Kindly Share These With Your Wards – “My Life in Social Media Streets” A True Life Story

Kindly share this story with your children, friends and family, This is a True Life Story My Life in Social Media Streets My name is sister Jedeedah, I am a sister of 21, I am in my final year level. I am a victim of Facebook post. If I were asked that what did I … Read more

Paralyzed Chapter Two -a True Life Story by Omoyemen Osekhale

PARALYZED CHAPTER 2 Continue from Episode One Tears rolled down my cheek. But I couldn’t make a sound. Was I dreaming about sleep paralysis? I could feel the cold breeze on my bare skin. I was naked. I was moving. But how? My body was moving up and down. My head slightly tapped the headboard above. The … Read more

We Say Tomorrow is Another Day Because There is Tomorrow

My name is KOFI AMOAH, I own a company, none of my staff knew me as the owner except the Manager and the Secretary. (I had told them not to disclose my identity). I don’t usually go for a visit. One day, I visited the company and I saw my Ex wife, who had thrown … Read more

Who The Cap Fits Episode One

WHO THE CAP FIT About the book: This book (“Who The Cap Fits”) tells the story of how the otherwise simple matter of choosing a bride for a young prince became set in bitter conflict and subterfuge that threatened to set several villages and communities at war against each other. Inspite of all the complicated … Read more

Paralyzed Chapter One -a True Life Story by Omoyemen Osekhale

PARALYZED CHAPTER ONE EMILY POV My hair felt like they’ll be torn apart from my body. Tears filled in my eyes and my visioned blurred. I begged her to stop but she didn’t listen. My ears hurt from her screaming. and my heart wouldn’t stop beating so much. I looked up in pain and cried … Read more

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