Top 10 Strategies That Can Fetch You Daily Credit Alert in 2022

The Top TEN secrets/strategies you can utilize that can make you to start receiving daily credit alert In 2022 which the government won’t tell you.

You might be thinking, is daily credit alert possible? My brother and sister daily credit alert is possible. I’m very sure you have made certain expenses within the last 24 hours. Now imagine receiving daily alerts, wow is that not cool?

In this article, I’ll be sharing those strategies that can make you to start receiving daily alerts. One alert makes someone smile, if you want to smile daily, make sure you get at least an alert daily. An hungry man is an angry man, if an angry man receives alert daily he will be happy always.

You don’t know the value of daily alert in someone’s life. We spend daily, why don’t we need to make money daily or receive alert daily.

If you spend daily, you should earn daily. Everyday, you have multiple streams of expenses. You have to eat, buy one thing or the other, pay for transport, etc. That is why you need to make money daily. If you make money daily, you will be able to hit your goals faster.

These are the Top 10 strategies that can make you to start receiving daily credit alert in 2022.

1. Set your daily income goals:

We do the most important things daily, you talk daily, you sleep daily, you eat daily, you drink water daily etc. As you are doing this daily, you can also make money daily.
If you want to eat a ram, how did you eat it? You must cut it down into pieces.
If you want to hit your yearly income goals, you will have to chop it down into daily income goals.

You have to set a monthly financial goal and break it down to daily income goals.
Let’s say your goal is to make #500,000 a month. Divide it by the number of days in the month; that will be around N16,000.
That’s means you need to be making atleast 16,000 daily.

You now need to ask yourself these questions:

Can the business I am doing or the product/services I am offering bring in N16,000 daily?

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If it can’t, that means you need to improve your value, price, or reach more people or have more streams of income. How many people must buy my product daily to hit my daily income goals?

Let’s say you have a digital product that worth 2k that means you will need 8 people daily to hit your daily income goal.
And If your digital product is or course is 4k, you only need 4 people to hit your goal.
If you chop down your goals to daily pieces, it make you to be accountable for your actions everyday and will make you not to waste your hours or your days.

If you are able to hit your daily income goals, you will be able to crash your weekly, monthly and yearly goals. This is the first strategy you need before you can start receiving daily alerts.

2. Build offers:

Create a low priced product that can sell everyday and turn it to an irresistible offer. When I talk about low priced product I am talking about low ticket offers. Like #1000, #2000 or #3000 etc. If you don’t have an offer, it means you don’t have anything to offer. For those of that did not know what an offer is.

What is an offer?

An offer is an irresistible package of your solution to a problem.
An offer must be irresistible that your customers won’t be able to reject it. As my mentor use to say, a product is a garri an offer is eba, vegetable soup, with chicken and chilled drinks. Who is ready to miss that one.

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A product is a plain rice, while an offer is fried rice, chicken, Egg, with chilled Pepsi.
You must create an offer around your product in order to make money daily.
In order to make money daily in 2022 you need to have a product to sell and add an offer to it.

You can sell a digital product that is online product like ebook, audiobook, course, training etc at a low priced and add an irresistible offer to it in order to start making money daily.

3. Sell/Advertise your offers daily:

You must always market your offers daily if you want to receive daily credit alerts. You must be selling everyday if you want to make money everyday.

Nobody will pay you unless you sell something to them or render a service to them. Look at the suya man a the junction every evening, he is always marketing and selling his suya everyday, he is making money daily.

Look at the restaurant, shopping mall, etc, they sell everyday. You must imitate them. If you want to make money daily you must have the habit of selling daily. You must create an irresistible offers that can sell daily themselves.

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You can also advertise daily by running Facebook ads, giving WhatsApp TVs your products to advertise for you and paying them or running Instagram ads to your offer daily. You need to run adverts daily, convert them daily so that sales can keep coming in daily. You must not keep shut in this digital days.

4. Be competent:

If you want to make money daily you must be competent. People love to patronise those that are competent in their field, those that are boss in their field.

Nobody is ready to take his/her child to the school where they won’t teach their child well, everybody want the best for their children, likewise themselves, everybody want the best for themselves. If you put in your best in what you do, people will naturally come to you and majority of them won’t come empty handed. They will come with cash or transfer.

