Top 5 Reasons Why It Is Worth Advertising On Instagram Stories

The use of Instagram stories today is something that has greatly attracted brands.

Their presence in them is not a coincidence, nor a whim, it is that they have realized the incredible potential that this tool has to reach its target directly.

Today more than 300 million people use stories daily, which makes it an excellent showcase for various brands and companies to show their products and services to that captive population that not only shares content in stories but also consumes it with a fidelity worth admiring.

The issue is that the more a user consumes the stories of another, the more they will continue to appear among the first, this due to the algorithm of the Instagram stories that are based on giving the user more than what he has shown interest in. In this way it keeps them hooked to the platform.

Each of the recommendations will not only make you grow your community in this social network but also the results obtained will be permanent, which is very important for your account to remain in constant growth.


When you have an Instagram profile, the first thing you should know is that it must be solid so that you have access to different resources that don’t exist in an individual profile.

You can see important metrics in a business profile that will be very useful to you, and you will have the ability to make paid ads to reach targets later set.

There are two types of advertising on Instagram:

  • Advertising among the publications that users – according to your segmentation – will see while scrolling down. This can be like an image carousel, an individual image, a video, among others.

Advertising in the Stories, which will appear while users -also entering the chosen segmentation- see the stories of the people who follow. As soon as the story of one of your contacts is finished, advertising will appear in that same format (full screen).

The first way to advertise on Instagram (which we just mentioned) is the one that has been available the longest and therefore, is most used. Instead, the advertising in the stories is much more recent, so many still do not dare to take that leap to the newest in Instagram advertising.

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The only thing that this social network has is that its updates happens constantly, which makes its evolution much faster than other social networks that we use the most and in many cases, it goes so fast that the user is left behind for not taking advantage of all the tools you have available.

The advertising Stories is one of those tools that while many world-class brands have dared to use, has not had the same acceptance in some smaller brands, but this does not mean that this is something exclusive for use of large corporations.

This advertising can also be very useful for medium-sized companies and the reasons you will know below:

  • 5 Reasons Why Advertising on Instagram Stories Is Worth It

    1 # Surprise Factor

    The advertising of the stories is like that of television, it comes without the user “waiting” and can capture their attention -or not- in a matter of seconds, which is something that causes a great impact.

    Due to the nature of the stories have the ability to use different features to give more Pusch to the message. For example, you can have a single image with moving letters like gif, a video with or without audio as you prefer.

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    Use the surprise factor theme to your advantage and make sure you have a good enough idea to get the user to stare and don’t ignore the story just by stepping forward.

    2 # Versatility

    As I have already mentioned, in a store you can advertise with an image, video or what you think is most convenient according to your audience, budget, and goals to achieve. The recommendation is that you do not stay with what is in plain sight.

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  • Instagram stories have a good number of functions that you can use to your advantage to achieve various objectives. You can use surveys, stickers, gifs, hashtags, texts, and more. The important thing is that you can make use of the features that Instagram gives you in order to achieve not only an initial impact on users but that interest in seeing the story until the end.
  • The versatility of the platform allows you a lot of creative freedom, which is used in your favor is something that will make you differentiate yourself from the competition.

    3. You can redirect leads to where you prefer

    When you advertise in the stories you have the opportunity to add a link so that the user can take the action you want. for example, if you are promoting a new product because you want to increase sales, the link may redirect to the purchase page of that specific product.

    On the other hand, if your goal is to get more subscribers or measure the public’s interest in your service, you can redirect them to a form on your website and then send them the most complete information.

    As you can see, the advertising you do in the stories, and the way you carry it out will be closely linked to the objective that you have previously established. Do not advertise on this platform -or any other- without having previously defined this element.

    4. Shows you as an updated brand

    If your audience is centennial or millennial, using this platform makes the public perceive your brand as relevant and up-to-date, in addition to positioning you in their minds, so they tend to place more confidence in these than in those that use more traditional means of selling, although they may not have used any yet.

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    5 Organic traffic (free)

    In social networks, organic traffic is the one that is achieved freehand, standing out from all the competition and millions of users without paying, it can also be called honest reach since it has nothing to do with any budget, but with what the Users really think about posts.

    When the advertising that you do in the stories is of quality and is interesting enough for users to see it complete, your organic stories will start to appear among the first options in their story bar (at the top of the application).

    In addition, if you manage to attract the interest of those who see it to take them to action, the result of your advertising will also be that you get new followers who want to know more about the brand and can even become ambassadors of it, after being customers.

    Disadvantages of advertising on Instagram

    Since not everything is a piece of cake and we want to be as honest as possible regarding this advertising tool so that you can choose with full knowledge of all the factors that are part of it, it is necessary that you also know the disadvantages that it has:

    Its price is high compared to other advertising platforms

    If you are used to the price you pay for Facebook advertising or the traditional way of advertising on Instagram, chances are that the price you must pay to appear in the stories seems somewhat expensive because there is a difference.

    However, this does not mean that the price is priceless and only large companies have the economic capacity to do so. Yes, it is more expensive, but it can also give excellent results, so it is definitely worth trying, without neglecting the metrics to know the performance in real-time what you are achieving.

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    The good thing about this is that if you are not convinced by the results you can cancel the campaign and bet on something different, then you can use that material in organic without any problem.

    They can be ignored with just a touch

    If the content of the advertising is not good enough, it does not matter if you put it “through the eyes” of the users, the conversion will not be what you expected because nobody is forced to see it. Simply with a touch of the user to the right, the stories can be ignored, even if you are paying for them.

    Remember, that you are paying for the promotion does not mean that you will get incredible results if you do not put the necessary effort into the content of the stories. The money you invest is just a boost, but the real power comes from you with the content you deliver to your audience, the colors you use, the language in which you target it, etc.


    If you are already determined to test Instagram stories as a way of advertising, you need to take the following into account so that you can get the best results:

    Set realistic goals

    Sometimes people are often frustrated when advertising in the Social Media because they believe that they have some kind of magic power and when this does not meet their expectations they believe that it is a deceptive offer when the truth is that they are a tool that supports reach the goal, not that I hand it to you on a silver platter.

    Have a professional Instagram profile

    As one of the results of advertising on Instagram is that users look for your profile to know more about the brand, you need to have a very complete profile and that it looks professional enough that they finish placing their trust in the brand.

    See the advertising that already exists in the stories

    So you can get an idea of ​​what is happening in the advertising world and how other brands are using that tool. This is not for you to copy, but to inspire you or make quality comparisons with your proposal.

    Use Stories previously

    With all the aforementioned, you may have noticed that the stories have excellent results in an organic way thanks to the number of people who watch them and the way they have managed to evolve taking into account the taste of the public, so I invite you to use them in an organic way because they are a very useful tool to achieve results in this important social network.

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    Its use will give you a better idea of ​​what the audience prefers in this format, which can be taken into account when creating paid stories.

    Take advantage of the immersive experience

    The Instagram stories occupy the entire screen of the device, something that does not happen with the other types of advertising on the platform, so the recommendation is that you use this to your advantage both with the design and with the rest of the elements in the content, so that advertising can be more successful.

    Now that you know all this, do you dare to use paid stories? If you still have any questions or have already had any experience with this type of advertising, leave it in the comments!

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