The Storm: Story of a 16 Years Old Boy And His Step Mother

Ben is a 16 year old boy who lives in a very busy city full of all kinds of people he lives with 6 females, his father died when he was ten in a car accident.

Ben has a pretty huge dick at 16 years of age.

Ben’s dad died and left Ben, his step mom and 5 beautiful young ladies which were Ben’s half sisters. Ben got along great with his step mom and sister she was like his mother both Ben’s biological parents are now dead.

Storm Episode 1

Ben is home and doesn’t know much about sex he doesn’t know what to do during sex.

His father never got the chance to have that man to man talk with him.

When Ben was 8 he used to hear strange sounds and moans in his parents room and often wondered what it was since his father died he never hear the strange sounds again.

Bens father was a great business man and a sex addict he wasn’t much of a drinker and he wasn’t a fan of alcohol Ben was deamed to have insomnia.

Most of the time he didn’t sleep at night, Ben is the owner of an 6.4 round huge dick and it’s only use was to pee.

At that moment it had no other use, one day Ben took a shower and forgot to take the towel and he had also forgotten to lock the door he ask his step mom to bring the towel.

His step mom asked Ben is it open he said yes it’s open please put the towel there she could see though the shower glass but she couldn’t see clearly but she could see all of Ben’s possessions.

Storm Episode 2

Ben’s step mom was really shocked that a 16 year old boy has such a dick she went into her room and couldn’t stop thinking about wat she saw.

She started fantasizing about wat she would do to Ben only if Ben would let her.

she became horny and she ordered a huge rubber dick online after 45 minutes of waiting the door bell rang ding ding.

She quickly told all the other people in the house she will get it she ran down stairs and collected her package as she was going up stairs when came down and thanked her for bringing the towel.

She said trying not to look at Ben’s face it’s what I am here for she quickly went to her room open the package and watched a porn video as she was watching she imagined Ben naked again.

She got super wet and strategic fucking her self with the rubber dick, she had not had sex in a long time.

So she felt a Lil bit of pain and she almost screamed, she fucked her self slowly she could feel her Virgina walls expanding she started going faster and faster she let out a huge moan :ahhhhhhhhhhh damn..

She has reached her organism and statred to enjoy what she was doing, she hear someone coming and stopped for a while.

She was So horney that not even the rubber dick did anything. It was 8 inches long she wanted to be picked, kissed, spanked and pushed up and down.

She kept mastubating her self till she fell asleep.

The next day she took a shower and went downstairs, she wanted to talk to Ben about something.

Storm Episode 3

The stepmom called Ben down stairs as well as the quintuplets. She made them sit down and stood up.

She was wearing a very tight dress which exposed her great figure and big round boobs.

She had a pretty huge ass, no under wear it was like she was trying to inties Ben.

She said to the kids wat do u think about going to school a proper school filled with kids and thing’s to explore and making new friends she said looking at Ben.

Ben and his half sister all liked the idea, she showed them their uniforms and told them they would be starting this Monday.

Few days later early in the morning at about 4:55am Ben yelled running down the stairs, it’s Monday Ben was so excited.

He could not bear the fact that it was still early when he screamed he woke everyone up.

Ben himself and his sisters start screaming and dancing, his step mom was coming down she told them to get ready she’s gonna make breakfast and their lunch boxes.

They quickly went up and took showers, they came down for breakfast and his step mom to take a quick shower, she had left the bedroom door open and her shower door open.

Ben came in to ask for the car keys she came out with her newly shaved legs and a towel rapped around her she bent down and took out the keys in the lower drawer and Ben could see her huge ass and pussy lips.

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He felt a tingling sensation he took the keys and thought about what he saw, he sat in the front seat of the car and kept thinking his sisters were talking to him he didn’t hear a thing.

His step mom came wearing a shirt that shows her boobs In a clivage Ben could see her boobs they arrived at school and for the first time she kissed all the girls.

Ben was leaving, she called and asked him do you want me to come with you? Ben said yes please she stepped out of the car all the boys stared at her lovely sexy body, they meet the principal and he seems very attached to Ben step mom and so were all the males there.

Storm Episode 4

The principal gave them a tour all the males in the school were staring at Ben’s step mom they finished the tour and Ben’s mom left.

Ben and his sisters went straight to their respective classes without wasting any time.

Ben made new friends he now has three friends two were twins the twins were sex addicts, today’s lesson is reproduction in human species said the teacher.

