Tower Capital: Countdown to The HOT FINAL DAY to Complete The Invitation Task

Countdown to the HOT FINAL DAY to complete the invitation task on Tower Capital. Read and make sure you register today.


Please stay tuned for the tens of billions of subsidies sent by TRC for all users

  1. Please complete the invitation for 1-3 new users, register and complete the authentication before September 16, 2022

  2. Accounts with completed tasks will receive 1-3 cash coupons of $20-260 on September 16, which will be valid for 3 days only. Be sure to use the coupons to complete the purchase of a more advanced robot before September 19.

  3. All the robots on sale are on special, and will be back to their original price on September 20. Using the $305 robot as an example, the original price is $440

Take advantage of the opportunity to get more for less and get any of the robots on sale before September 20 for a great value! ( We promise this is the only rebate like this for the lifetime of TRC).

We are giving away money, you are welcome to take it and become an active user, please pass it on to each other.

Warning. Tower Research officials do not send private messages to every user, please do not transfer your funds to strangers to avoid unnecessary losses.

Note: Our daily closing time is 6am to 4pm Eastern Time Zone, other times the group stays open and all users can communicate.

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For those that need the name of the founder, Mark Gorton is the founder of Tower Capital. This people are ready to eradicate poverty, please everyone should participate on the latest event in now (Don’t do fake referrals or multiple accounts oo they’ll detect it and block your account).

The event is ending on the 15th and with this event you can make $1,000+ just keep REFERRING.

If you haven’t registered yet, Register now and verify your account asap!!!

Use my referral code: PILxeU

Don’t joke Again o I take God beg you all!!!
Your financial status now lies in your hand!!!

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Any ID Card Can Work to Verify Your Account On TOWER CAPITAL

✅ NiN
✅ ID card
✅ Voters card
✅ School ID card
✅ Working Place ID card

Check the image above. I hope say you Don register and secure your slot before 16 of this month, e go hot.

Nobody is asking you to deposit any money ooo, just register for free and verify your account by uploading your NIN card or any other document, once it’s approved, boom you will start earning 2.8$ daily, that’s over 2k daily, what is so hard there for you to do??

Must you remain broke, can’t you take a step and say NO to brokenness… Stay there dey look na, you can even withdraw all your money on 16 of this month.


Invitation Code:



App Download For Android Users

iPhone users

Don’t register multiple accounts

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