Things You Should Never Reveal During Job Interview (Ultimate Guide)

A job interview is a conversation between a job applicant and an employer which is conducted to assess whether the applicant should be employed or not. If you disclose irrelevant information or details, it can make you loose your employment chances.  

Below things you should never discuss during a job interview process to keep the balance between business and personal.

  • The Problems You Encountered in Your Previous Jobs

You don’t need to talk about the worst times in your former job because it can make you loose your chances of being employed.  “Candidates generally should not  volunteer that they have been unhappy in prior roles,  says Werner Krebs, CEO of Acculation. The reason why you are changing your job, should be arranged in a positive way.

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No matter how worst your last job was, you must never speak badly concerning your former boss or the former job in an interview. Make sure you are neutral or positive in anything you are saying concerning your previous job. Focus on the experience you have gained from your last job and what you are hoping to do in the future. Don’t speak negatively about anybody you have worked with in your last Job because your interviewer might thought you are difficult to work with.

  • Politics

Don’t try to bring in issues that has nothing to do with the job at hand, including politics. Your interviewers might not directly ask questions about political issues or parties in a job interview but in case if it’s related to politics, be careful of what to say about political issues, so you won’t implicate yourself or say what will affect you. I heard of someone that went for a job interview, and the person was telling his interviewer how much he hated the Governor, and was still saying other political issues.

I am not saying the candidate doesn’t have freedom of speech or opinion, but this information is irrelevant to the job (as an accountant), this made the candidate look unprofessional in an interview setting.

Never discuss your personal views on subjects such as politics, religion, and the economy, unless these topics are job-related.

  • Relationship issue

Sharing your relationship problem in a job conversation is wrong.  No interviewer is ready to listen to how your partner divorced you or how you break up with your partner. Keep your personal relationship issue to yourself and don’t bother embarrassing yourself by sharing it with the interviewer.

  • Financial Issues

Sharing your financial issues in a job interview is another mistake you must never make. Your financial situation is none of your interviewers business, so don’t bother telling them about it.  You may be thinking when you tell them about it, they might pity you and offer you the job. 90 percent of those who tried that had no opportunity of been employed. It might not help.

  • Family Background

You don’t need to tell your interviewer about your family background or family history. Don’t go to the extent of telling them the number of children you have, or the number of people  in your family or the position you are in your family etc

Your interviewers does not have time for irrelevant issues, they have other important things to do..

Is it okay to be honest in an interview?

Truth is important when interviewing but giving a real, unaddressed weakness shows an interviewer you failed to prepare for the question and failed to prepare for interview. Use real examples to show how a weakness has been overcome or improved by perseverance and hard work. Whatever you do, do not say “perfectionist” its overused. No one likes a perfectionist.

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In a job interview, it’s in your best interest to be honest about your professional experience, your qualifications, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. However, as soon as your interviewer begins to ask questions about your private life, you should be very cautious with your answers.
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