This is Why I Decided To Come Back To Operanews Hub Despite All The Challenges

Good day my people, I have been an Opera News Writer for over 6 months now and I have make a lot of money from Opera News Hub.

There was a time everybody were having massive rejections and I was also involved in this. It got to a time then I was thinking that my account was been flagged.

But to my surprise, it was not like that but I was having a very bad experience. Dough, we all know that no one is perfect. I use to do copy and paste.

I had to join a group on WhatsApp that thought me how to escape plagiarism. So, I decided to change but it was too late because I was having very low clicks on my write-ups.

That was when I decided to have my own blog and started posting my articles there. Dough, I have started running adverts on my site but it’s not yet generating money as I expected.

But with that I belief my efforts can never go in vain. If Opera news reject my articles, I will definitely post it on my personal blog and update it instantly.

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The Lesson I Learnt From OperaNews

It’s over two months now that I started the blog and I got to know that I have to run out of Plagiarism.

Plagiarism is the act of using someone else content without his or her consent. If the content is copyright protected and you post it on your blog it is called Plagiarism.

Then I started writing my own blogs and everything is looking so beautiful and going on smoothly.

When I have a little keywords that I wish to write about, I had to go to the internet for research and make rewrite so as tobhave my own words.

I am fully back on operanews hub because I belief I have learnt a lot while having my own blog. I belief what so ever I post on operanews will be my contents.

And as a blog owner, I use OperaNews as my backlink.

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