True Life Story: The Armed Robber Episode 13

The Story Continues

Continue from episode 12

Early morning around five O’clock (5:00am). Mr Ojo called Thompson and put the phone on speaker.

Mr Ojo: Hello, young Man, good morning…

Thompson: Good morning sir..

Mr Ojo: How was the night?

Thompson: I’m fine sir. But, it is damn too early. I am still sleeping.

Mr Ojo: I am sorry to bother you. I thought maybe we could meet this morning. That is why I am calling you… . You see, I am curious to know what you have for me.

Thompson: Alright. No problem. Where do you want us to meet.

Mr Ojo: I will like us to meet at……..

Thompson: (cuts in) With all due respect sir, I will be the one to choose the location. You just have to trust meor else…. It means you are not interested in whatever I want to give you..

Mr Ojo: I just thought maybe it will more convenient if I choose the location… You know…..

Thompson: (cuts in)…. I am sorry… If I am not to choose the location, it means you are not interested.

He cuts off the phone.

Mr Ojo confered with Austine and Charles both of whom were with him and heard every conversation….

Mr Ojo: Austine, what do you suggest? I am suspecting a set-up. Why did he want to choose the location after saying earlier we should choose the location.

Austine: Sir, my instinct is telling me, we should accept his offer and go with his term. Or Charles, what is your opinion?

Charles: I agree with you in toto..

Mr Ojo: Alright. If both of you said so. I will have to call him back, if he will pick it.

Mr Ojo picked his phone and called Thompson back…

Mr Ojo: Hello, young man….

Thompson: Yes sir…. What is your conclusion. Are you ready to go with my terms?

Mr Ojo: Yes, no problem. But honestly, you don’t have to hang the phone on me. It is rude of you to do that….

Thompson: I am sorry. But I am only doing a favour which in the first place i ought not to do. Therefore, I have to protect myself too…

Mr Ojo: Alright, no problem. Where do you want us to meet?

Thompson: What time do you want us to meet?

Mr Ojo: Now will be appropriate…

Thompson: Now? It is too early. Alright, no problem. Give me thirty minutes (30mins)

Mr Ojo: Okey, no problem.

The line went dead

Austine: That’s good..

He picked his phone and called two officers and gave them instructions to be at alert.

Mr Ojo: Son, you don’t have to go with us. Prepare to resume at the office. Take along with you the appointment and the introduction letter.

Charles: Dad, I can still go with you…. I can resume by 9:00am. There is still much time…

Mr Ojo: No.. I can’t afford it. What if something go wrong…

Austine:(cuts in)Sir, be rest assured nothing will go wrong…

Mr Ojo: Okey, no problem.

Mr Ojo phone rings.

Mr Ojo: Hello,young man…

Thompson: Sir, I am set. Do you know toll gate?

Mr Ojo: Yes. I know toll gate.

Thompson: Let’s meet there now……

Mr Ojo: Alright…

Austine called the officers to move to the location….

Twenty minutes later (20mins). They were at the location. Mr Ojo called Thompson. The phone rang but he didn’t pick it…

Eri who dressed like a mad man and sat at a distance watching the scene of the location. He saw two men at a distance scanning and watching. He knew one of them to be a secret agent. He concluded they are drafted to the location by Mr Ojo. He sent a text message to Thompson.

Eri: (message) “Target with company”

Two minutes later. Thompson called Mr Ojo.

Thompson: Sir, i am disappointed.

Mr Ojo: What happened? What did i do?

Thompson I thought you said you are interested in whatever I want to give you..

Mr Ojo: Yes, I am interested.

Thompson: Why do you have to come with detectives? Do you want to arrest me or what? With this action of yours, the exchange is off.

Mr Ojo: Young man.. Please, don’t do that…. Let me explain.

Thompson: Alright.

Mr Ojo: They are here for my protection. I am also scared. I thought maybe it is a set-up. Please don’t abort the operation.

Thompson: Alright. You have a point. If you are interested, location has been changed and I mustn’t see any security detectives around. Sir, do not act funny.

Mr Ojo: Alright.

Thompson: I will call you back in two minutes when the security opperatives had been withdrawn. I must not see them in the next location.

Mr Ojo: Alright.

Austine called the officers to leave the location and await further instruction.

Austine: I wouldn’t have underestimate him. The moment who couldn’t trace his call and track him, that is enough reason to know I am dealing with a professional.

Few minutes later. Thompson called.

Thompson: Sir, can you please come down from the vehicle with everybody with you.

Mr Ojo: Alright.

They all alighted from the vehicle. Mr Ojo is at the middle, Charles stood to his right and Austine to his left…

Thompson: Who is that young man to your right?

Mr Ojo: He is my son…..

Thompson: Tell him to come to the pedestrian bridge…

Charles climbed the pedestrian bridge.

To be continued…

The Armed Robber – a true life story
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