Tribute to Number 2 Of The 3 Iconic Kamoru(s) In Epe Division

Lanre Dodo n be lorun ooo

Hen en he en en
O nbo o fee de o
Balogun Epe nbe lorun oo


When we were growing up, King Sunny Ade and Ayinde Barrister always eulogise and serenade a trio in Epe. They call them ‘Kamoru meta’. These trio are childhood friends and they bear same Islamic name – Kamorudeen.

Later in life, two of the trio became powerful chiefs while the third became an Oba. All in Epe.

The trio are:

  1.  High Chief Kamorudeen Ishola Akingbade; the Otun Balogun of Epe kingdom
  2. High Chief Kamorudeen Lanre Razaq (KLM), The Balogun General of Epe Division
  3. HRM Oba Kamorudeen Ishola Animashaun (Arolugbade Elepe I); the Oloja of Epeland.

Coincidentally, I’m lucky to be related to the trio. I have maternal relationship with both Chief Akingbade and Oba Animashaun while Chief Lanre Razaq is a Father-in-law to my family because one of my elderly step brother married his cousin.


It was a rude shock as we are waking up today being Saturday 15th August 2020, the news filtered in that the 2nd iconic Kamoru has gone to the great beyond!

Little did we know that the man was stylishly bidding us goodbye when he celebrated his Platinum birthday in 2016.

Chief Lanre Razaq is a grassroot man. A proper Epe boy that rose from grass to grace.

Chief is a man of many accolades and accomplishments.
  • A one time Councillor
  • Epe Local Government Chairman
  • Commissioner in Lagos State
  • National Vice Chairman of a party
  • Gubernatorial aspirant in Lagos State
  • Senatorial Aspirant
  • GAC member, Lagos State
  • President of social clubs
  • Numerous chieftaincy title holder
  • Epe divisional leader
  • Balogun general of Epe division

When we were growing up, we knew Chief as a building contractor. He has a popular block making industry back then ‘KLM Block Industry’.

Apart from the fact that we have lost a rare gem. Chief Razaq is an accomplish man, successful, a philanthropist, role model, pathfinder, mentor and a man of the people.

As early as 24 years, Chief Razaq is already an achiever and a ‘made man’ and since then, he has been continually climbing up the ladder of success.

Of the three Icons, one left us in April 2018, another left today but we are using this medium to plead to Almighty Allah to please give the last man standing the grace to live long and continue to reign on the throne of his forefathers for scores of years to come.

Chief Lanre Razaq was interred same day at his Epe country home in accordance with Islamic burial rites.

Balogun Dodondawa has been a great man, a kind of bridge in-between. A true patriot, elder statesman and justice of peace. He would forever be remembered for his good mien and love for our dear Epe administrative division, Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole.

Dodoooooooo ndawaaaaaa
Balogun gbogbo akile Epe
Omo Igbehin ko m’ano
Oni bo dijo oro
K’ana ma ma wa
To ba wa
Oro ni o gbe
Omo Epe Alaro
Omo Ogumude
Omo Epe Oluku Abata
Omo onida ma je’gi ma j’eniyan
Omo afeja yan eja
Omo Apeja luwasa
Omo kukuru losan
Omo gbongbonran loru
Omo Epe Onikurani
Keu dun un keee.


Oloye Balogun Dodo nbe lohun oooo
Eeen hen eeen
O nbo o fee de o
Baba wa o n be lohun ooo

May Almighty Allah forgive his shortcomings and give the entire Epe division, Lagos State and Nigeria the fortitude to bear this great loss.

Adieu High Chief Lanre Razaq; the Balogun of (Akile) Epe!

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