This is Why You Should Trust Afriq Arbitrage System AAS

I was communicating with one of my referrals who started Afriq Arbitrage System AAS with $20 about 3 weeks ago

His mindset on Afriq Arbitrage System AAS was amazing!

So I gave him an illustration

Imagine you’re on a big ship on a voyage. Inside the ship is a restaurant with tables set. On those tables are glass cups filled with wine

As the ship sails, a big whale happens to hit it from the side. What do you think would likely happen to the glass cups filled with wine?

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Some might fall, spilling the wine. Some might even break in the process and if the situation is left unchecked, with time it it might split the ship

To forestall further occurrence, what do you think the captain would do? Take care of the whale by either finding a mechanism to chase it away or keep it from coming near the ship.

And to do that successfully would require time, not so?

This is exactly the case with AAS

Notice the matched elements in the illustration.

The whale is a metaphor for the hackers

The glass cups containing wine are our AAS accts and the wine are our earnings

Some of the glasses breaking may represent negative timer, skipped ROI etc

To be able to take care of the situation, Jesam needs to do some job which is what he’s doing now

We are grateful for this great man.

Are you guys not seeing as another day is about to end while waiting for Afriq Arbitrage System AAS? Isn’t it amazing that we are all patient with and supportive of this mannnnnmmm. This 70 years old mannnnn.

Hahahahahaaaaa….tell them we came prepared!

The retracement taking place this period is amazing. Every good trader knows the beauty and value of retracements.

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We are both scalpers and position traders

When the retracement is over hahahahahahaha by hitting the support line like Jesam would say, we enter a buy and boom will soar.

Thank you Jesam for what you have taught us

Thank you for sharing your life story with us.

Thank you because from your life experience we have learned and added to our database of experiences what we need to do in times like this

Oh Jesam …Jesam..Jesam Michael


A crypto lover

A member of the decentralized ecosystem

A hater of ponzi

Your dreams are materializing

What we are experiencing is a necessary setback.

The Devil fights those who have refused to break their integrity and as you remain in God’s love, his grace will give you complete covering as it gears up to disgrace anyone who wants to tamper with your God-given grace

As we support you, we are also covered in the same grace that envelopes you.

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We love you this maaannnnn! Not only because we will make money thru what you have built but also because you have given us a reason never to be afraid ever again

The movement just started ooo

This movement is that of emancipation thru education and enlightenment and dogged courage


The emperor …the emperor … The odogwu … THE LION IS HERE

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