The Storm: Episode 12 to 14

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Storm Episode 12

Ben couldn’t stop thinking about the dream he had Lisa could see his worried and so did Ria. Lisa thought to her self ” am I not a good mother was I not good enough, she finally broke the ice…

Lisa: Ben you look worried wats wrong
Ben: I had a dream yesterday
Ria: What was it about
Lisa: about your mom you can tell me anything alright
Ben: I would rather not talk about it
Ria: We wanna know what’s bothering you
Lisa looking at Ria and shook her head. There was an awkward moment Ria cleared her throat.

Ria: Mom me, Rita  Kate, Kady and Kia are going out
Lisa: where to? She said smiling
Ria: we are going to the mall and after to a beach party we might be late today so don’t wait for us
Ben: do y’all need cash
Ria,Risa, Kate, Kady and Kia replied Yesss!! All of them at once she all laughed and looked at each other.

Kia stood up and said I call first in the shower and ran up stairs all the girls followed leaving Lisa and Ben alone .They both keep quiet.

Lisa: can u tell me your dream now?
Ben: my father was in the dream and he pointed a knife at my stomach and said stop before it’s too late and I still wonder wat he meant by that.

Lisa standing up to walking towards him sitting on his lap and put her arms around his neck am sure it’s nothing serious leaning in.

She kissed him she wore a very sexy looking night gown and Ben was getting real hard she quickly stood up and said ” looks like you will need a cold shower” she laughed.

An hour later, the girls came down ready to leave Ben stood up and gave them his credit card they thanked him Ben laughed and said ” don’t get used to it”.

20 minutes later Ben was in the shower and called his step mom and asked her to give him a towel she reached her arm in giving him the towel Ben pulled her in and still clothed he pulled her closer to his damp wet skin and said you gave me a boner and left me feeling like a dog
Lisa laughed “a dog you say.

Ben: I wanna show u how dogs behave he smiled wickedly
Lisa: unbuttoning her wet shirt she kissed him..

Ben returned the kiss with more passion they had hot intense sex. Her moans echoed in the shower and Ben shot his hot cum into her. This was the second time they had sex and both the times Ben shot his cum inside her.

Both of them exuasted cleaned up and layed naked on Ben’s bed it was now time for supper they eat and watched a movie together suddenly the girls entered all giggling.

Ben: did y’all have fun?
Ria without answering ran into the bathroom and started vomiting they all followed her.

Lisa and Ben: are u alright
Ria: moaning yes it’s just I had too much alcohol
Lisa : WTF you had alcohol why did u drink ?
Ria: am fine it’s nothing serious
Lisa: its better not be (they all left and slept the next morning everyone was woken up by Ria she was vomiting again)

Lisa: Ria are u okay?
Ria: mumbling she said yes
Ben: am coming in
Ria: wiping her mouth said no but she it’s too late.


Ben was already in he knelt down close to her she suddenly cried and laid her head on Ben’s chest Lisa felt a twinge of jealously but she controlled her self.

Ria couldn’t stop thinking if she was pregnant Ben asked her what’s wrong she didn’t say anything but cried. Ben asked everyone to have breakfast and leave them alone they all left.

He hugged her so tight telling her it’s okay to cry, when he said that he made it worse. She cried till she hiccuped





Storm Episode 13

She kept on crying and crying Ben yelled “Risa!!! get her some water. A minute later Risa came with a water bottle and gave Ben and excuses her self. Ben made her drink the water and looked into her eyes and asked her wats wrong.

She looked into his eyes and said “Ben promise me u won’t tell mom and u will help me out”
Ben: I promise I won’t and I would do anything to see you smile again
Ria: Ben I need you to go and buy a pregnancy test for me I think am pregnant
Ben: letting go of her what! Ria didn’t you use protection? Whose that ass hole you slept with? Does he even know that u are pregnant?

When I get my hands on him he will wish he never laid an eye on you worse every slept with you.

Ria: don’t be such an ass hole about it we are not even sure if am pregnant or not
Ben: I will be back in a few minutes.

Ben went downstairs and book a massage for everyone to detox he told them that he had book a massage date for all of the excited they all left but Lisa was very hesitant to go but Ben convinced her she left and Ben left to buy the pregnancy test for Ria.

He got home and saw that there was a young man who looks 21 he stormed towards him to punch the lights outta him. Ria stood in front of him and said Ben stop!!!

Ben stopped with regret thinking why did he stop.
Ria: where’s the pregnancy test and everyone
Ben: is this the nigga that got u pregnant? I booked a message date for all of them they left
Ria: his name is Joe and yes I slept with  him. Am about to take the test now
Ben: I will be waiting outside the bathroom door with Joe, glaring at him with anger.

You idiot why didn’t you use protection?
Joe: I did we always do may be the condom busted.

Ben: You always do this means it’s not the first time, he said with a anger. You have to change the condom every ten minutes to be safe.

Suddenly they heard Ria crying they both aim for the door Ben pushed Joe away and entered first shouting he said ” Ria wat does it say”


Storm Episode 14

Ben yelled again “what does it say”? Ria kept crying Joe went over to her and held her tight and took the pregnancy test in her hand and said “it’s…

“Ben yelled it’s wat. Joe replied it is positive, when he said that Ria fainted she knew that her mother would be furious and she wasn’t ready to take care of a baby. Joe gently taping her face asked her to wake up but she didn’t.

Joe lifted her up and laid her down taking a cloth he dipped in, in water and put it on her face to cool her off she suddenly woke up the first thing she said was am sorry.

Ben: why are u apologizing it’s not your fault
Joe: we can fix this you can abort it you are only 3 weeks pregnant and we are both not ready to raise a child.

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Ben: wait a minute abort it, what if she dies
Ria: he is right Ben we are not ready. Joe book an appointment for me to get rid of this thing growing inside inside me.

Ben: are u really gonna go through with this.
Suddenly Joe got a call it was his dad he told Ria he is gonna book an appointment for her but he had to go for now kissing her forehead he left.

Ben didn’t like the idea of getting rid of the baby and he told her she got angry and stormed downstairs she sat on the couch.

Ben followed her and sat next to her
Ben: you look cute when you are angry. touching her chick to lift it up so she can look into his eyes.

Ria breath taken by his touch she leaned in and gave him a deep kiss she has been trying to resist him for a very long time that’s the reason she slept with Joe. She was just trying to get Ben out of her head.

Ben returned her kiss with more passion he lowered her on the couch, kissed her with passion and lust in his eyes as well as hers were filled with lust.

He then began kissing her neck and feeling her now hard breast as she moaned he now began pounding on her very fast she moaned Soo loud making him want more she clung to him and pushed him deeper whispering she said…

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