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VM Technology

You are all welcome to videomine technology. This article consist of every details concerning this video mine technology. In my previous articles I have given different explanations base on the two methods of earning from this particular scheme; Videomine Affiliate and Videomine MLM.

Before we move into the challenges faced by videominers and other platform users, let’s quickly get the concept of videomine technology

What is Videomine Technology?

Videomine Technology is an online skills acquisition centre dealing with sales of digital products (books, tutorials, courses etc.) only and rendering of digital services like tutoring on those products
It is also an affiliate marketing/Networking platform of which various individuals earn sales revenue from by inviting one another to learn or purchase our skills pack.

Who is Videomine meant for?

Videomine Technology is for people (ranging from young and old) that want to acquire and get equipped with the present day skills (we currently have over 10 skills available on our website ranging from website development, Mini Importation etc).

It’s also for individuals who want to scale up their income, people looking for other legitimate sources of income online by simply making money through networking and through affiliate marketing

How Does Videomine Work?

Videomine Technology is made up of: Two types of structures and both structures solely depend on what the registrant chooses to participate in on our website.

1. The First System is Called The Affiliate System:

The affiliate system is solely a system by which individuals register individually and aims at qualifying for our Online skill classes at the end of the month (Recall that we tutor individuals on various skills monthly).

On our affiliate structure, individuals can also earn commissions from affiliate marketing on by referring various individuals to our website to acquire and learn one or two skills.

The Affiliates can market, sell and promote the digital skills and products available on Videomine Technology at a commission of 70% (usually N1400) per user introduced to our website.


After getting your coupon code you can click here to register for Videomine Affiliate

Videomine Customers:

Every viable business needs customers to thrive, and Videomine Technology is no different. Affiliates and vendors encourage customers to buy digital skills courses and learn online skills of the highest quality and value. And then they get commissions. It’s a win-win for everyone.

But as an affiliate, how do I get paid?

Videomine affiliates are given access to promote products listed on the platform through unique affiliate links for each product.

This link is used to track individual affiliate sales and for payment of commissions through the Videomine system. Once there is a purchase by a customer, both the vendor and the affiliate get notified via their dashboard with their percentage gained on each individual introduced

Skills classes are in pdf or video formats, and are thought online through our various groups once individuals are qualified for them.

2. The Second Structure on Videomine Technology is The Multi Level Marketing Structure(MLM).

This MLM structure deals with solely the introduction of various individuals in a group/Team by one person in a view to Achieve a set target and set goal and at the end getting paid certain commissions for the attainment of such goals.

As usual, Unique links are always issued to all registrants just for tracking the sales commission progress

Individuals on the mlm structures are usually purely networkers and do not necessarily need to learn one or two skills from our website although, they can however subscribe to our skills classes if they want to.

Their sole aim is to keep marketing our brand to various individuals which can in turn subscribe to our affiliate plan and get to apply for one skill or the other.


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Why Must You Choose Videomine Technology?

Biggest commissions No affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria, whether selling digital or physical products pays as much commissions as Videomine Technology. Percentage for affiliates on each products are 70% commission.

How Does Videomine Pays? 

Payments And Commissions Payment for affiliates is every Sundays and Wednesdays. Payments of commissions for the Multi level marketing marketers are daily.

Videomine technology is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software. It gives users the option to choose either participating as a single affiliate or participating as a group MLM (team work).


When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers on an individual plan, meaning that he participates
alone and gets paid into his account instantly.

The Following Activities are Involved:

1) Registration fee N2000

2) Registration bonus 1000POINTS

3) Referal bonus N1400

4) Daily visits 100POINTS

5) Video watching 150POINTS

6) Viral video posts 200POINTS

7) Skills centre for learning new skills (The points earned from here are used in applying for our skills classes). See our dashboard to view points needed for each skill.

As an affiliate, you get to apply for your compensation for referring twice weekly and get paid instantly

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If a user registers under this MLM package, the following activities will be involved:

1) The user cashes out N10,000 always immediately his cycle/group is completed

2) The user withdraws N500 into his bank account always immediately any of his direct group member completes a cycle (the more direct downlines you have, the more your chances of earning and
withdrawing N500 from them completing each cycle.

3) The user gets to win amazing incentives/prizes such as iPhones, laptops, home theatre etc on reaching certain cycle goals.

4) After a users cycle is completed and he withdraws N10,000, for the user to move to the next cycle, he needs to resubscribe and move to the next cycle.

5) Registration and resubscription fee is N2000 only


  1. You get to work with a team and continually earn with the team.

  2. You get to earn spillovers continuously from group members.

  3. You get to cashout daily.

  4. You win certain prizes for reaching certain cycles with group members


Complete cycle 7 and win a rechargeable standing fan/mini printing machine

Complete cycle 14 and win a fully automated home theatre

Complete cycle 21 and win a techno/infinix device

Complete cycle 30 and win Samsung s7/pes3

Complete cycle 50 and win a fully automated laptop

Complete cycle 100 and win an iPhone 11 Pro Max plus a mini washing machine

Complete cycle 200 and win a trip to Dubai

Prizes can be claimed in any of the 3 ways
+Delivered to ur doorstep
+Paid to your bank account as cash prize
+Requested for in form of activation codes.

How To Watch Video on Getting Started on Videomine

You can only watch videos on videomine affiliate package.

For new miners, the moment you sign up using your coupon code you will be given #1,450 which is the maximum amount you can earn for that day. All you need to do is to:

Click on the MENU

You will see Watch Videos or Sponsored

Click on it and scroll down the page

Follow the last instructions which may ask you to watch a video or Subscribe to a channel via YouTube link, or Follow/view a page on Instagram etc.

You don’t need to watch millions of videos before you get paid. When you are through just log out till the next day.


The moment you login in the next day you will be given #450 without doing anything. It is now left to you to go to the menu and watch video or do the sponsored post of it is available for that day.

How To Change Password on Videomine

Members can now change their password on the platform after login to their account if they suspect any alteration.

How To Get Referrals On Videomine

How To Cash Out Your VM Point 2 Times Weekly

When you buy Referrals for 3k, you will get #4,200 after successful registration.

You will use 3k earnings out of the #4,200 to withdraw your video mine points of 6k remaining #1,200 in your earning balance.

Then the remaining #1,200 you will buy another 2 referrals for 2k which you will be getting #2,400 to make the earning balance to be 3k.

Then use the 3k to get another withdrawal of 6k VM points.

So, for two times withdrawal you bought referrals of 5k and you get minimum of 12k in returns every week.

So, if you follow this step, you won’t just keep your VM points in your dashboard and be expecting withdrawal on d 25th.


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