True Life Story: The Armed Robber Episode 14

(continue from Episode 13)

Charles climbed the pedestrian bridge. At the top of the bridge, he saw an old friend.

Thompson: Charley Bobo!!! Quite an age, my dear friend.

Charles: Wait ooo!!! Who am seeing!!! Hope I am not dreaming!!! Thomthom!!!!

Thompson: My dear brother, na me be dis ooo….

They hugged each other

Charles: O boy!!! Look at you. Wetin you dey do for here this early momo? Where you dey go? Anyway, we will talk about that some other time….. Let me have your contact…. I came to see somebody here…..

Thompson: (smile) I am the one who asked your Dad to send you to the bridge. The moment I saw you alighting from the vehicle, I recognized you straight. That was I asked him to let you come.

Charles:(surprised) What? Really!!!! How come?

Thompson: By the way, you never told me you have rich dad…..

Charles: My friend, it is a long story…. I never…..

Thompson:(cuts in) Anyway, no time for question and answer. We will do that some other time. Let me give you my contact and handover the package I have for your dad. Call me. There will be plenty of time for us to talk…

He gave him the package and vamoosed.

Charles returned to the vehicle full of amazement, with alot of questions running in his mind begging for answers.

At Iyabo and Kunle’s hotel room.

Iyabo woke very early. She wrote a note for Kunle, who is still sleeping.

“My dear, I will see you later. I want to quickly see the Bank Manager. Take care”…

She left.

Kunle woke up and saw the note. He reads it…. Picked his mobile phone and dialled an international number… The phone rang and the person at the other end picks it.

Kunle: Hello, Clara. How are you?

Clara: Sweetheart, it is you. I am fine. And you?

Kunle: I am good. How is my son?

Clara: Your son is doing great. He only missed his dad seriously.

Kunle: I know. Tell him I missed him too. Where is he?

Clara: He is here.

Kunle: Let me talk to him.

Clara gave the phone to the son, Ola..

Ola: Hi dad..

Kunle: Son, how are you? Don’t worry, I know you must have missed me, very soon you will see me…

Ola: Alright dad…I will be looking forward to it..

Kunle: Give the phone to your mum.

Ola gave the phone back to his mum

Clara: Yes dear….

Kunle: I have wired the money to normal account in Cayman island. Use the secret code I gave you to do the needful as arranged. Alright..

Clara: Hmmmm…….. (She sighs). My dear, I am scared oooo…. You are the cause of the problem we had back then in America. You know our son was just two months old when you went to jail…. He only saw you twice or three times in jail… After your deportation you guys only talked on phone… You know how old he is now…

Kunle: I know. Stop reminding of the past jare….

Clara: I am only saying it. Because I don’t want any embarrassing issue to happen here in Canada. I knew what I went through in America before moving to Canada. You know, I have been the only one raising and taking care of the boy. Yes, you do send us money but I just don’t want any problem again.

Kunle: My dear. You know I love you. Don’t worry. There won’t be any problem this time. Just trust me, alright. I have perfected everything….

Clara: Hmmmm….. I hope and pray so…

Kunle: I want to tidy up some things. In the next few days, I will join you guys. I have secured a Canadian visa using a new identity. So, don’t worry everything will be alright. You see, I am doing everything to make life better for us. I don’t want to engage in any shady activity when I come. Men!!! I missed you guys..

Clara: Alright dear. Just be careful… I can’t wait to see you…

Kunle: Don’t worry sweetheart… Very soon…. Very soon….. Take care of yourself…. Love you… Bye.

Clara: I love you more… Bye

The line went dead…

At the residence of KTB

While Kunle was making the call, Hacker picked the location of Kunle to be the same as that of Iyabo… He reports to his boss….

Hacker: Hey Bossman!!! I just tracked Kunle now. The location is still the same. It means they are still in Charleston area.

KTB: Good job, Hacker man…. We are moving in immediately. Hacker, you will wait behind. If we need any information, we will get back to you… Jungle, any information from all the boys on the field?

Jungle: Yes, Junior and Sign K reported that the operation is successful. They will be here very soon….

KTB: OK…. When did they get what we wanted?

Jungle: Sign K told me it was late in the night. He said, they could not move in until nightfall… They had to sleep at Sign K cabal after the operation….

KTB: Alright. What about Intel and Moor at the airport?

Jungle: Intel told me they are at the Airport already awaiting the arrival of the target.

KTB: That’s good.

Jungle: Small and …… reported that they are still investigating who the kidnapper of the lawyer’s wife is.. But, he said, from his preliminary findings, fingers point to that faceless kidnapper, Don Esien….

KTB: Ha!!!! Don Esien? If it is Don, let’s forget about any negotiation and move on…. Nobody know who he is…. That guy is a real professional. Jungle, let’s move to Charleston area now. Call Sign K and Junior to join us there. Call Barrister Ekun to be on a standby…

Jungle: Alright boss

KTB: Let’s go…

They got into the vehicle and zoomed off….

Back at the hotel of Mr Ojo.

Charles told his Dad that the guy who gave him the WILL is his childhood friend….

