This is Not African-American Issue, This is Human Issue- Michael Jordan

Micheal Jordan Joins Call For Change Over George Floyd’s Death

It was a deep pain to hear of the sudden death of George Floyd and I stand feet with the whole world calling out the ingrained racism towards the blacks in America.

The legend of Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan joined the other executives to creat awareness in expressing their pains and outrage on the demise of Gearge Floyd.

Gorge Floyd is an African man and was killed at Minneapolis by a white police officer (Chauvin) who kneeled on his neck for about 10 minutes.

Dough, Chauvin was dismissed on Tuesday and charged to court on Friday of a murder and manslaughter.

There were other police corps at the incident but 3 of them were dismissed with immediate effect.

We are all in this together and we must fight it till the end. We have faced many strategies here in America and all these must stop…

Whatever the crime of Floyd was, he doesn’t deserve to be killed in such a way.

From the video, there was no attempt to resist the arrest but the officers came with a motive. They carried out with satanic accuracy, hellish deposition, not even the voice of a dying Floyd will do.

He cried: “I can’t breath…

But the execution plan they had in mind wouldn’t give room for any appeal. Watching the video, you will discovered that immediately the ambulance appeared, he was dispatched like a mail whose time of delivery was over due.

The minneapolis police authority must realize that they are recruiting a band of racist into their ranks, there are so many Chauvins in the department.

Their Recruitment Process Must Be Reviewed

1. The Americans must re-evaluate the way the recruit their officers, critical questions must be asked, such as

“Are the applicants mentally stable?

Are they racially biased?

Are they agents of segregation?

Are they not they type of individuals looking for avenues to avenge or retaliate the past?

2. Secondly, there is urgent need to purge the police department of all those who represent the opposite of what the police stands for.

Finally, strategic and deliberate posting of officers to operations to instill discipline and checks. The criminal Justice system must detect and detest all forms of institutionalized racism and social discrimination that brings back the dark past.

Every citizens must rise up against this heinous crime to humanity. To those who care, increase the awareness against police brutality, against babarism, against racism.

For those, who careless, take note, no one knows the next victim. Casualty is not tied to all your supposed haters.

Your friends or relatives can be Target of another group of killer cops somewhere someday. Great sports men and women who believe that life matters and stars alike of all fields must wield their influence now.

I Pity The American Dream.

A dream that seems to put all forms of racism in the past, where no one is judged by the colour of their skin but the content of their character.

It thrives on the principle of Justice, equity and fairness. For this dreams, the likes of Martin Luther King the first and the second lived and paid the supreme price.

The ranks of Derek Chauvin and cohorts cannot and shouldn’t be allowed to turn the American dream into ashes. So, drastic steps need to be taken with emmediate effect.

The American President and all the Governors, mayor’s must not only condemn but must act in a manner that sends the message to every devilish minded soul out there that ENOUGH Is ENOUGH! No space for racial bigot anymore.

The concept of social cohesion is threatened, societal cohabitation is been sacrificed.

The government must be swift in the presecution of this murderers in uniform. George Floyd must not die in vain

You can add your thought below.

We are all equal and the fight is not an African American Issue, this is a Human issue and justice must be done.

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