The Armed Robber Episode 7- True Life Story

THE ARMED ROBBER 7 ( Continue Reading from Episode 6)

Mr Ojo: Madam, it is very important… I have to get the file today….

Lawyer’s wife: (cuts in)… I can’t be there tonight. I am very sorry sir. I will bring it to you first thing tomorrow morning.

Besides, the battery of my phone is low and it may be dead before I get to you. So, there is no way I can trace you even if I decide to come…

Therefore, let it be tommorow…

Totototo…..the sign of a phone low battery.

Mr Ojo: Madam……..

The line went dead. He tried calling her back. The phone is switched off…

Mr Ojo: Austine!!! What are we going to do? Her phone is switched off.

Austine: Sir, you need to calm down. I will see what I can do…. Let’s go to the monitoring station to locate her last location…. Don’t worry sir

At the residence of KTB. They were all in the living room, busy discussing and monitoring the situation with KTB boy, scorpion.

KTB placed a call to scorpion.

KTB: Hello, scorpido….

Scorpion: Bossman….

KTB: What is the situation report?

Scorpion: I am at a place where I can see the house clearly without being noticed. I can see everything and anybody that want to go into the house.

She is not here yet. As soon I sight her, the job will be done. Don’t worry, boss…

KTB: Alright. Keep me posted and be careful.

Kunle: What did he say?

KTB: He said, he is there. She hasn’t come yet.

Kunle: What if my oga had called her and she is on her way to give him the file.

Therefore, by the time she is in the house, she won’t have the file. If that happens, it means our waiting is in futility….

Wife:(cuts in)… Hun..!! Hey!! That must not happen. It means we have lost everything. Ha! It must not happen ooo….

Kunle, you know our lives and survival depend on this file. It took me years to get him to give everything he has to me in his WILL.

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I use every trick in this world to no avail.. I was even swindled by several Juju man. I even had sex with some just to get all this done, before he decided to do it on his own volition.

Now, I am about to loose everything… Kunle, you put me in this mess. You must solve this problem…. Ha!!! Love!! Love!! Kai!!!

Kunle: Iyabo!!! Iyabo!!! Calm down. Everything will fall in place. You know I love you… And won’t allow you to be sad…

Besides, you are the mother of my son… I know you did all this for us to be happy….

Wife: I love you too… That was why I agreed to the plan in the first place…

He put his hand over her neck. Turn her to face him and kissed her…

KTB: See madam, calm down… You are in my place… Kunle knows what I am capable of doing… They call me KTB!!!


It is not for fun and not just an appellation. I earned it. Now, do you have any document that has the signature of your husband…?

Wife: Yes.

KTB: Again, do you know where all his properties are located?

Wife: Yes, I know everything.

KTB: Good… I have sent for Sign K and Hacker. Sign K can forge any signature on Earth….

Just let him see the signature… Kunle do you still have the number the man use in calling you earlier.

Kunle: Yes. I saved it on my phone…

KTB: Hacker will hack it for us and tell us the location he is. We will use that to track him..

Kunle: I still don’t understand where you are going my friend.

KTB: We will do another WILL. That is, if scorpion is unable to get the original one. After doing another WILL, with the help of Hacker, we will get the location and finish the job…

Nobody to contest the WILL. Madam, shebi, you said, he doesn’t have anybody except you. He didn’ t have any child.

His family don’t care wether he exist or not. You are his only family.

Wife(Iyabo): Yes, you are correct….

KTB: Don’t worry… What are you going to eat?

Kunle: We are okey. Or do you want to eat,Iyabo?

Iyabo: No not at all. Am okey too..

KTB: Alright, no problem.

KTB call his lieutenant, who all these while have listened to everything been said without contributing.

They leave the duo of Kunle and Iyabo in the living room….

KTB: Jungle, are you thinking what I am thinking?

Jungle: What are you thinking, boss?

KTB: Do you know, we can convert this operation to our own advantage.

Jungle: Are you sure? And how do you mean?

KTB: Wether we get hold of the original WILL or not, we will definitely have a will with the help of Sign K and our lawyer.

Jungle: Yes. That is certain.

KTB: We will have to kill Kunle and leave that useless ashawo. Iyabo or what is she called. We will find the husband and kill him…

If we have to forge the WILL, it will also be in the name of the wife. We will then bring in Alhaji…

Do you remember Alhaji had given us the job to assassinate this Mr Ojo five years ago over a business deal they had together before he, Alhaji aborted the operation.

Jungle: Yes, I remember… He don tey… How do you know it was him?

KTB: The wife showed me his picture. And I recognized him immediately… I went to also double check with the picture Alhaji gave us the other time.

Though, he is older now than what I have but the resemblance is obvious.

Jungle: Wow!!! See life…!!! It means we will conlude what we started five years ago. How do we still want to utilize this?

KTB: The role of Alhaji is to come and buy the properties. He will oblige. He had wanted it all these while, he was just taking his time.

After the death of both Kunle and the husband, we will force the beneficiary, the widow to sign agreement selling all the properties to Alhaji.

We will be the one to bargain with Alhaji. You know, he is also a crook. Before we kill her, we will also make her to write a suicide note saying, she regretted killing her husband.

That, it was after she sold the property, that she realized the enormity of what she did. Shikenah!!!

Jungle: Boss, do you think it will work out. For instance, where do we dispose the body of Kunle and Iyabo?

KTB: That of Kunle will be dump in that big river we always use for such operation. Nobody will find him.

He will only be declared missing like every other one we did in the past… We will kill that adulterer by poison.

We take her with the suicide note to one of her husband abandoned house. Particularly, the one on the island she told us about…

Jungle: Boss, there is still a lot of loopholes in this plan of yours… Okey, what about….

KTB: See jungle, we would fill in the gap later…

His phone rang.

KTB: Hello, Scorpido…

At the residence of the lawyer. The wife had arrived home. She is almost at her gate.

She had to step on the break when she almost hit a young man who suddenly crossed the road… She stop the car and wind down…

Lawyer’s Wife: Young man, what is the problem with you? Do you want to die…?

Young man: I am sorry ma…

He moved closer to her and point a gun at her…

Young man: Madam, open the door and move to the other sit… Madam, kindly obey or you will get hurt…

She complied and the young man took over the driver’s sit and zoomed off…..

Young man: Hello… Boss, suspect in custody….

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