If you are incompetent you will be financially impotent. You have to be competent in what you are doing in order to make money daily. Let people see you as boss and professor in your calling. Not until you bagged professor degree before people can see you as a professor in your calling.

5. Create a digital products:

Digital product is an online product that you sell, that doesn’t have a physical form in exchange for cash. For example ebook, audiobook, online course, online training etc. Digital products does not have a limitation to where it can go. You can sell your ebook to people in America, Korean, Cameroon, California etc. I organized a training which I collected some money from people, a guy in Cameroon paid for the training.

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It’s shows you can transact business with anybody outside the country if it’s digital products you are offering. I will just teach from the comfort of home and make daily credit alert

. You can write your ebook from the comfort of your home and sell it to anybody all over the world. Unlike physical products.

You can create an ebook and sell it for #1000 or #2000 In a day but you can’t create a physical book of #1000 or #2000 in a day and sell it that day, that’s the difference.

6. Be Trustworthy:

Trustworthy is someone who is honest, someone you can entrust your money with.
Trust is the social glue that holds business relationship together. If your clients trust you, they will be ready to do business with daily, they will bring their family members, friends and colleagues.

20 or 30 people can come through one of your clients, you need to be Trustworthy. If you are not trustworthy, the client that supposed to bring over 20 more people won’t being them because he or she doesn’t trust you. If you promise to deliver in 24hrs time, make sure you deliver In 20hrs time or less than that.

Before you know your client will trust you and will love to transact business with you. If you promise to deliver in three days, make sure you deliver in two days time before you know your clients will love you and refer others to you. If you are not trustworthy you can receive daily credit alerts.

7. You must be consistent:

It’s only those that show up that will sell daily. If the suya man did not open shop daily, he won’t make money daily. The power to continue should be the greatest power you need as an entrepreneur. If you know you won’t continue don’t bother to start it.

As Daddy GO use to say anything you know you won’t complete don’t bother to start it. The musicians like wizkid, davido, falz have been consistent for years and they have received different awards. You must be consistent if you want to make money daily.

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8. You must add value:

If you want to make money daily, you must add value to our world and to the people in it. The more value you give out to others daily, the more daily credit alert you receive.

Now your absolute number-one goal as an entrepreneur, a business owner, and an expert is to figure out how to add this value. When you add value daily, it helps you to make money daily.

Therefore, to make money daily, you must be creating some Solution value for free to people daily so that they can bring money value for your paid Solutions.

You need to be known for adding value for free so that people can feel free to pay you a fee. You can add value to people on your WhatsApp status, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter account and nairaland accounts.

You can give free value by organizing free class or training then tell them to pay a fee for the master class, but make sure you give more value during the master class.

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9. Investment

There are two things you must invest in if you want to receive daily credit alerts in 2022;

  • i.  You must invest in your knowledge, learn new things. Buy ebooks concerning your calling, or your niche. Read ebooks on how people in your calling or niche have been successful. Learn from your mentors, learn from those that are expert in your niche. Learn from those that have made it in your occupation.
  • ii. You must invest in your business. As you are making money make sure you have a good laptop, a good generator and other facilities you need to aid your job. Make sure you have a power bank your phone must not be off.

Just like those big schools in Lagos, they invest in their school as they are collecting huge school fees from the children parents. The school is big and beautiful. You have to invest in your business or invest in yourself.

10. Have different streams of incomes:

I’m not saying you should be jack of all trades, master of non. No. Have more than 1 streams of income so Incase if you don’t make money through one skill, you will make money through the other skills. If you want to receive daily alerts, have different streams of income. Don’t have just one stream of income. Don’t have just one business have different businesses that will be bring money to you daily in 2022.

But don’t let them be much o, like two or three businesses or streams of income or more is okay.

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In conclusion

I congratulate you for reading this articles. Don’t read for nothing, read for learning and take action. Let people know, you read an article that change your life in a website called Apply what you have learnt, if you really want to start receiving daily credit alert in 2022. Knowledge is power. Action brings distinction. Apply, take action etc.

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