True Life Story: Temporay Wife Episode 1

Hello readers, you are welcome to another fantastic online story written by your one and only girl Omoyen Osakhale. Temporary Wife Episode 1 Blair was putting on the finishing touches to her outfit for work when her friend Rachel called and asked her if she would be coming into work soon. Rachel was Mr. Ritter’s … Read more

True Life Story: The Armed Robber Episode 14

THE ARMED ROBBER Episode 14 (continue from Episode 13) Charles climbed the pedestrian bridge. At the top of the bridge, he saw an old friend. Thompson: Charley Bobo!!! Quite an age, my dear friend. Charles: Wait ooo!!! Who am seeing!!! Hope I am not dreaming!!! Thomthom!!!! Thompson: My dear brother, na me be dis ooo…. … Read more

True Life Story: The Armed Robber Episode 13

The Story Continues Continue from episode 12 Early morning around five O’clock (5:00am). Mr Ojo called Thompson and put the phone on speaker. Mr Ojo: Hello, young Man, good morning… Thompson: Good morning sir.. Mr Ojo: How was the night? Thompson: I’m fine sir. But, it is damn too early. I am still sleeping. Mr … Read more

True Life Story: The Armed Robber Episode 12

THE ARMED ROBBER Episode 11 Iyabo phone rings….. Iyabo: Hello…… It’s you. How are you? What!! How come?…. Alright. No problem. I will see you tomorrow. While she was receiving the call another call was waiting. As at the time she finishes, it had dropped… Kunle: Who was that? She waived the question. Iyabo: While … Read more

True Life Story: The Armed Robber Episode 11

The true life Story Continues From

Episode 10


Young Man: Eri, what is the problem?

Eri: Thompson, where did you get this file from

Young Man (Thompson): I got it from our new target. She asked me to deliver it to a man. She gave me her phone to retrieve the man’s number. The phone was dead. I had to charge it to get the number.

I have charged the phone in the car. I think, it was the shock of her kidnapping that made her to forget that she has a car charger. I have charged the phone while returning the car. And I have copied the number. I left the phone in the car… Why did you ask?

Eri: The file is a WILL. The name of the beneficiary is my Mother.

Young Man (Thompson): You don’t mean it.!! Are you saying, it is your mother that we kidnapped?

Eri: No….. The owner of the WILL is my supposed Step-father. Though, he didn’t know about me. My mother did not tell him she has a child. I met the Man twice. He is a honest, upright and a good man.

Young Man(Thompson): When you met him, did he recognize you as his step son?.

Eri: I don’t think so. I just think the Man is naturally nice. If not for him where do you think my Mother will get the money to send me to a private University where we met.

Young Man (Thompson): Hmmmmm……

Eri: I know my mother. That woman is evil. She might be planning evil. Didn’t you say your Target is the wife of a lawyer and the husband is out of the country?

Thompson: Yes….

Eri: Maybe my mother had done something bad to him and the man want to re-write his WILL. I haven’t see my Mother for almost three years now. I only talk to her on phone.

Thompson: Why?…..

Eri: That Woman is evil. I don’t like the way she is treating her husband. Despite the fact that the Man loves her so much. I am a Man too and I will get married someday… Do you remember the accident I had some years back.

Thompson: Yes, I remember. You said an unknown Man who came to see the doctor at the hospital paid for the hospital bill and even donated blood when the Man who hit you couldn’t afford to pay the bill.

Eri: Yes….. You remember…. The Man came to check on me twice before I was discharged. That was my first encounter with my mother’s husband. I never knew it was him.

Because, my mother did not allow me to know him….. I recognized him when I went for the interview I told you my mother asked me to attend the other time…

I saw his picture hung on the wall at the manager’s office. My mother had already told me the company belongs to her husband. After the interview, while I was coming, I met the Man at the staircase going for lunch.

He did not recognize me. I approached him and told him I was the young man he assisted at the hospital some years back. He hugged me and asked me what I came to do. I had to lie that I came to see a friend who works at the company.

Thompson: Why did you lie? Why did you not tell him you came for Job interview?

Eri: I made up my mind during the interview not to work there and if I should tell him I came for a job interview, the man will employ me immediately.

Thompson: Ok…. Why don’t you want to work there?

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