True Life Story: The Armed Robber Episode 11

The true life Story Continues From

Episode 10


Young Man: Eri, what is the problem?

Eri: Thompson, where did you get this file from

Young Man (Thompson): I got it from our new target. She asked me to deliver it to a man. She gave me her phone to retrieve the man’s number. The phone was dead. I had to charge it to get the number.

I have charged the phone in the car. I think, it was the shock of her kidnapping that made her to forget that she has a car charger. I have charged the phone while returning the car. And I have copied the number. I left the phone in the car… Why did you ask?

Eri: The file is a WILL. The name of the beneficiary is my Mother.

Young Man (Thompson): You don’t mean it.!! Are you saying, it is your mother that we kidnapped?

Eri: No….. The owner of the WILL is my supposed Step-father. Though, he didn’t know about me. My mother did not tell him she has a child. I met the Man twice. He is a honest, upright and a good man.

Young Man(Thompson): When you met him, did he recognize you as his step son?.

Eri: I don’t think so. I just think the Man is naturally nice. If not for him where do you think my Mother will get the money to send me to a private University where we met.

Young Man (Thompson): Hmmmmm……

Eri: I know my mother. That woman is evil. She might be planning evil. Didn’t you say your Target is the wife of a lawyer and the husband is out of the country?

Thompson: Yes….

Eri: Maybe my mother had done something bad to him and the man want to re-write his WILL. I haven’t see my Mother for almost three years now. I only talk to her on phone.

Thompson: Why?…..

Eri:┬áThat Woman is evil. I don’t like the way she is treating her husband. Despite the fact that the Man loves her so much. I am a Man too and I will get married someday… Do you remember the accident I had some years back.

Thompson: Yes, I remember. You said an unknown Man who came to see the doctor at the hospital paid for the hospital bill and even donated blood when the Man who hit you couldn’t afford to pay the bill.

Eri: Yes….. You remember…. The Man came to check on me twice before I was discharged. That was my first encounter with my mother’s husband. I never knew it was him.

Because, my mother did not allow me to know him….. I recognized him when I went for the interview I told you my mother asked me to attend the other time…

I saw his picture hung on the wall at the manager’s office. My mother had already told me the company belongs to her husband. After the interview, while I was coming, I met the Man at the staircase going for lunch.

He did not recognize me. I approached him and told him I was the young man he assisted at the hospital some years back. He hugged me and asked me what I came to do. I had to lie that I came to see a friend who works at the company.

Thompson: Why did you lie? Why did you not tell him you came for Job interview?

Eri: I made up my mind during the interview not to work there and if I should tell him I came for a job interview, the man will employ me immediately.

Thompson: Ok…. Why don’t you want to work there?

Eri: The way the manager was calling my mother by her first name without respecting her as the wife of the owner of the company made me to be suspicious that they might be dating each other… I know my mother… Again, that Man is a nice Man and I don’t want to be part of any evil my mother is planning….

Thompson: Hmmmmm… You have a heart of gold, man….

Eri: Do you know that Man took me to lunch that day. We launched together.

Thompson: Now, what do you want us to do?

Eri: Let me call my Mother…..

At the hotel…. After the sex, they both slept off… Iyabo was the first to wake up.

Iyabo:(thinking) What kind of bad luck is this? My husband who loved me so much with all his heart… He gave me everything and anything I ever ask for. What exactly am I still looking for?

Am I being jinxed?

Who could have jinxed me? Is it Kunle? No… I don’t think so… I am being intoxicated by love…I LOVE KUNLE…. We have both come a long way. If not for the travelling, I would have been his wife.

I remember a day before he travelled, I slept with Tunji. KUNLE knew and he forgave me. Ha!! Tunji, how did I even think of sleeping with that rogue…. Youthful exuberance….. That’s just it…. Kai…!!!! It is not good for a girl-child to be exposed to sex at a very tender age.

She stood and started pacing up and down the room. At that period Kunle had woken up…

Iyabo: (still thinking) Ha!! Thank goodness, Tunji is not the father of my son… What explanation will I give that boy…. And the boy is damn too principled. I don’t know where he got it from… Imagine, I have not seen him for almost three years now. He only speaks to me on phone. And he is part of why I am doing all these…..

Kunle: My sweetheart. What is the matter?

Iyabo: Dear. You are awake?

Kunle: Yes. I saw you pacing up and down. Hope no problem? What are you thinking about?

She sat on the bed.

Iyabo: My dear. You know I love you?

Kunle: I love you too… What happened?

