#NANS: Communique Issue at The End of The Council of NANS JCC Chairmen Meeting

COMMUNIQUE ISSUED AT THE END OF THE COUNCIL OF NANS JCC CHAIRMEN MEETING HELD ON SUNDAY THE 8TH DAY OF NOVEMBER, 2020. 10th November,2020 Protocols, The Council of NANS JCC Chairmen across the 36 states had an online meeting to discuss and pass a deliberate resolution in respect of the Federal Government and ASUU saga. … Read more

NYCN: National Youth Council of Nigeria Epe Branch Sets to Mark National Youth Day 2020

NYCN EPE BRANCH SETS TO MARK NATIONAL YOUTH DAY 2020 TAGGED ” FLATTENING THE CURVE OF UNEMPLOYMENT IN NIGERIA: YOUTHS ON CALL. Unemployment is no doubt a huge threat to national growth and development as its hydra headed outcome is a ticking time bomb. This is due to the fact that its multiplier effect in … Read more

Press Conference of The National Youth Council of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter

NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL OF NIGERIA LAGOS STATE CHAPTER PRESS CONFERENCE, 16TH OCTOBER 2020 Protocols EndSARS protest: Long overdue action … NYCN Lagos frowns at thugs attacking peaceful protesters. With keen interest, the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter have followed and joined in the agitations and solidarity of the Nigerian youths in demanding … Read more

We Fought For The Independent and Sovereignty of Our Home Country -Comerade Ladele Ismail

It is the 60th Anniversary of our nation’s independence, we fought for the independent and sovereignty of our home country. This Day is an amazing opportunity to remind ourselves how our founding fathers worked hard for this day to come to pass, through blood and tears, they fought for the freedom of Nigeria. Happy Diamond … Read more

NYCN: The Youth Council And The Neglect Of Badagry And Epe Division

NYCNLAGOS2020 As the election of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter approaches in two days time and the political undertone to continue to relegate and sideline the Badagry division and Epe division as regards the chairmanship of the NYCN Lagos. Since over fifty years of the existence of the council just as … Read more

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