They Also Kiss People on Set; Don’t Judge Me Hypocrites – BOMA

Those actresses, are they not married with kids in their family? Don’t they kiss people on set? Hypocrites – BOMA

Reality TV star Boma, says that many of the people criticising him for his conduct with married woman Tega in the Big Brother Naija Season 6 show are also sleeping with other people’s wives.

Boma was evicted last week just days after a video of him and Tega making out in bed inside the BBNaija House went viral.

His conduct with Tega, who was also evicted on the same night, generated wide-ranging responses from fans on social media. We have gathered some comments from Facebook in response to this statement from Boma.

Speaking in a live interview with The PUNCH about the issue and his experiences in the house generally, Boma stated that those judging him were just being hypocritical.

This is as he also stated that what housemates did in the BBNaija show was no different from what married actresses do on movie sets.

“Those actresses, are they not married with kids in their family? Don’t they kiss people on set?

“So, I feel people just want to be hypocrites,” he said.

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“People were just projecting their anger. It’s like most people woke up and didn’t have a good day. With things practically rough with them, they wanted to take out their aggression or frustration on somebody.

“They all come on social media and start backlashing someone.”

On why he was singled out for criticisms, the multi-hyphenate said it was because viewers didn’t see the things the other housemates did. Especially during the ‘Truth Or Dare’ game, which had them touching one another’s private parts.

He made it clear that all that happened in the BBNaija House was a show, stressing that the only time he could be called out is if he had displayed the same conduct outside the show.

“If you saw me in a hotel with somebody’s wife, call me out.

“If I went to somebody’s house and I was with their girl or their girl came to my house, then call me out.
“Don’t call me out on a show. It was just a show,” Boma declared.-

Thousands of comments pop up as one of the social media influencer Maria Ude Nwachi posted the above post on her Facebook page.

Reactions from Facebook fans:

Will you gedifck off ma face wat is dizwan even saying? It is a REALITY show damn it! Did they tell u you’ll go in there and act? If u were “acting” in there, that means u weren’t real all along! (thank God we kicked your smellyy butt out on time.

Mr Actor. Don’t compare the rubbish you did in there with tego abi na wetin be her name with acting. Acting is make belief, reality show is not acting, inu? Dem no teach dis phool anything for schl ni? Carry your yeye obodo abload inglitch comot for my doormouth biko.

This guy is heading the wrong direction, he might end up somewhere bad if he doesn’t stay off social media..

You are the one who is hypocrites, you remember the man in the bible who saw a sinner praying for forgiveness. Instead of him to also pray for forgiveness, he was telling God he is not like that man who has sin so much…

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Stop justifying your wrong act and simply ask God for forgiveness. We are all sinners just we sin differently no sin is greater than the other, but this your sin na the highest.

You knew she was married people warned you and you didn’t take their advice, here you are justifying your wrong move..guy make u take ur time before you run into depression.

God created all humans but gave us different gifts. Boma’s sense and thoughts are of them that thinks they know when they know not…


Boma had sex with a married woman and disgraced her by telling everyone that her ¶ussy smells like fish in the open.

Instead pf him asking for forgiveness from both God and man, he chose to be pointing accusing fingers to the wrong direction. Repent and thou shall be forgiven…

This boy think naija is western world.
Don’t worry when you go collect you go pay. It will sink in when endorsement is not running to him. Like he think it will.
When Directors will be avoiding him like Corona V.

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He should go and ask praise and ka3na how far with brands signing them after one year.

Firstly, I hate it when someone will be saying and involves everyone. Please if you are angry on someone stop using “WE”. No be me and you dey angry.

This is for those attacking this guy with the “WE” attached

Secondly, if you don’t know anything about entertainment, just keep your mouth shut. I am a nollywood film maker and ACTOR too I know how all these things goes.

If you don’t know the word ACTING please do well to ask Google. While will you fight someone on stage performing. Why haven’t you attacked the whole mothers in nollywood.

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I pity those that doesn’t have understanding because tomorrow their son or daughter might like to join entertainment company and something similar to this will happen, by then you will understand what criticism means.

