The Casio G-Shock Special Edition of ‘Dragon Ball Z’, Watch, There Will Be Presale With “Limited pieces”

G-Shock watch was inspired by different elements of ‘Dragon Ball Z’. At that point their launch plans were limited to Japan and therefore the UK, but we have already got the confirmation that it’ll be place on their online store.

Casio revealed that the wrist watch are going to be available for pre-order on its online store starting from this month August 22; 2020, Clarifying from the start that they’re going to only be limited pieces.

The watch boasts its 3D face with characteristic colors and a few designs alluding to ‘Dragon Ball Z’. The body and straps are presented in orange and also feature illustrations.

The company stands out as a part of the collaboration that, at the nine o’clock position, it inserted one among the seven spheres of the dragon, while at the three o’clock position, a ā€œZā€ appears, the 2 elements in gold. to face out from the remainder.

The ‘Dragon Ball Z’ logo was placed on the rear of the packaging, as within the special packaging. They highlight that the G-Shock line has “high resistance” to shocks and impacts, also as being waterproof, programming five alarms, LED light and therefore the possibility of checking the time of up to 48 cities.

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Unfortunately watch price not revealed, but to require a reference, in Japan its price is 26,400 yen, in Mexico it’s 5,530 pesos converted to our currency, it’s approximately #97,265.00 Nigeria currency.

Casio confirmed that the worth of the G-Shock special edition of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ is 6,999 pesos (#123,102.67).

Its pre-sale will begin on August 22 and therefore the shipments of the products will begin from the 24 of an equivalent month.

The store highlights that it offers up to 12 months without interest, although it only applies to chose products.

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