True Life Story: Temporay Wife Episode TWO

Temporary Wife Episode Two

Story by: Omoyemen Osakhale

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Austin left the court after having won his case, he defended a man who was falsely accused of the beating and rape of a young woman. It was one of the hardest cases he’d had in some time and he was tired and needed a break. His assistant and friend, Harry McMillian walked in, dropping his briefcase down on the desk.

“Austin, you won the case, so why don’t you look happy?”

Pouring coffee from the machine he hands one to Harry and sits down behind his desk. Leaning back in his chair he rubs his eyes. “The girl, I can’t help feeling sorry for her. There’s no doubt she was raped, I really hope the man that did it gets caught.”
“So do I, but she had no right to say it was him when it wasn’t.”
“But she was so sure it was him even though he wore a ski mask and blindfolded her.”

“Austin, they were having an affair, why would he rape her?”
“I don’t know, but I keep thinking I missed something.”

“Maybe she was mad when he broke it off with her and wanted to punish him. Yes, she was attacked but she really didn’t have any way of knowing who did it so she accused him. Look, you saved an innocent man from going to prison, you should be out celebrating. Let me take you out for a couple of drinks.”

“Not tonight, I’m beat,” he said, pulling his laptop closer opened it and checked his messages. “I’ll be damn,” he said when he saw one of the messages that caught his eye.

“What?” Harry asked, his attention drawn to the laptop.

“Remember that girl from high school I told you about? Blair Sherwin.”
“Yeah I remember, the one that used you and broke your heart, what about her?”
“She sent me an email,” he answered, reading the message silently to himself.
“Wow, after all this time. So are you going to tell me what she wants or is it private?”
“She wants to know if I’m going to our school’s reunion, says she would like to see me and hopes I’ll be there. I can’t believe she reached out to me. I wonder what she wants.”

“What makes you think she wants something?”

“Whenever Blair says she wants to see me it’s because she wants something from me. It was the only time she ever paid attention to me. When I think back to how she had me panting and following her around it makes me sick. I carried her books, tutored her, even helped her cheat on exams. Oh, I was just a fool. When her friends were around she would mock me and still, she had this power over me.”
“You were both kids back then, surely she has changed.”

“Women like Blair don’t change, they just get worse. It broke my heart everytime she dated one of the football players or the popular guys. I really hate her and if there was a way I could make her pay for the way she treated me I would. That girl destroyed my self-esteem, made me feel worthless. So when I graduated high school and went off to college I started working out. I had eye surgery and became one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Los Angeles at the age of twenty-seven, hoping to someday come across her and make her sorry.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to the reunion to find out what she’s up to. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, maybe I’ll take her into the janitor’s closet and have sex with her, then leave her there feeling degraded.”

“What if she doesn’t want to have sex with you?”

“Then I’ll think of something else.”

“Are you sure you want to do this? It isn’t of your way of life to deliberately hurt someone, especially a woman.”

Trust me, she deserves it.” Austin said.

“What are you doing now?” he asked when Austin started typing on his computer.

“I’m googling her name to find out what she’s been up to. Here she is, she works for a company called New Women’s Cosmetics owned by a Mr. Ritter. I’ve never heard of it, have you?” he asked, looking at Harry.

“Are you kidding me? My wife buys their products, she says it’s the best around. Very high-end stuff, and expensive. What does this Blair do there?” he asked, looking over Austin’s shoulder. “Wow, is that her?” he asks, pointing to the woman on the screen.

Austin stares at her picture, she hadn’t changed much since high school, except she was more beautiful. She had the face of an angel, her long brown hair had some blond highlights in it. It brought back memories as he looked at her picture, and not good ones. “Yes, that’s her. It appears she is Mr. Ritter’s right-hand man, practically runs the company.”

“Wait, is she the daughter of Marcus J. Sherwin, multi-billionaire and retired senator?”

“That’s right, she’s his only child and he spoiled her rotten.”

“Austin, I think you better stay away from her and forget about your revenge. If you harm his daughter he will crush you like a bug. It’s not worth losing everything you’ve worked so hard for.”

“I’m no longer that poor orphan boy who had to live with his elderly grandmother when my parents were killed in a car accident. I’m wealthy, a well-respected lawyer and I am not afraid of her father. I honestly can’t understand why she is even working, she has a trust fund that could choke a horse.”

“Well, if you do go and meet her find out what she wants before you do something you’ll regret. She might be wanting to apologize for the way she treated you, maybe it has been bothering her and has regrets.”

“I doubt it. Have a good weekend with the wife and kids, say hi to them for me.”

