The Self Acclaimed Husband of My Late Daughter is Not Legally Married To My Daughter- The Mother of Late Oluremi Esan

The General Public,
Lagos State Government,
Health Service Commission,
General Hospital, Epe and Media Houses

The mother of the late Mrs. Oluremi Esan shared this with Nairablink News;

My name is Margaret Dalmeida, the mother of late Oluremilekun Ekundayo Esan.

I wish to use this medium to let the general public know that Pastor Taiwo Ayobami (the self-acclaimed husband of my daughter who died in general hospital Epe) is not legally married to my daughter, (Late Oluremilekun Ekundayo Esan).

The pastor (pastor Ayobami) snatched and do away with my daughter and two children of the deceased which she had in her first marriage.

His affair with my daughter started 2018 when we noticed sudden relationship between them which I kicked against immediately because Pastor Taiwo Ayobami happens to be her pastor and we didn’t expect such from him.

Pastor Taiwo Ayobami spiritually and tactically turned my daughter against me to the extent that my daughter who cannot look at me in face came and took the two children that have been living with me away dramatically one evening and I did not set my eyes on her until I heard about her tragic death (with tears).

I realized from the onset the intention of Pastor Taiwo Ayobami towards my daughter and that was why I kicked against it in the first place.

He is such a greedy and ungodly man parading himself as a man of God.

He has been a skirt-chaser and motivational speaker who conjure and tactically redirected his members’ sources of income to his treasury which he uses to finance his fake ministry and other inhuman ventures he establishes.

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He has been controlling my daughter spiritually, stylishly, financially and finally overpowered her to the extent of taken her away; turning her to a money-making machine and a source of income for a job he never worked for.

He turned my daughter to a meal ticket because he got no job than this work-of-devil he claimed to be work of God.

Pastor Taiwo Ayobami is a known user and his look can testify to my observation.

The news came to me through a phone call by a family member that Remilekun’s neighbours contacted;

The neighbours narrated how my daughter was taking to an herbalist house in order to give birth but they later rush her to the hospital when complications arose that led to her bleeding.

It was at this time she was rushed to the hospital. When situation was getting worse then later transfered to the General hospital Epe, and Caesarian section was performed on her and she delivered a baby and my daughter later died after the operation has been done.

It was this time I realized that Pastor Taiwo Ayobami has finally accomplished his aim in my life.

I now believe in my mind that he is not only after my daughter’s salary but also on wealth of resource God gave her.

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The so called Pastor Taiwo Ayobami didn’t call me to inform me about my daughter’s death till date meanwhile, I tactical spoke to my daughter on phone on Monday 13th April 2020 and she never mentioned she was pregnant and that shows how Pastor Taiwo Ayobami has Remotely controlled my daughter’s life to see me as enemy.

He will never allow me call my daughter and my daughter will never want to pick my calls whenever he is around.

Her body was released by the hospital to the school management where she works as a classroom teacher at Epe Senior Grammar School and her younger brothers who buried her same day. The police command at Epe was a witness.

In the same vein, Pastor Taiwo Ayobami’s mother also did not agree and approve her son’s relationship with my daughter in the course of the relationship.

The mother always raise curses on me seeing her son with my daughter but what could I do?

At a point in time, Pastor Taiwo Ayobami promised to kill me spiritually all because I didn’t agree to his relationship with my daughter.

I don’t know what the consequences of my letter will bring upon me because of the audacity of this man-of-devil calling himself a pastor.

He is so full of ungodly power that he vow and proclaim to do and undo to people. He is so dreadful to the extent that his members follow him like cow to be slaughtered. I am very sure he will be after my life because I finally speak up.

Though, am so afraid and full of fear yet, I have intention to take him to the court of law by the end of the lockdown of Federal and State Governments but I never knew am not going to see my daughter again.

I never knew am not going to fight alone to regain the needed freedom for my daughter until I heard of the doom that has befallen me.

I beg individual, personalities and groups in higher positions in the name of God to come to my rescue. I need justice even if I cannot get my daughter back.

I am sick and psychologically drained as a mother of such a daughter with potentials. I know am not alone in this final fight for justice as I know there are mothers and well wishers all over the world who will help me.

I don’t want to die fighting alone. Please, fight together with me.

I have text messages that transpired between me and my daughter while the issue started and I have pictures from her birth as proof.

This is just a little from the whole story.

Therefore, I call on;
Lagos state Government,
Media Houses,
The Punch Newspapers,
WAPA, and all mothers;

Please, help me to fight this physical and spiritual battle with Pastor Taiwo Ayobami and don’t allow him go freely.

Justice must prevail.

God bless you all

Margaret Dalmeida ,
The Mother of Late Oluremilekun Ekundayo Esan

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