She was a very sexy young blonde hair lady with big boobs and she wore revealing clothes, she’s a mother of 3 and she’s not married.

She told her students about reproduction and mostly about sex and when a woman reaches organism Ben was really interested in the topic.

It was now lunch time and the teacher called Ben, she asked him how old was he Ben replied 16.

She said you were the only learner listening to me today and I saw letters from your tutors. You are really a smart boy.

She looked at Ben and smiled, she dropped her pen and asked Ben to pic it up, Ben could see her vigina lips and how hairy she was.

She had no underwear on and Ben’s dick rose a lil he tried to hide it but the teacher had already noticed it she told Ben thank you, you may go.

Ben went outside and told his new friends wat he saw, his friends showed him a porn video that’s over six years old of the teacher having sex with a student.

The student’s father was the one who teaches them when she was in college having sex with a lecturer.

When Ben arrived home his step mom asked him how was school he told her school was great and he made new friends.

His step mom said am so proud of you and she kissed on his lips but was a really quick baby kiss.

She never did that Ben was really surprised that she did that, Ben went into his room he had no home work and he changed his school uniform and started searching for porn.

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Ben watched a few videos and he felt his dick going up and he got horney and hornier and searched how to mustibate he mustibated himself and wanted to yell because he never felt such a thing in his life, his step mom knocked…

Storm Episode 5

Ben’s step mom knocked on the door while Ben was mustobating himself, his 6.4 dick was still up and he couldn’t put it down.

Lisa his stepmom didn’t hear Ben telling her to come in she thought something was wrong she pushed the door open and saw Ben cock standing up.

Right there as Ben tried to run into his bathroom he shot his first load on his stepmom’s shoes and he couldn’t stop.

He shot his long huge load and he was embarassed his step mom dropped the plate of food she was holding and stared at Ben’s dick.

While still shooting his load she had never seem such a boy with such a dick let alone the cum was too much she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

She got horney, her boobs were standing up right and you could see her nipples poking through.

Ben apologized, still ashamed of wat happened and tried to hide his dick, his stepmom asked him wat was he doing even though it was pretty obvious she still asked.

She took off the shoes when she bent Ben saw had a view of her round huge boobs and she left the shoes there and told Ben to wash them with a smile on her face.

She picked up the plate and food that was on the floor Ben still ashamed he took the shoes into the bathroom his stepmom asked him if he was hungry he replied as quick as he could and said no but he was really hungry.

His stepmom went to the kitchen and brought fresh food for him he quickly eat. His stepmom sat on the bed with him looking at his dick still mildly standing and said after the load, you shot u must be hungry, she whispered in his ear in a sexy way.

Ben shocked on food and said sorry about the shoes she said it was fine all boys masturbate, she said when you need me I will be here and she winked at him.

Ben said thank you and smiled, that day Ben couldn’t sleep and so did his stepmom both of them were thinking about wat happen earlier on.

She kept turning in her bed Ben was thinking about all the things he saw his stepmom’s pussy lips and his teachers pussy lips and asked himself wat was happening.

Storm Episode 6

Ben wondered wats going on he thought both the woman were being seductive he went to school the next day and his friends showed him pics of his stepmom on the beach.

They all wonder how she looked when naked they laughed and went to class. A few days later the teacher made a move again it was Friday and she told Ben to stay behind.

Ben stayed behind, she said Ben am sure you noticed how I look at you and the way you look at me I noticed you are a good boy.

She said sitting on Ben’s lap, she leaned in for a kiss and opened her shit so Ben could see her boobs Ben hesitant, he kissed her back they keep kissing.

She took off Ben’s clothes and they went into a room she kept her files in her class, there was a huge table there she.

She sat on it, took her panties off and fingered herself when got hornier and revealed his 6.4 huge round dick.

She was amazed and she told Ben to sit on the table, she sucked on it, Ben let out a huge moan and she moaned too.

Ben wondered why she wasn’t naked he finally asked her to take off her clothes she said it’s about time she took off her shirt and removed her bra and Ben saw her nipples standing straight.

He asked her if he could suck them and she said yes loudly as she inserted his huge dick they were both standing.

Ben lifted her up against the wall and sucked her nipple while pushing his dick feather and feather, increasing his pace she moaned soo loud, she fulled him closer kissing his neck.

After sometime they changed position and went to the table he put her on the table and inserted his dick again they both moaned and he shot, he is a bit of his load in her and pulled out.

