The Armed Robber Episode 4- True Life Story

Continuation from The Armed Robber Episode 3

Husband(Mr Ojo): You are right. Since she didn’t succeed in doing it herself, she may decide sending hired killer.

Thank you very much… Do you know, I didn’t even think in that direction. Let’s I forget. Where is your mother?

Thief(Charles): My mother is dead..

Husband(Mr Ojo): Oh God!!!! What happened? Oge why?

He started crying profusely…

Thief(Charles); Sir, there is no time for this yet. We have to leave the house as soon as possible. Your wife will soon come back from the market.

Husband(Mr Ojo): Ok(Amidst tears)…. I will have to take some few things…. Give me some minute, I will be ready.

Thief(Charles): Alright sir.

He went inside. Pack some clothes into the box. Pick up the briefcase containing vital documents pertaining to the company and that of his properties.

Husband (Mr Ojo): Son, I am ready. Let’s go.

Charles felt surprised when he called him, SON. They both went out and zoomed off.

After they have left for about 30minutes. The wife arrived from the market. She entered the house went straight to the kitchen to drop all the groceries and goods she bought from the market.

She came to the living room and started calling out for her husband…

Wife: Sweetheart, am home. Where are you? Are you in the bedroom sleeping?…

She went to the bedroom and knock on the door. No reply. She knocked again and listen carefully. No reply.

She immediately suspected that her husband had left the house. She went to her room to take the spare key of her husband room which she had secretly duplicated without the knowledge of her husband.

She opened the door and went straight to where her husband kept the vital documents. It wasn’t there. They are gone!! She became more suspicious.

Wife:(talking to herself).. This is trouble. I have no doubt that my husband did not believe that I did not poison the tea.

What am going to do now… Ah! Wahala wa ooo…

Kunle! Kunle!

Let me quickly call kunle. She picked up her phone and dialled kunle’s number.

Kunle: Hello my dear

Wife: Kunle, there is serious problem ooo… Your oga has absconded from the house..

Kunle(cuts in): What! What happened? I thought by now, we will be celebrating.

Wife: Kunle, we need to meet now…. Where are you?

Kunle: I am at the office. Since, he didn’t call me, I thought maybe the deed had been done… Can we meet at the usual place?

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Wife: Yes. Please be fast. I will also be there now.

She immediately took the car key and went out… While going, she unintentionally check the dog house. To her amazement, Jack is dead…

Wife: (talking loud to herself) Wow!!! So the poison is potent.. Ah! How I wish the stupid guy drinks the tea. It would have solve this problem once and for all.

Meanwhile, Mr Ojo and Charles had gotten to a hotel. The father wanted two rooms, one for him and the other one for Charles but he declined.

Charles: Sir, I can’t stay here. I have a lot of things to do. My best friend when I was in Secondary School is an intelligent officer.

I will need to bring him to the picture. He was the one who gave us all the armed robber team the tips on how to break into your house and other vital information. Infact, he was part of the armed robber team.

Mr Ojo: Ok, what about the new sim…

Charles: You will have to go get it. While doing that, please be careful and watch your back.

Mr Ojo: Alright… Thanks son

Charles: (Thinking) Son again… Ok oooo… The man don dey accept me be that even before DNA talk am… Walahi, he no good make person get problem.

Your enemy go be your best friend immediately…. Anyway (he shrugged)

At the meeting point. Kunle had reached there. He pick up his phone and make a call.

Kunle: Where are you now. I am there now.

Wife: I am almost there

Few minutes later, she arrived.

Wife: Kunle!!! (Speaking with panic in her voice) What are we going to do now?

Kunle: Calm down… The game master is here… Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. We are still going to execute our plan.

I am his manager. He will definitely call me. He doesn’t have a choice. Shebi, he didn’t suspect that we having relationship.

Wife: No ooooo

Kunle: Don’t worry. We are the one to inherit the company and all the properties. He doesn’t have a child.

Since, you have succeeded in making him bequeath everything to you. We don’t have problem. We just to make sure he is dead.

The parents are dead. The family doesn’t give a damn about him. They don’t even know he exist. You are my first love…

If not because of what happened. I would have been your husband, I know am not the only one you are dating back then but I love you. And I still do.

Wife: Thank you for your love. You know I love you too… You know, the day I saw you with my husband and he introduced you as his manager, all the memory of our teenage love came back to me.

You know what, I did not tell you, I have called doctor Kunmi to conduct DNA test on my son. You never can tell, you might be the father.

You remember we had sex severally before you travelled. Although in between I had sex with Tunji too. I wanted to tell you after the death of my husband. I don’t know, situation will be like to this…

Kunle: You know I love you… I will do everything to make you happy…. If not for the problem I had in the US, I would have come for you before you met my useless oga. (thinking) She think am stupid.

Yes, I love you… The boy would have been long gone if not because he is my son. The DNA that I have carried out immediately she introduced the boy to me…

She think I would planned all this without knowing that the boy is my son… I am doing all this partly because he is my son and the love I have for her.

Wife: Kunle! Kunle! What are you thinking…

Kunle: Sorry, I had long gone. I am thinking about the next line of action.

His phone rings

Wife: Who is calling you.

Kunle: It is strange number. It is not on my contact list.

He picks the call..

Kunle: Hello

Mr Ojo: Hello Kunle

He covers the mouth piece and informed her of the caller.

Kunle:(silently)… Shhhh…. It is my oga. Hello sir.

Mr Ojo: Kunle, where are you?

Kunle: Oga, I am at the office sir.

Mr Ojo: Ok good. Are you through with the kooper’s file.

Kunle: Yes sir…

Mr Ojo: Alright… I will call you later. You will have to bring it to me wherever I am.

Kunle: Alright sir… Sir, are you not coming to the office today?

Mr Ojo: No…

Kunle: Hope no problem sir.

Mr Ojo: No problem, at all. I just want to sought out some things…. I won’t be coming to the office for the next two weeks.

He cut off the phone.

Wife: What did he say.

Kunle: He asked me to bring him a file at a place he will tell me. And he said he won’t be coming to the office for the be next two weeks

Wife: Ye mo gbe…!!!! His lawyer will be around by then. He wants to change the WILL… Kunle, we need to act fast…

I forget to tell you, the dog eventually died. The poison worked. It only took a longer period than expected to react on jack…

Kunle: Forget about the poison. It didn’t hit the target… I will have to call KTB. He is the one to do the job for us…. He is the best armed robber in this environment. Omo ale KTB……. His charges are too high.

Wife: Shebi, he will do the job.

Kunle: Perfectly.

Wife: No problem… Let’s get to work.

Kunle: What will happen is, you will have to go back home and wait for further instructions..

Wife: Home ke……

To be continued

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