True Life Story: The Armed Robber Episode 12


Iyabo phone rings…..

Iyabo: Hello…… It’s you. How are you? What!! How come?…. Alright. No problem. I will see you tomorrow.

While she was receiving the call another call was waiting. As at the time she finishes, it had dropped…

Kunle: Who was that?

She waived the question.

Iyabo: While I was receiving the call our son called…… I missed it.

Kunle: Alright….. Who was the person who called earlier?

She lied.

Iyabo: It was the bank manager….. I will see him tomorrow jare… It is late my dear, let’s go and sleep. It has been a hectic day. I am tired. Or are you not?

Kunle: I need to sleep too.

At KTB residence. The moment iyabo’s phone rang, hacker got it and immediately started work on the location. Not too long, he came to report his finding to his boss..

Hacker: Bossman, location of target found.

KTB: Where are they?

Hacker: They are at Charleston area. But I can’t get the exact location. Wether they lodged in an hotel or they are in a residential apartment, I can’t say. But I know for sure, they are in Charleston area.

Jungle: I know Charleston area very well. There are about three to four hotels there. I have lodged in one of them before.

KTB: It is late now. Very early tomorrow morning, we will swing into action. Those bastards won’t escape this time.

At Mr Ojo’ residence. Sign K and Junior had gained entrance into the building. They ransacked everything but couldn’t get any document with a signature. After about two hours search, Sign K decided it is time for them to leave..

Sign K: Junior….

Junior: Yes…

Sign K: I think we have done our best. Please let us go.

Junior: Let’s try more… You never can tell, we might be lucky.

Sign K: Alright….

They started the search again. This time slowly and meticulously. Before long they got lucky as predicted by Junior. They found a letter addressed by Mr Ojo to a CEO of a company with his signature bodly signed.

Sign K: Wow!! Thanks Junior. You saved us from coming here in vain…. This one will do the job

They left the house.

At Mr Ojo’s hotel…..

They finished with the letters and took it to the bank manager. They all return back to the hotel…

Austine: I have placed two of my officers at the airport to await the arrival of the lawyer. They will pick him up as soon as he arrives. I know KTB. He is very intelligent and brilliant. By now, his boys will be at the airport to pick up the lawyer…

Mr Ojo: How will he know the lawyer will be coming to the country?

Charles: That’s true. If he is not told, he can’t know.

Austine:(smile)…. It is because you are not criminally minded and have not dealt with criminals…. Criminals are very intelligent. They think faster and always plan ahead. Our job as intelligence officer is full of instinct and sometimes imaginable and unimaginable thinking.

Assuming, it is your wife that was kidnapped and you so much love her. The kidnaper had contacted you and you were not in the country. What is the first thing you will think of.

Charles: How to get back home immediately.

Austine: Exactly!! That is what I think KTB thinks. That is how I arrived at the opinion that he knows the lawyer is coming back to the country…

Mr Ojo: What has the lawyer got to do for them?

Austine:(smile)…. A lot sir….First, the moment the lawyer is here, the document(WILL) they are trying to get is useless… You can easily draft another one with your lawyer.

Mr Ojo: Yes, that’s true

Austine: That is why picking up the lawyer by them is also dangerous…

Mr Ojo: Alright….. Good job Austine… Charles be prepared to resume to the office tommorow…

Charles: Alright dad….

At the residence of Thompson…. Eri called his mother and the call was waiting and it finally dropped…

Eri: Let me call her back… The call was waiting… It means she was on another call…

Thompson: Guy wait… Don’t call her back yet…

Eri: Why did you say, I shouldn’t call her back?

Thompson: You told me your mum is evil and criminally minded. What if she is the planning evil that made that man want to get the WILL.

Because our Target told me that the man needs the document urgently. And had it been she agreed to meet him that night, I won’t be able to kidnap her. And you said earlier that, you don’t want to be part of any evil your mum is planning or want to do…

Eri: You are right… I just want to inquire from her if she knew anything about the WILL…

Thompson: If she knows and she is planning to do bad with it, do you think she will tell you? No she won’t….. Let’s reason together, so, we won’t do what we will regret tommorow..

Eri: What do you suggest we do?

Thompson: Thank you… This is my own opinion…. Let me give the WILL back to the person I am sent to give it to…

He is the owner. He knows why he wants it and know what to do about it. Besides, you just told me that the man is a good man, judging by your two encounters with him…

Eri: You are right, man…

Thompson: I will call him to inform him, we want to see him…We won’t inform him about the WILL…

Eri: oh boy!!! You are a nice guy… Anyway, I am not surprised. I have known you to be a very kindhearted fellow.. You have demonstrated that several times….

Thompson: You know now, my friend… You are my friend… You know, I am not too comfortable with what my adopted father is doing. But this man, however crime or atrocity he had committed, he is also a good man…

He took me off the street when nobody seems to care about me…. He sent me to school. Adopted me as a son and never for once made me to feel I don’t have parent.

Eri: But he can kill you if you mess up his operation?

Thompson: You got it wrong… I have messed up several times… And he did nothing to me… Let me tell you, he doesn’t want me to continue in his line of business… He wants me to live at decent life. I am only useful to him because he knows I am intelligent to pick victims without shedding a single blood like others. I don’t do it often unless, it is absolutely necessary.

Thompson picked up his phone and dialled Mr Ojo’s number..

At Mr Ojo’s hotel. His phone rings…

Mr Ojo: (talking aloud) Who could be calling me? This number is new. I have not used it to call anybody unless the lawyer’s wife and the bank manager. This is not the number I use in calling kunle.

Austine: Sir, kindly pick it up… The person might have useful information…

Mr Ojo picks the call…

Mr Ojo: Hello…. Good evening… Please, who is this?

Thompson: Good evening sir…. I will like to see you…. I have something to deliver to you…

Mr Ojo:(cuts in) Sorry youngman…. Who are you? And how did you get this number?

Thompson: Sir, with all due respect… Let’s forget about who I am and how I got this number…. Let’s arrange on how to meet and by then, you will know who I am and how i got your number…. Besides, I have something that will interest you…. If you are interested call me early tomorrow morning… Good night

Mr Ojo: Young man……

Thompson cuts off the line..

Mr Ojo: The line is dead….He said he has something that I am interested in. That I should call him early tommorow morning,if I am interested.

Charles: Austine. What is your take?

Austine: Sir. You will call him tomorrow and arrange to meet him… I will send two of my officers to go ahead us to scan the meeting place. Don’t worry….

Mr Ojo: If you say so…..

To be continued…watch out for The Armed Robber Episode 13
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