She said she was on pills, she kept sucking his dick he moaned soo loud she giggled hearing him moan.

They cleaned up and dressed up, she gave him a lift home and kissed him good bye and they both agree no one should know about this.

To be continued right here…

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Storm Episode 7

Episode 7

They both made a promise to each other no one must know abt what had happened between the two of them.

When Ben went inside, his stepmom was waiting for him she asked Ben where have you been I was worried abt you.

Your school was out 3 hours ago and who is the person who dropped u and why are you looking this fucked up?

Are u high? what’s wrong with you; Ben replied and said there’s nothing wrong with me as you can see I look fine just tired.

I was having a study session which I thought was gonna be quick but it took hours and why are u so concerned?

It’s non of your business where I was or wat was I doing and who I was with but either way you are my guardian and I need to tell you and respect you.

Mind you, before you question me remember that this is my house and everything here is mine.

Your car, clothes, money even your underwears were bought with my money; he said rushing to his room to take a shower.

He wondered what was going on to him and why he snapped at her like that he went down to his stepmom and apologized for his rude behaviour and said I love u mom.

That touched Lisa’s heart hearing him call her mom for the first time she wanted to capture this moment and gave him the tightest hug everyly and kissed his forehead.

He was staring at her huge round firm breasts and wanted to see her naked a thought cross his mind “she is your mom, don’t you even dare.

Just because your teacher finds u attractive enough to fuck with you doesn’t mean you should fuck your mom too.

Lisa thought why didn’t he make a move maybe am not attractive or sexy enough wats wrong with this boy. Is he a gay; am literally giving him green lights.

Ben in his thoughts damn she’s really attractive I wanna feel on her.

The hug was the longest huge ever and finally let go they both smilled and said good night to each other and went to sleep.

The next day was Saturday, she asked Ben to join her shopping, Ben couldn’t say no and her sisters were forcing him as they wanted the house to themselves, they promised to give him their pocket money if he did.

Storm Episode 8

No one wants to go to the mall with Lisa she takes too much time shopping especially clothes she would take 16 items and fit them all in just to find out she’s gonna purchase only one.

They had offered Ben their pocket money so Ben agreed he found the perfect solution he would listen to music on his phone and agree to everything she says.

They got in the car and went to the mall they shopped for food put in the car, Ben thought it was over but no they went back inside the mall she tried on almost each and everything in the store.

At the end she only brought a sexy night gown which was very revealing she put it on and asked Ben how it looked.

Ben without looking at her busy with his phone said it’s nice she came closer to Ben and took out his earphones and got his attention Ben mouth was wide open and she asked how do I look Ben without thinking said I wish I could fuck you!

Lisa was surprised that Ben could say something like that but he came to his senses and said u look fine looking very shy and ashamed of what he said.

She purchased the night gown and they brought something to each other, they were quite the whole way till Lisa said do you really think am sexy and worth sliping into bed with you?

Ben replied with a Lil bit of courage u are very beautiful and any man would want to share the same bed with you even if it was just for 30 minutes.

He said very shy, Lisa replied any man except you of cause u don’t see me that way or do you?

She asked but Ben was very histant to answer as they were in their drive way and had reached home the minute she pulled over he got out as fast as he could when he went in he told the girls he is never going shopping again.

The girls laughed and paid him as he went to his room the girls went out to help their mom.

Ben thought about what he said to Lisa and took a nap then he had a dream banging his stepmom Lisa.

He was having a wet dream, he suddenly woke up realising it was just a dream his underwear was messed up from all the loads he shot in

Storm Episode 9

Ben woke up and went to the bathroom room and cleaned up he couldn’t stop thinking about wat Lisa said in the car her voice echoed In his head.

She knocked on the door Ben came out of the shower and unlocked the door she asked “Ben why did u lock the door?

Ben replied I just felt like locking it, she laughed at him were u musturbating or were u afraid I would come to your room at night.

Ben you didn’t answer the question I asked you yesterday in the car I wasn’t forcing you or anything it was just a question I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable.

That was the last thing I wanted to do planting a kiss on his cheek and left his breakfast on the study table.

She left Ben thought to himself is she giving me a go ahead or was just firting with me?

He ate his breakfast and beaded down stairs when he saw all the girls still in their nite gowns, some in their underwear.

He couldn’t help thinking about how they looked naked he walk past them without saying good morning which he normally did.

