The Whole World Mourn The Sudden Death of an Icon Chadwick Aaron

Chadwick Aaron popularly known as ‘Black Panther’ hero King T’Challa who died at the age of 43 was diagnosed by Doctors with stage three colon cancer about four years ago( 2016).

The information was not announced publicly and continue to work on major Hollywood films during his battle with the deadly disease. #WakandaForever


Fans Reactions:

I keep watching this video clip. Oh, death. How I wish humans have the power to bring back the dead. So sad. Keep resting in heaven Black Panther.

We are born to die, moan him personally, we don’t need drama.

R.I.P to the king Chadwick… if only Dr Strange could bring him back.

It’s already a Reality… His physical body died but his work and legacy lives on! #WakandaForever.

I wish the same thing bro. Hey Yo killmonger, you happy now!!! RIP Wakanda forever.

Chadwick Boseman was a hero to me. Seeing him rise out of SC and become so successful, bc of him I knew I would be able to as well. Such an inspiration. RIP.

You will be missed, I cried so much this morning when I heard the news..he struggled through it all those years, such a true hero.

Why we miss him,, we shouldn’t forget the brave Pilot who sacrifice his life to save many.
#Nigerian’s Lives Matters too

You’ll forever be remembered, legendary Black panther. R I P

Love you legend.
You will forever by in our hearts….
#Wakanda forever.

Na only this kind post celebrities they like.
How many of the don post about southern Kaduna? Wakanda kill una there.
Rip bro

It hurts, to hear this sad news😭
We Will forever love u panther
Thank you for motivating us
Forever in our hearts
Farewell panther😭😭😭😪

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