True Life Story: Temporay Wife Episode 1

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Temporary Wife Episode 1

Blair was putting on the finishing touches to her outfit for work when her friend Rachel called and asked her if she would be coming into work soon. Rachel was Mr. Ritter’s private secretary and she had some information to tell her about their boss.

Mr. Ritter was a man in his late sixties

He was short with silver hair. Being a real family man with a wife he adored and two sons who were both famous in their own right, one was a doctor who was over in Africa helping a small village, taking care of the ill, the other an actor.

Neither of his sons wanted any part of their father’s business. He was always away traveling with his wife and visiting his sons so he put Blair in charge.
She started working for him right out of college and proved to him how quickly she could learn every aspect of the business.

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She loved every bit of her job, it turned out to be her passion. Her boss trusted her so much she was pretty much in charge of running everything. On occasion, she would have to run some things by him.

Reaching the building where she worked she was greeted by the others as she passed them on the way to her office. She knew they were watching her, some of them didn’t like her, they thought she was a rich stuck up snob.

She knew what they called her behind her back, rich bitch, Ice Queen and the woman with no heart. The only friend she had was Rachel who had been her friend since high school. What everyone said about her rolled off her back, she was here to work and make a name for herself in the cosmetic world, hoping someday to have her own company.

With the trust fund that she received from her grandmother and her own savings, she was close to making her dream come alive.
There was a knock at the door and Rachel entered, carrying a coffee for her.
Blair sat down behind her desk, looking at Rachel thinking how really beautiful she was, tall, blonde and had a figure that had men taking second looks.

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She had men eating out of her hands but not when she was in school, she was shy and kept her beauty hidden under loose clothing, her hair was always in a ponytail and she wore glasses. Rachel was the opposite of her who flaunted her beauty in school, had the boys drooling, her high school days were full of dates, fun and wild parties.

Reaching for her coffee she gives Rachel a warm smile. “OK, so what is this important news you have to tell me?

She sat down across from Blair, crossing her right leg over her left one. “Mr. Ritter is retiring and planning on selling the company. This is your chance to own your own company, just like you always dreamed of.”

Sitting straight up she stared at her friend. “Are you serious?”

“Yup, I just got a memo from him and he wants to sell and move to Italy. Mr. Ritter really likes you and I’m sure he’ll give you first crack at buying it. He knows how hard you’ve worked and how much you love this company. I haven’t got all the details yet.”
Blair couldn’t believe her luck, this was so much better than opening her own company from scratch and being his competitor. “This would be perfect and you could work for me as my personal assistant.”

With a pay raise, right?” Rachel asked, smiling.

“Of course, a big one,” she replied.
Rachel got to her feet. “Alright, I better get back to my desk, I’ll let you know when I find out the details. Oh, before I forget I got the invitation for our high school reunion, did you get yours?” “I haven’t checked my mail yet.”

“I’m sure you got one, so are you going to go?”

“I don’t think so, I’m too busy.”
“Come on Blair, lighten up a little and have some fun. It’ll be great seeing our old friends again and see what they look like and what they’re are doing. How long has it been since you’ve been on a date? You can’t work all the time, you need love and romance, you need to put that pussy of yours to work or you’ll grow cobwebs down there.”

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“I don’t have time for romance and the men I meet I wouldn’t dream of going out with them. But I will think about going to the reunion, no promises though.

When Rachel left she sat back, she was sure Mr. Ritter would sell to her. She had the money, the experience, and the passion. All her hard work was finally going to pay off. As for men she could have anyone she wanted, they were always after her but she found them boring.

There were times she missed the touch of a man or the feel of being kissed but no one could get her juices flowing.

Two days later she had lunch with Rachel and she could tell there was something on her mind. “So do you want to talk about what’s bothering you?”

She looked at Blair, hating the thought of breaking the news. “I have more information on Mr. Ritter selling the company. I’m afraid I have some bad news for you.”

What bad news?” she asked, feeling her heart sink.

“Mr. Ritter will only sell to someone who is married. He wants his company to go to someone who is in a stable relationship and will eventually have a family. I’m so sorry, but he wants to keep it as a family business. I feel really bad for you, I know how much you wanted this.”

Blair sat back in her seat, using her index finger twirled a strand of her hair around it. This news was devastating, she was so sure her boss would have sold her the company.

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“This isn’t fair, I could do so much, bring this company further into the future. Just because I’m not married or have children shouldn’t matter.”

“Well, maybe when he comes back next month you could convince him to sell to you, maybe offer more than he’s asking.”
Blair waved the waiter over and ordered another bottle of wine. “No, I know him, when he says he wants a family person to take over he won’t change his mind. Every man out there is only after money, they don’t give a damn about family, but not Mr. Ritter, just my luck.”

