Videomine Affiliate: Everything You Need To Know About Videomine Affiliate

Good day to all our readers both home and abroad, you are all welcome to one of the best websites that gives you and directs you to the best ways to make money online with little or no capital. This article is filled up of all the details information you need to know regarding Videomine Affiliate.

Videomine is one of this fastest growing online money making platforms. With just #2,000/$4 you can earn yourself a weekly salary with videomine afiliate. 

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If Is start selling coconut chips…..Would you patronize me? You may be wonder if I was kidding or not. Don’t disturb yourself much about that. What I want you to realize is that every minute you spend on social media, if you’re not selling something then someone is selling something to you.

Meanwhile, the social media has become so great such that you’ve got no excuse not to make money online everyday even if it’s just ₦500 per day.

Let’s Do This Calculations:

₦500 × 30 is ₦15,000.

For a greedy person, ₦15,000 is way too small to make monthly.

For the right persons, ₦15,000 added to your account balance monthly or deducted makes a lot of difference. If you’re a student, a hustler, a nursing mother, a corper or a 9-to-5 employee, 15k extra cash monthly helps you pay bills.

In fact, as an online entrepreneur, you could use the 15k to run profitable ads, generate leads increase your sales. Or you use it to learn high income skills and gain financial confidence.

Again, every minute you spend on WhatsApp and other social media, you’re a victim; someone or the platform is selling you.

So, your ultimate goal online is to make your money back. At least, make back the money you use for data subscription. Don’t be a total loser. When I heard about VideoMine, immediately I realized that it’s a big opportunity to venture to keep brokeness far from you.

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The VideoMine monthly earnings is more than my salary from a teaching job as a fresh graduate. 

Stop Looking For Free Online Money!!!

Rather, work hand in hand with great minds pioneering the next generation social media that will definitely outgrow Facebook and other tech giants!

Get ready to sacrifice less than 20 min a day and you’ll earn big with Videomine Technology, slide in and let me show you the way… Whatsapp Message

I’m sending you to my DM on whatsapp… Please, beware of online scammers oooo. I’ve said my own. There’s a lot of people who hide under great platforms to do evil. If you fall victim, you’re on your own o.

If you can’t wait till the day (probably tomorrow) I will start teaching you how to go about VideoMine Affiliate and you will be added to the group, send me a DM so you can get started immediately.

VideoMine is real ooo but you need guidance Sha and there’s a little work involved. Click the link below 👇 to learn more about VideoMine money that can help you pay your monthly bills.

There are two types of packages in Video mine:

  1. Videomine MLM
  2. Videomine Affiliate


If a user registers under this package, the following activities will be involved

1)The user cashes out ₦10K always immediately his cycle/group is completed

2)The user withdraws ₦1500 into his bank account always immediately b of his direct group member completes a cycle(the more direct downlines you have, the more your chances of earning and withdrawing ₦1500 from them completing each cycle

3)The user gets to win amazing incentives/prizes such as iPhones, laptops, home theatre etc on reaching certain cycle goals

4)After a users cycle is completed and he withdraws ₦10K for the user to move to the next cycle, he needs to resubscribe and move to the next cycle

5) Registration and resubscripton fee is ₦2000

Comment Registration if you are ready to take advantage of this opportunity!

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When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers on an individual plan, meaning that he participates alone and gets paid into his account instantly

The following activities are involved

1) Registration fee ₦2000
2) Registration bonus ₦1100
3) Referral bonus₦1400
4)Daily Login ₦100
5)Video watching ₦150
6)Viral video posts ₦200
7)Skills centre for learning new skills

As an affiliate, you get to apply for earnings twice weekly and get paid instantly and
you can also withdraw VM points every 25th of the month (No referral Wahala).

As an affiliate member you have opportunity to withdraw any amount from your wallet as soon as you have a registered person under you.

There are two types of earnings in Videomine Affiliate:

  • Referral Earnings
  • VM Point

Referral earning is the accumulation of the bonus you generate for referring your friends into the system. This earning can be withdrawn Every Wednesdays and Sundays from 12am to 12pm noon.

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VM Point is the Video Mine Points you generate for daily activities on the platform. VM point can also be withdrawn together with earnings if you have registered members under you. But if you have not referred anybody under you, you will need to wait till 25th of every month to make your withdrawal of 15,000 minimum VM Point.

Is VM Point Real Money on Video mine? 

Yes VM point is real money. But 15,000 VM point is equivalent to #7,500.

Withdrawal starts from 9pm to 12am on every 25th of every month

If you have 10,000 Videomine Points that means you have #5,000 real money in your account which can be withdrawn directly to your account directly on the 25th of every month or along with your video mine earnings every Wednesdays and Sundays.

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