Iyabo: I was just thinking about the present situation and the event of the week you travelled.

Kunle: A day before I travelled…. That was the day we had the best sex of our life in my room

Iyabo: Yes… We ought to continue after returning from the club. We quarrel and you left me at the club… What you did that day was wrong…

Kunle:(cuts in)…. I have apologized at the airport the following day…. Afterwards, I have apologized several times the issue comes up…

Iyabo: (she cuts in)….No my love… I am not quarrelling with you… If I had taken offence, I wouldn’t have waited for you for fourteen solid years… If not for the break in communication, I would have been your wife…

I attributed the event of that day to the amount of drink we took that day…… You know I was so drunk that I did not know how I ended up in the hotel room…

Kunle: My love. You know I love you so much… You know that singular event of you sleeping with that idiot- Tunji is enough to break the relationship…. But, you are a girl I so much cherish and love… I can do anything for you…
Please, let’s forget about the past and let us know how we are going to solve this problem…

Iyabo: Yes. But you know all these years, you did not tell me what caused the communication gap between us. That you refused to call me again…

Kunle: I was in jail… It was after I served my term that I was deported back to Nigeria…

Iyabo: Jail ke!!! What happened? You told me you had a good job back then. And you were planning for me to join you….

Kunle: Yes. You are right. You know I got a scholarship to study abroad.

Iyabo: Yes. I remember. You were the most brilliant boy back then in school among your classmates…

Kunle: After my graduation. I got a very good job… I was doing very fine. I later met a Nigerian guy who introduced me to drug. I got greedy and decided to join the group. I became a carrier who delivered the stuff to clients…

The money was good. Better than the paid job I was doing. The guy told me that is how he started before he was brought into the cartel fully. It was in the process of delivering the stuff one day that I got busted by the police and i was arrested. I was arraigned and sentenced to jail… I lost everything I had ever laboured for…

Iyabo: How did you now meet my husband? You know all these while, I thought you guys met abroad….

Kunle: After I was deported, I couldn’t face my friends and relations including you. What will I tell them… That I came back empty handed with all the years I spent abroad… No… Not at all… The humiliation would be huge and embarrassing.

I decided to stay low key. I was in the club one day when a man who was a little bit tipsy stumbled on me and splashed his drinks over me… I was angry but he apologized. We became friends, meeting at the club…

One day he told me he had sacked his accountant. During that period I never knew the type of work he does. We just meet at the club, drink and depart… When he told me he had sacked his accountant and he was looking for a replacement.

I told him straightaway that I was interested…. I told him I am a graduate of accountancy from America…. He did told me he can’t offer me the job, that I am more like his friend. That, he won’t be able to scold me if I do anything wrong.

I pleaded with him that I will behave well and respect him as my boss…. He accepted and said I should come the following day…. That was how I started working with him… After one and a half year, I was promoted to the managerial position, when the Indian guy relocated back home….

You know, it was during the dinner party organized by the company to celebrate my promotion as a manager we met again and reunited….

Iyabo: Hmmmm…. After you left, I discovered I was pregnant… I couldn’t tell you because I was afraid. I never knew who exactly impregnated me between you and Tunji…. My mother was so angry but she later accepted… After I gave birth I went back to school, did my O’level and got admission to the college of Education…

After graduation, I couldn’t get a government job to teach… I started teaching at a very popular private school owned by the Methodist…. My husband being a devoted Wesleyan was invited to the school as a guest of honor at one of our end of the year party….

He approached me… At first I refused…. Hoping that you will come for me one day. But when I waited and waited, I decided to accept his proposal. His parent were not happy about our relationship. They felt I might behave like the one he divorced. But fortunately for me and unfortunately for them, they never lived to witness the aftermath…. I never loved him but he is Rich…

Kunle: My darling. Let’s leave the past. Let us talk about the future… Like I said before we went to sleep… How much do you have? We have to forgo this operation…. I know KTB. By now he will be looking for us. It won’t be long before he finds us…. We better move before he gets us…

Iyabo: Hmmmm…. Oga oooo… This is how I will just labour in vain…. Anyway no problem…
Presently, I can get 100million. But I only have 80million… I will quickly go to the bank to use my mandate to get 20million more from the bank…

Kunle: Alright. 100million plus my own 50million, we could start something…. How soon can you get it….

Iyabo: It is in my personal account with another bank different from where my husband uses…

Kunle: Let’s start the talk about where to go to and start a new life….

Iyabo phone rings…

Iyabo: Hello……


To be continued
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