TRX Updates: How to Make 11% of Your Capital Daily With TRX

There are many TRX updates that are safe for investment. In this article I will teach you how to invest any number of TRX and make 11% withdrawal everyday.

Don’t miss any single day to withdraw trx direct to ur wallet

Trx Updates

Latest TRX Updates

TRONIRAN: 11% Daily


You can deposit here and make 37%, 11% and 32%% withdrawal instantly then use it to invest in the other one too.

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How to Recharge on The TRX Platforms

How to make deposits on trx

1: Click on deposit

2: Choose to transfer to a basic account or promotional account

3: Copy the receiving address to the wallet or scan the QR code of the wallet to transfer money,

4: After completing the recharge, please return to the page and click the recharge complete.

(Warm reminder: Please do not deposit other non-TRX assets).

On the 55TRONS There are many benefits for those that refer their friends to the platform.

Telegram channel:

Please click the link to contact the official staff! {Online time 12:00–24:00}
Telegram Customer Service:

The first recharge of 888 trx will give the basic account 88 trx

The investment income is as follows, and the recharge is calculated cumulatively.
Basic account mining project.

  1. Invest 5-3000 TRX and withdraw 32% every day

  2. Invest 3001-10000TRX, withdraw 35% every day

  3. Invest 10001-20000TRX, withdraw 38% every day

  4. Invest 20001-50000TRX, withdraw 42% every day

  5. Invest 250001-100000TRX, withdraw 48% every day

  6. Invest 100001-100000000000TRX, withdraw 58% every day
    Income depends on how much you invest, and the more you invest in yourself, the higher your daily income.

Promotional Wallet Item {One-time withdrawal of principal}

3% per day for 1-day mining projects
6% per day for 3-day mining projects
8% per day for 7-day mining projects
12% per day for 15-day mining projects
15% per day for 30-day mining projects
18% per day for 60-day mining projects

Recommend recharge to get rich rewards:

Lv1 recharge can get 21% commission; Lv2 recharge can get 3% commission; Lv3 recharge can get 1% commission. Your Lv1 users can get 2100trx commission by depositing 10000trx; your Lv2 users can get 300trx commission by depositing 10000trx; Lv1 users can get 100trx commission by depositing 10000trx.

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