Charles: It still amazed me that, it is Thompson that gave me the package. We live in the same area before the death of his parents…How come? How is he involved in this?

Austine: (cuts in)… If he is the person you described in the vehicle, I just noticed the description Jude gave matches that of the person who kidnapped the Lawyer’s wife. I think he got the package from the lawyer’s wife. Our agent in the gang of the kidnapper reported that, he is still unable to infiltrate it. He said they are careful and seriously secretive. Those guys are professional.

Mr Ojo: How did you get him to join the gang?

Austine:(smile)… Do you want to be an agent? We arrested one of the gang member. While in the cell, we put one of our officers there with him hoping to extract information from him. But he didn’t divulge any only to extend invitation to join the gang to the officer.

Charles: Wow!!!!

Austine: Ever since he had join them, about six months now, he had not seen the leader of the gang.

Mr Ojo: Son, prepare to go to the office. Thank God we have the WILL. We need not worry about Iyabo and her cohorts for now. All our efforts should be shifted on how to rescue the lawyer’s wife…While in the office invite your friend over this evening, if he will come. He might assist us in getting the woman.

Charles: No problem dad…. Thompson is a very good guy. I know him very well as a child. I don’t know how he is involved in this… But I will talk to him, he owe me…

Mr Ojo: That reminds me. Austine. How far about your boys at the airport?

Austine: They are there….

Mr Ojo: Alright….. Son, it is time for you to go…… Best of luck…

Charles: Alright dad…..See you later….

At Don Esien place..

Don Esien: Madam, how are you?

Lawyer’s wife: (fidgeting)I……am… fine.. sir….. Thanks… for…the…hospitality.

Don Esien: Madam calm down….. Don’t worry, we are not going to hurt you. We have contacted your husband using the international number you gave us. He co-operated. He said, he will be in the country today. We are expecting him. As soon as the ransom is paid, you will be freed.

Lawyer’s wife: (now relaxed) I want to appreciate you for your kind gesture. I have heard horrible stories about how kidnappers treat their victims. The sad experience they made them go through. But, you seems to be different or maybe I am lucky.

Don Esien:(smiles) Madam, just pray to God that your husband cooperate till the last end….

Don Esien phone rings…

Don Esien: Excuse me ma’am, I want to pick this call….

Lawyer’s wife: Alright sir….

Don Esien: Hello son….

Thompson: Hi dad…. I will like to see you…

Don Esien: Ehenhen….. Hope no problem.

Thompson: No problem at all…..

Don Esien: When do you wish to see me?

Thompson: Today will be better…

Don Esien: Today? Alright come to the palace….. No, no…. The castle will be better. Be watchful and be careful….

Thompson: Alright dad….. I will…. Thanks man….

At the Airport. The plane lands successfully and passengers disembarked..The lawyer went through the routine check. At the lounge, he encountered a young man who is a staff at the airport

Young man: You are welcome sir….

Lawyer: Hey!!! Thank you….

Young man: I don’t know if you need a cab?

Lawyer: Is that true? How did you know my problem? I am seriously in need of one..

Young man: I can arrange for you sir, if you don’t mind…

Lawyer: Thanks, please do.

The young man picks his phone and calls intel…..

Young man: I have a passenger for you sir…. Where are you sir?

Intel: We are at the car park… Thanks.

Moor: Who is that?

Intel: One of my boys who works in the airport. I have arranged with him. I sent the lawyer’s picture to him. He is bringing him in. Be prepared. You will have to come down. You will join us as soon as he is in the car… Don’t fuck up ooo….

Moor: Okay….

The two detectives are watching the the lawyer and the staff from where they are. They don’t want to look suspicious….. So they keep calm. They followed them from far….

At the car park, Intel assisted in putting the lawyer’s luggage in the boot. The lawyer thanked the staff and tipped him for his gesture. The moment the lawyer settles down. Intel pretended to start the car. From nowhere Moor appeared and sat with the lawyer pointing a gun at him…

Lawyer: What is going on here?

Intel: Oga, you just have to cooperate with us….

He zoomed off

From far, the detectives could not believe their eyes on what is going on. Before they could get themselves together, the vehicle had vanished. They rushed back and accosted the staff who brought the lawyer to car park..

Officer: Young man, wait there… You have to follow us. We need to question you in what happened just now.

Young man: I am sorry. I don’t understand what you are saying…

Officer: Don’t pretend…. We saw everything…

They showed him their identity card…..

They called their boss-Austine and reported what happened. He asked them to bring in the suspect….

At the hotel of Kunle and Iyabo.

Kunle stood at the window of their room on the third floor where he can vividly see the car park of the hotel, receiving the call of the gateman at the office who is loyal to him. He told him that a new manager just resumed now with a letter from the Managing Director…..

Kunle: You don’t mean it…

Gateman: Oga na true…. infact, Dem just finish meeting….. Na CSO come tell us, because him masef dey d meeting…..

Kunle: Alright….. Thanks….

While he was receiving the call, he saw KTB and Jungle alighting from a vehicle at the car park……

To be continued

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