Saturday Night:

Austin stood in front of his mirror in his Italian tailored suit, his dark hair carefully styled back. He was pleased with the way he looked. He wanted to show off to all those who stubbed him in high school, the ones who treated him like dirt or ignored him. But it was Blair who he wanted to see how much he had changed. He wanted her to want him so that he could show her what it was like to be treated like she didn’t matter.

With any luck he would have her in bed, screw her and leave her hurt and confused. Grabbing the keys to his black Porsche 911 he headed out the door. The closer he got to the school the more his hands started to get sweaty, he hoped he could go through with his plan. What if she still had that power over him, where when he looked into her eyes he would melt and would do whatever she asked?

True Life Story: Temporay Wife Episode 1

Reunion Day

Blair decided to wear a short black dress, it was strapless and very expensive. She didn’t care if it was too fancy for a school’s reunion, it was important that Austin notice her, and in this dress, she knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off her. Her hair and makeup done she called for a cab to take her and Rachel to the school, hoping that she could persuade Austin to drive her home at the end of the night.

The cab pulled up to Rachel’s place and she got in next to Blair. “Are you still going through with this ridiculous plan of yours?”
“Yes, why wouldn’t I?”

“For one thing it’s just wrong and another thing is he has probably changed and not crazy about you anymore. What if he is already involved with someone?”

“I checked, nowhere did it say he was seeing anyone.

Relax Rachel, nothing is going to go wrong and I haven’t met a man yet I couldn’t wrap around my finger. I’ll have him eating out of my hand in no time. Now tonight let’s have some fun, it’ll be great seeing the old gang again.”

“He might not even be here tonight, he never answered your email.” Blair┬ásmiled. “Oh, he’ll be here,” she said with confidence.

As soon as they entered the auditorium and grabbed their name tags people started coming up to them, mostly to Blair. But everyone was surprised to see the new Rachel, she had blossomed into a real beauty, the guys were kicking themselves for not having paid attention to her during their high school years.

One of the guys she dated back then, David Hiker who was the football star came over, handing her a drink.

“Wow Blair, you haven’t changed a bit, you look good.”

She took the drink he offered her, taking him in with her eyes. She wished she could have said the same thing about him, but he had gotten heavy, sporting a big old beer belly.

“David, hi, how have you been?” She cringed at the thought of how they use to make out, letting him feel her up, but she never had sex with him.

“I’m good, married with three kids, all boys.”
“That’s wonderful. Will you excuse me? I see someone I need to talk to.”

“OK, maybe we can have a drink later,” he said as she walked away, not answering him.

Several of the guys she had dated came over, wanting to strike up a conversation with her. She was polite, answering questions and asking them what they had been up to. Her eyes kept going over to the entrance, watching for Austin.

Having been here for over an hour she was beginning to give up hope that he was going to show up.

Finding Rachel surrounded by guys she goes over, dragging her away. “I don’t think he’s coming so I might as well go home. Are you coming?”

“Blair, it’s still early. Let’s wait a little longer, I’m really enjoying myself and that boy I had a crush on in tenth grade, he’s single and wants to have a dance with me when the music starts. So why don’t you relax and have some fun for once? All you do lately is work, it’s time to let loose and be the old Blair.”

“I only have less than a month to find someone to marry me and there’s no one here I want, Austin was my best shot.”
“What about Toby?” she points to a guy that was standing alone at the bar.

“Toby, have you forgotten he’s gay?”
“Then he would be perfect, you wouldn’t have to worry about sleeping with him. I bet if you paid him he’d do it. It’s not like you plan on staying married.”

She looks at Toby, he was a nice guy, maybe a little dull. “I don’t know, maybe. I guess I could use him as a backup plan if Austin doesn’t show up. I’ll go over and see what he’s been up to over the years. My luck he’s probably married or involved with someone.” “It looks like he’s here alone,” Rachel said, as they looked over at him.

Before Blair could take a step towards him Rachel poked her in the side. “I think Austin just walked in.”

I think I have to stop this story here!!! Oh! You are really enjoying the story? Ok! Just kidding… Let’s continue

She turned her head and saw him and when he glanced in her direction she felt the butterflies dancing in her stomach.

She was captivated by his smouldering dark eyes that were piercing into hers as he made his way towards them. A shiver coursed down her spine when he got closer. He was much more handsome in person with his chiselled cheekbones and those luscious lips of his. He was no longer the skinny guy from high school.

Something told her that under his suit jacket laid muscles and a six-pack. She found she couldn’t move, couldn’t speak when he stopped and stood in front of her and Rachel. His eyes still staring into her hers gave her goosebumps.

So Austin finally showed up and Blair found herself for the first time in her life speechless.

  • Who will speak first?
  • Will she have the courage to ask him for the favour or will she chicken out?
  • What has he got planned for her?
  • Who is going to get hurt?
  • Both are playing with fire don’t you think?

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