This Organization Sold a Duplicate of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ For $2 Million.

In the event that you saw the new record $2 million offer of a 36-year-old duplicate of Nintendo’s notorious “Super Mario Bros.” computer game ⁠—unopened since 1985 ⁠—and quickly looked through your youth wardrobes for comparable vintage gold, you’re likely not the only one. Rally, the New York City-based “elective resource venture” fire up that … Read more

Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy are Coming to Celebrate 35 Years of Mario

Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy are coming to Nintendo Switch, three jewels are back remastered to celebrate 35 years of Mario. On the occasion of the 35th anniversary the original game of Super Mario Bros. Nintendo prepared a series of surprises for Nintendo Switch. Three of the most classic games in the franchise will … Read more

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