Value of #2000 Nigeria Currency- This Will Shock You


We all know the hardship we are facing in this country currently due to the high rate of corruptions in Nigeria.

Due to the the economic situation of the county, it is not easy for a family member to help you financially. If you explain what you are facing just to gain his attention, he will retort with his own situation that will even be worse that yours.

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In fact, at the end of the day, you may end up giving to the person you are expected to get financial help from.

So, if you are oppirtined to have a financial helper, no matter how small it is make sure you appreciate.

#2000 in Nigeria consist of the following…

  • #1000 X 2 = 2k
  • #500 X 4 = 2k
  • #200 X 10 = 2k
  • #100 X 20 = 2k
  • #50 X 40 = 2k
  • #20 X 100 = 2k
  • #10 X 200 = 2k
  • #5 X 400 = 2k

Before a man who sells sweet and biscuits with less than #5 profit could make 2k, he has to sell 400 dozens and eat dozen contain 12 biscuits, 400×12= 2800 pieces. So, about 2,800 customers has to buy the biscuits for him to make his 2k which can even take days to do that.

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These Will Shock You 

It takes a labourer over 8hrs to earn that 2k…

It will take Boda Azeez to sell 40gig to make 2k.

It will take a gas station/refiller to sell 40kg of gas to customers to make the 2k.

It will take some teachers two days to work for the same 2k. But not in the case of private school teachers who earn 8k, 10k, 12k, 15k for 30days (less than #500 daily)

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A laundary man will need to iron 20 clothes to make that 2k.

It will take bike man to work for hours under a scorching sun to make that 2k.

Ordinary ₦2k?

It is not easy to get 2k but very easy to spend.

Just close your eyes, do 1gig sub, take bike, and buy gala. The 2k is gone in minutes.

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Always appreciate those that give you the 2k when u need it. Most especially Nigeria ladies.

It is from their sweat.

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