Update: How to Collect Gift Cards From Clients

A Sample Gift Card Format Message to Send to Your Client

Without wasting much of time, let’s go straight to the point. I have a gift card format update that can help you in your journey.

Hello, My Love,
I know how you’ve been wanting to see my face, and I understand the feeling of seeing someone your heart truly beats for after a long period of time.

It is just so unfortunate that circumstances have stopped me from showing you how much I love you. But trust me, it won’t be for long again. The reason is that I have figured out what is wrong with my camera and possible ways to solve it.
We lack technicians here, so I came in contact with someone who promised to help me fix my camera and screen to enable become able to make video calls again.

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I would have paid immediately without disturbing you, but I lack the funds to be very honest with you. I am not asking for money – because he doesn’t need money to fix the problem. He only said that I need to send him $200 worth of gift cards to unlock the screen. I wonder what he intends to do with.

But since he is the only trusted person here, I am taking the risk with him.
I don’t have access to gift cards here, so that is why I am reaching you. Please aid me with just $200 worth of gift card to fix this screen, and I will repay as soon as I fix the phone. I need to see the face of my lover ASAP.

I trust you to help me, babe… I love you from the depth of my heart. Kisses…

Here Are The Rules to Remember When Using the Gift Card Format

  • Always start asking for a small amount. You can see that I started from $200 to enable me to build trust.
  • Type correct English
  • Make sure you are collecting Amazon Gift Card because of iTunes gift card don cast it’s really hard to get.
  • Make sure you are not in America before using the format I dropped up there.
  • Before you bill your client, make sure he is now disturbing you for video calls.
    When this is happening, it is because he now misses you and wants to see your face.

Your client will be checking to see if there are lies in what you have typed. Once he notices any form of lies, he will immediately abandon you and know that you are a scam.

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So the best thing you have to do is double-check everything you tell your client not to contradict yourself during the discussion.

Like I explained earlier, make sure that you are collecting Amazon gift cards, Steam card, and GooglePlay. Don’t bother collecting iTunes gift cards because it is almost worthless in the market.

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