The Victory Of Obaseki Couldn’t Have Been Possible Without This Man. Do You Agree?

The Victory Of Obaseki Couldn’t Have Been Possible Without This Man. Do You Agree?


In anything you do in life, look for loyal men. When you are drowning they will stretch to save you. When the storms starts, they will cover you. When they are made offers to betray, their conscience wont allow them.

This man in the picture is Obaseki’s deputy. Comrade Philip Shaibu. Before Ize Iyamu was approached to decamp from PDP to APC to run the APC ticket. The offer was first made to Shaibu. He would have been the man challenging Obaseki today if he accepted Oshiomole’s offer. Shaibu said I cannot betray my boss Obaseki.

He said him and Oshiomole have suffered oppression in their struggle for democracy and he wont dish out oppression to another man. He remained with Obaseki despite the pressure.

Few weeks ago. The press man interviewing him asked him. What if you lose the election? He said he will rather lose honourably than betray his boss. He said he wont support the oppression of Obaseki.

Political Game: Now You Know That Edo is Not Lagos

This comrade is a force in Edo State politics. Oshiomole fears him in rural politics. He was instrumental to Oshiomole all through his campaigns and tenure. He has stayed with Obaseki and refused decamping.

He was silent all through the heat of this election working dangerously underground without anybody noticing him. Their efforts were cemented with U.S and UK visa ban which weakened the planned usual federal might Oshiomole was banking on.

My Victory Has Put An End To godfatherism in Edo State

Comrade Shuaibu represents the man I will like to be to any politician I chose to support. Loyal men are rare. If you find one like Shaibu, hold him dearly. Well done to Shaibu. Congratulations to him and Obaseki for their victory over godfatherism in Edo State.

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