lost it. Finally, she began to subside.

At last, he loosened his grip on her waist, and she crashed into the mattress, her hair sticking to her sweaty face. She tipped her head up toward him slightly and asked through heavy gasps, “Did you finish?”

“Not yet, baby,” Warrick said with a smile.

Her head dropped back to the mattress again, “Good.” Now it was Warrick’s time to climb onto her. Her legs were splayed wide, and her arms were laying limply across the bed.

“Do what you need to,” she acquiesced. Warrick grinned, lined his stiff erection up with her lubricated box and quickly plowed into her with force. They both slid up the bed several inches. Hazel cried out, “Unngh! Fuck! Big man.”

Warrick groaned loudly and then started quickly pistoning in and out of his wife. “Oh, baby, you’re so fucking sexy when you talk like that.”

“Fuck me, big man,” she commanded. “I need your cum inside me.” Even though she had just exhausted herself, Hazel felt that familiar feeling building up inside of her once more.

One of the reasons she loved her husband so much was because he was able to consistently pleasure her and she loved to pleasure him.

While Warrick continued humping his hips in long but fast strokes, he pushed himself up onto his fists and gazed at his enchanted wife.

Her head was tipped back into the mattress, and her eyes were rolled back even further. Guttural moans were coming from deep within her as he continued to drive her ever more crazy.

“Fill me up. Fill mommy up,” she cried. The image was enough to bring his balls to a boil, and he knew it wouldn’t be long now.

He closed his eyes in ecstasy, but he could still see his wife in front of him, naked and taking everything he could give her. Next to her, however, in this imaginary world, was a new addition: his daughter.

He knew on the surface that his imagination should not be including Brie in this sex fantasy, but deep down, he recognized that this afternoon would be burned forever into his memory.

As he continued hammering Hazel, he watched as the wife in his visions reached over and touched his little girl’s slit and sent her body into shakes, as she had done in the car.

He watched as Brie arched her back upwards, begging for her mother’s wandering fingers. He watched as her pussy produced copious viscous fluids that spread into the sheets.

And he watched as his wife brought her fingers to her lips and salaciously licked off their daughter’s juices.

Dream Hazel looked up and made eye contact with him and that’s what set him over the tipping point. The image in his mind giggled, but instead of hearing laughter, he heard a wail.

His eyes snapped open and met with his actual wife beneath him, receiving the full fury of his onslaught.

Her nails dug into his shoulders and her head thrashed back and forth as unknowable words spilled from her mouth.

Warrick’s cock swelled and he felt spurts of his cum empty into his orgasming wife. Her insides squeezed and milked out every last drop he could produce while somehow becoming more slick than they already were. For a few moments together, they were in perfect bliss.

At last they collapsed onto the sheet, and caught their breath. Hazel reached down and felt Warrick’s sticky fluid oozing out of her. She brought her hand up and rolled her fingers against each other. “Jesus, you really did fill me up tonight!”

“What can I say, you got me inspired,” Warrick chuckled.

“I love you, dear,” Hazel said quietly, and sucked her fingers dry.

“I love you, too, honey,” Warrick replied. He leaned over and kissed her, and then the two of them laid together spooning and fell asleep.


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