Ria one of the girls hit him with a pillow and said morning sleepy head come join us we are about to watch a movie he couldn’t control his cock anymore it got hard really fast and made a huge bulge in his underwear and pants.

He told the girls if they really wanted him to join them he would have to dress property.

They agreed because they liked his company they all got dressed and come down just in time.

Ben’s dick had cooled down and relaxed, he sat and watched movies the whole day till it was noon.

Ria fell asleep on Ben’s lap Ben always had this fantasy about the others. They also fall asleep on the couch, he stroked Ria’ s face gently it felt so soft, her lips were soo pink and looked Soo juicy.

He wished he could have just one kiss from her, Ria moved a little as if she was ajusting her self he stopped and woke her up to tell her the movie was over.

She woke up and smiled I fell asleep on your lap sorry I didn’t notice as she moved. She looked fucked up but Ben thought it was sexy.

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Storm Episode 10

Ben thought Ria looked very sexy when she looked fucked up in the morning or when ever she woke up from deep sleep with her hair all messed up and her pink lips.

Ben went to sleep he couldn’t sleep because he has insomnia but it wasn’t just that he was thinking about the woman in his house he thought to himself “I wonder how would it feel to bang my stepmom or Ria”.

He got really hard and went to his stepmom’s room he knocked and she didn’t answer he opened the door and saw she was sleeping.

He went to her and reached out his had when his stepmom woke up ready to attack she screamed “ahhh wat are u doing up this late”.

Checking the time she adjusted her self when he said “I can’t sleep” she knew Ben has insomnia she saw that Ben’s was standing up right.

She asked did u take some sleeping pills he said yes I did she answered back in a very sexy tone well I know another way u could get a good night sleep she touched the top of Ben’s then she bit her lips and leaned in for a kiss.

Ben didn’t hesitate to kiss her back that gave her the impression he wanted it.

She got out of bed Ben thought she would leave him hanging but she didn’t she walked around the bed and locked the door and she seat on Ben’s lap with her legs wrapping him from behind and kissed him with passion.

She asked do u wanna do this Ben said yes I do, kissing her back she took off Ben’s shirt and she felt Ben’s cock getting hard and pushing her up, she stood up and took off her nite gown.

She stood there naked as a bird she round big bouncy boobs standing tall and her hairless pussy staring right into Ben’s face she approached Ben slowly, and kissed him.

Ben held her breasts soo hard, she moaned and pulled out making him want more Ben took off his pants and underwear at the same time his cock standing tall she was amazed by the size of it she kneed down and sucked on it like her life depends on it.

Ben cummed into her mouth and she eat all his cum moaning Ben was really surprised…….

Storm Episode 11

Ben was really surprised that Lisa eat all his cum naked as she was.

She stood up and asked if Ben wants to stuck her. Ben replied I thought u would never ask lifting her and putting her on the bed he open her wide open and started stucking her like his life depends on his performance.

She let out a small moan and held Ben’s head tightly pushing her self down to make Ben put his tounge deep and said I wanna feel you inside me breathing heavily.

Ben stood up and inserted his dick with So much force, tears filled Lisa’s eyes he then pulled out slowly and push slowly he increase the pace as he started to pull Lisa’s hair.

Lisa wrapped her legs around Ben pushing him to penetrate her deep Ben shot his second load of cum inside her she moaned Soo loud she almost woke everyone up Ben kissed her to quiet her up.

They changed the position into doggy style Ben spanked her ass soo hard that red marks were left on it they were both exhausted and made their way into the shower Ben spanked Lisa.

Lisa beged him to join her so he did. They had a five minutes quckie and dried up and laid naked on the bed together cuddling each other Lisa said.

You have quite a big cock for your age I didn’t think u saw me in that way or I was even worthy to fuck with you honestly I thought u were not into pussy”.

Ben: you are a very sexy anyone would want to be in my position right now

Lisa : laying his head on Ben’s chest ur really sexy too especially when ur naked she said playing with Bens nipple I wouldn’t mind if history repeated it’s self.

Ben; neither would I let’s go to sleep now
Ben woke up at 4:57am in the morning and took all his belongings and covered Lisa with a blanket he tiptoed to his room so no one would hear him he laid on his bed and off to dream land

Ben had a nightmare that night it was now time to wake up and eat breakfast both him and Lisa were tired and were still sleepy Ria was wondering why were they Soo sleepy



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