This is Why Nengi Doesn’t Want Anybody To Touch Her While Dancing During Parties Except Laycon

Nengi does not dance with Ozo the way she dances with Laycon. During saturday parties, ozo dances with Nengi but the dance is not always as serious and fun until Laycon comes over to Nengi’s side to dance.

I noticed that every Laycon and Nengi do not sit to talk everytime like other housemates but every saturdays, they get so close and comfortable with themselves more than other housemates.

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I also noticed that Nengi gets comfortable with Laycon than other housmantes and she allows him roll and touch her body, but this does not seem to apply toy one of her close friend, Ozo.

Ozo truly likes Nengi but we hardly see both of them dancing together on saturdays unlike laycon and nengi.

I so much believe Nengi and Laycon are not dating, they are just two fellow housemates who enjoys spending time together. I believe there are reasons why Nengi allows Laycon to dance with her and do whatever he likes to her.

  • My no 1 reason is that Nengi knows that Laycon cannot develop feelings for her even if he dances with her from today till tomorrow. She is comfortable with Laycon and she knows her fun time with him wouldn’t generate into a relationship but it will continue being fun.
  • No 2 reason is that Laycon matches Nengi sprit on the dance floor. They both Understand each others need during saturday parties and they never get tired of each other.
  • No 3 reason is that Laycon is a good dancer. If Laycon wasn’t a good dancer, he wouldn’t have matched up with Nengi’s movement or dance Step. Both of them seems comfortable together which is why they are together.

These are the reason why i believe Laycon and nengi are always seen dancing together during saturday parties.

If you think there are more reasons why Laycon and Nengi dances together, kindly share your views using the comment section.

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