“Then start up your own company.”
She looks at Rachel. “But I want this company.”
Picking up her glass of wine she smiles at Blair. “Then my dear, I guess you’ll have to get married, and soon,” she said, chuckling at the thought of her friend getting married just to own a company. But then she saw the look on Blair’s face, knowing her she was hatching a plan in her head. “No, I don’t know what you’re thinking of doing but don’t.”

“If being married is the only way what would be the harm?”

“For one thing you aren’t even dating anyone and for another thing, it’s just plain stupid to marry for this reason.”
“It wouldn’t have to be a real marriage. All I have to do is find someone willing to be my husband for a few months and then we can get it annulled. I would make it worth his while financially, but who could I get to go along with it?”

“Blair, this plan is never going to work.”
“The more I think of it the better it sounds. Let’s go back to my place, open some more wine and try to come up with the right candidate.”

Shaking her head she gets up and follows Blair out. “I’m only going to try and talk you out of this nonsense.”

When they got to Blair’s penthouse the doorman greeted her with a friendly smile and hello as he held the door open for the two ladies. She lived in one of the finest suites that had high-end security. It was on the top floor overlooking the city with a balcony. Everything inside was expensive right down to the furniture and the pictures that hung on the wall. Her sofa was genuine white leather, she had a small bar over to one side. The bathroom was one fit for a queen, with its double size tub and shower, the faucets were gold plated. She had a cleaning lady come in three times a week.

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“Open the wine while I change into something more comfortable,” she said to Rachel as she headed to the bedroom. Coming back out minutes later wearing sweats and a tank top, her hair pulled up into a ponytail.

Sitting down they went through a list of all the men they knew.

“OK, so who do we know that would like to earn some easy money?” she asked Rachel, taking a sip of her wine.

What about Brad from accounting?”

“No, I don’t want anyone who works for the company. I need someone who has nothing to do with us or has any interest in the company.”
After finishing off a bottle of wine and opening another one they were starting to get a bit tipsy. It was getting late after going through the list of all the men they knew and getting hungry, Blair ordered a pizza.

By the time it arrived, they were both wasted and giggling like a couple of school girls. Paying the delivery man she looks him up and down.

“Are you married?” she asked him.
“No Miss.”
“Would you like to marry me?”
Rachel pulled her back and smiled at the confused guy. “Sorry, she’s just kidding around, goodbye now,” she said, closing the door.

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“What? He was kind of cute,” Blair said, taking out a slice of pizza and started eating.

“Yeah, cute for a teenager,” she snapped.
Blair jumped up from the sofa. “I know, I’ll get out our high school yearbook, maybe we’ll find someone in there.”

They sat flipping through the book, laughing and making fun of some of them, each guy Rachel pointed to Blair shook her head.

“What about this guy?” she pointed, showing Blair a picture of a skinny guy wearing glasses. He had braces on his teeth and acne on his face. “Remember him? He followed you all around, carried your books and did anything you wanted him too. That boy was so much in love with you but you treated him like shit so I guess he’s out of the question.”

Looking at the picture she smiled. “Austin Cooke. I haven’t given him a second thought since school. Oh, I could wrap him around my little finger. I know he liked me but come on, look at him, he was such a nerd. I wonder what he’s doing these days?

You know what? I bet anything I can get him to go along with my deal.”
Rachel picked up the laptop. “One way to find out, I’ll just google his name and see if I can find out about him.” After a few minutes, she gasped out loud. “Holy shit, you aren’t going to believe this. Your Austin is a lawyer, a very successful and wealthy one at that.”

“So, he’s still a nerd, but is he single?”
“Yes, he’s single and lives right here in Los Angeles. But I don’t think you’ll have a chance of getting him to help you.”

Why is that?”

“You better take a look at his picture, he looks nothing like he did in high school.”
“Oh let me have a look,” she said, taking the laptop and looking at Austin’s picture. “This can’t be the Austin we knew.” This picture was of a guy that was smoking hot. His ache was cleared up, he didn’t wear glasses and his body was so toned and muscular.”

“Wow, he’s gorgeous. So what? I bet you anything I can still wrap him around my finger and get him to help me. I wonder if he’s going to the reunion?”

“Only one way to find out Blair, email him.”
Smiling she sat down and started typing.
Hello Austin, I’m not sure if you’ll remember me, Blair Sherwin from high school. Our school’s reunion is coming up and I’m hoping you’ll be there, maybe we could catch up. Hope to see you there. Blair. Pushing send she closed her laptop.

  • So is Blair spoiled and will she convince Austin to be a temporary husband?
  • Will he be able to resist her beauty and charm or will he fall for her?
  • What can possibly go wrong with her plan?
  • Besides his looks do you think he might have changed for the worse?

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Story by Omoyemen Osakhale

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