Can you swear with your life that you haven’t slept with someone that is not your husband/wife.

I rest my case.

Abeg make una free Boma… He is angry already and that is the truth I will Neva blame Boma. I will always blame the shameless Tega because as a married woman you should have borrowed urself enough brain to control urself.

Boma is the man here not the woman, have you all forgotten the prostitute in the bible?? She was the only one they brought to Jesus claiming that they will stone her to death.

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Now my question is where was the man then????.. It doesn’t matter if she came to the show as a married woman..hence there is no limitations for people who can be on the show, don’t forget if she zip up her body… Boma can Neva Force her.

Meanwhile BBN is a Game

Tega should have try her best to keep up the good act I mean to play the game well which can probably make her get to the same top 5 or even get the money. But she no try at all she too losegard let the truth be told..I drop my pen.


It is wrong for Boma to have done what he did if we view it from a Christian perspective.

However, the high level of immorality and promiscuity being promoted and encouraged by the BBN show leaves no one in doubt that whoever goes there as a house mate is ready and prepared to go the whole hog.

Boma did not force Tega, Tega’s husband understood the implications of sending his wife to the show and cannot play the victim now.

A lot of bizarre things go on in that house, we want to crucify Boma because this particular incident was leaked to the public, how about the other acts going on there?

The legal maxim “volenti non fit injuria” applies here!

People should stop criticizing Boma but Tega and his so called husband.

  • Have they not watched BBN before?
  • Is it a place a married woman with a child should be?
  • Did Boma rape her?

Some single girls in BBN still maintain their dignity and you that claimed to have married did not hold yourself and people are calling an innocent man (Boma) names.

Tega and his so called husband should be held responsible if anything should happens to Boma.

He is talking of actors and actresses and he is forgetting one thing, that those people are paid to act and is there Field…

So which brings me to my question was he paid to enter Bbnaija and act on something written on dey script?

I was already correcting some people trying to change there mind about him and let everything go but it seems he now can speak for himself. Besides it is his life and I can’t tell him how to leave it..arrest my case.

That’s not how to start your career in Nigerian industry, particularly. Be careful not to lose you place. Nigerians can give you a different direction of destiny.

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Tega did something different from you, she apologized and kept quiet. But you’re still proud. As I said be careful.

This country can give you a new phase of your career. Both of you needs time out to cool off, think again, re-strategize and come back strong.

If you keep on like this, you (might) not have a place in the industry. Be humble bro.

I don’t see any reason for anyone blaming Boma here, it’s a show and they were told to act real because everyone wants to win the money. So for me, the blame should go to Tega’s husband for allowing his wife to participate in a show like that because it’s not the first time people are watching BB9ja.

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Please leave Boma alone and let him have his peace. Tega and her husband has settle so what’s our problem there?

….Like seriously the guy was acting only those viewers who can do more worse than him off camera are the one critisizing him. Boma and Tega are conscious and aware that the house is wired.

Only the strategy they have choosen did not go well with our culture expecially in Nigeria. I am of the opinion that marital regards should not be given to any married woman that was permitted by her hubby to participate in the BBN….

Reading comments I realize something, Nigerians have too much hate in their heart.

I think its a mental issue, because I don’t see how an issue that happened weeks back, even the husband himself has forgiven the person and also forgiven the wife. But yet you that it doesn’t concern, you still carry hate in your heart.

The truth is whatever bad thing you say about Boma Is a sin against God right now because, God is love and doesn’t support hate.

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Whatever punishment Boma is suppose to get, you are already taking it on your head, because you are taking justice in your hands by saying bad words against him.

Na una go church pass but yet the principles of God is far from your heart.
Make una continue, the guy is already making his money and lives in NY where most of una wish to live one day, yet you dey Nigeria dey carry mata for head.

Fight buhari and his government instead, that is a sensible battle to fight!!!

Are you an actor, is she an actress, so which industry are you people into. What is the tittle of the movie?

I think this sets of comments alone is enough to settle this case and let’s move on to the rest of the show.

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