The Armed Robber Episode 3- True Life Story

(Continues from Yesterday)

Husband: How? You have saved me once. If you can do it again, I will be happy…

Thief: Oga…… Let me tell you the truth. I arranged for the robbery with my friends… We did it for a purpose… I told them you are my father. That you abandoned me and my mother for twenty-two(22) years. I AM YOUR SON.

Husband(Mr Ojo): What! How?…. Wait a minute. Are you not the one speaking pidgin just now. Am I dreaming? Somebody should please wake me up. Ok, what is your name and who is your mother? Because I do not have any other marriage aside this. And i don’t womanize.

Thief: My name is Charles Ojo. My mother’s name is Nweka Oge Okenne… She is an Ibo. My mum told me you met her about 22years ago in her village when you came for youth service.

That, she traced you to Lagos, when she discovered she was pregnant, two month after you finished your youth Corp and left the village. She uses the address you gave her to trace you.

That, when she saw you, after ten days of searching, you did not allow her to say a single word nor allow to stay…..

Husband(Mr Ojo): (cuts in)…..

Yes, I remember her. Back in those days, I was a young graduate. I was just twenty- three years old. Yes, I remember vividly. Oge is a very pretty lady (He smiles).

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A very brilliant and industrious lady. She had just finished secondary school when I came for my youth service. I saw her and I fell in love with her. I admired her so much. I remember we had a very strong relationship.

But, I never knew she was pregnant. When she came to Lagos. Truly, I didn’t allow her to say a word. It wasn’t my fault. My parent(God rest their soul) said they will disown me if I should have an Ibo girlfriend not to talk of marrying one.

That was why I refused her to say a word nor stay… My father was right behind me that very day when Aminu the gateman informed me of her presence that very day..

I didn’t even remember the story I cooked up to divert my dad’s attention…. God! how marvellous hath thou.

Ok, how come you speak good English? Because before now, you have been speaking pidgin.

Thief(Charles): Hmmmm…. God bless my Mother. She is truly what the Yoruba’s call “ABIYAMO” . Sir, I am a graduate. I graduated top of my class.

I studied Civil engineering. I am a civil engineer. Being her only child, she did everything to train me…. Hmmmm… It wasn’t easy though.

We both suffered to make it happened… When she came to Lagos to see you, for the ten days she was looking for you, she slept in an uncompleted building in the cold. It was a day after she saw you and you refused her that help came her way.

Husband (Mr Ojo): (cuts in) How did you know all these?

Thief(Charles): She told me. While roaming the street of Lagos, because, she doesn’t want to go back to the village, she met a good Samaritan woman who is a widow. It was this widow who helped her by providing her an abode when she explained her predicament to her…

Husband(Mr Ojo): (cuts in) Wow!!!!

Thief(Charles): My mother being an industrious lady started a petty business with the little money left on her…

Husband(Mr Ojo): (cuts in again)… That is Oge for you…. Even back in the village, she trades. I remember, she use to give money then….

Thief(Charles): Trouble started with the widow when she suspected that one of her Man-friend is eyeing my Mother. She had to quarrel with my Mother and sent her packing after about five months of staying with her…

As at that time she was seven month pregnant… She would have gone back to the street but thank God she had saved enough for her to rent a single room.

She got a room and moved to her apartment in another street not far from where she lives with her friend…

Her friend had since come back to apologize when she discovered that my mum was not a promiscuous woman…

She slept on the mat for almost a month before she could afford to buy a four and the half bed

At this point, tears had started rolling down the face of Mr Ojo.

Thief(Charles): A month after, she gave birth to me. Ever since, I had been her husband, son and friend (He smiles). We have been together and she never attempted to marry…

No, she tried it once but it didn’t work out… The man was a stupid, lazy type who depends on woman to feed…. He is a leech.

Husband(Mr Ojo)… Very interesting… Now, I will have plenty of time to listen to the rest of the story… Before, I could believe and accept you as my son, we will go for DNA.

But that is not the issue for now… How do I solve the problem at hand… This woman must not succeed in killing me… Even if I have to die, let me live long enough to change my WILL…

Thief(Charles): (cuts in)…. Sir, you are not going to die… Now, we have to be proactive. She didn’t succeed using the poison.

Nobody knows what went wrong because I am 100% sure she put the stuff in your tea. I saw her and heard her…

Husband(Mr Ojo): What are we going to do? She will soon return from the market…

Thief(Charles): You will have to leave this house. You switch off your phone and lodge in an hotel.

Husband(Mr Ojo): What about my business? They must talk to me everyday at least once…

Thief(Charles): Ok, you will get a new sim card which you must switch off immediately you finish talking to who ever you want to talk to… Why I said you have to leave the house is that, your wife may plan to assassinate you….

Husband(Mr Ojo): You are right. Since she didn’t succeed in doing it herself, she may decide sending hired killer. Thank you very much… Do you know, I didn’t even think in that direction. Let’s I forget. Where is your mother?

Thief(Charles): My mother is…..

To be continued.

Oh! You really wants to know what happened to his mother?

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