The Prisoners at Benin City Were Not Released by End SARS Protesters -Nifemi

Recall that some prisoners were allegedly released by angry Nigerians protesting against SARS and police brutality in Nigeria but their seem to be some mystery surrounding this occurrence.

Endsars Protest is Something I Would Never Forget in a Hurry, Jane

Personally I am still thinking about how the prisoners escaped from prison while police officers were guarding them but unfortunately, an official statement is yet to be released by the appropriate authorities.

A Nigerian man identified as Nifemi (who seems to be among the protest at Benin city) on twitter took to his twitter account to share his opinion in which he revealed that Benin state protesters did not release prisoners.

The Nigerian man said that the prisoners at Benin city were not released by end SARS protesters and he added that it is an attempt by some officials who want to taint the end SARS protest.

The Nigerian man also urged protesters at Benin city to continue their protest on the internet in order to avoid getting hurt at the protest.

Edo State Government Has Announced 24 Hour Curfew Across The State.

In his words the Nigerian man said “We did not release prisoners at Benin state, this is what really happened #EndSars, I believe that the door of the prison were opened by guards in order to taint the #EndSARS protest so it would come to a hand but God wouldn’t let their plan work. I also believe that this was a planned work and I would advise people at Benin to continue the protest on the internet”.

See the post below:

Click on the tweet above to read the fact. Meanwhile Nairablink is intact to give update you as it goes in Edo State. Curfew begins by 4.00pm today 19th of Oct. 2020 for 24 hours. Protesters should remain at home while protesting online.

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