Love Beyond Monarchy Episode 6

LOVE BEYOND MONARCHY CHAPTER 6 Continue from Episode 5 I’m smiling. I’ve never once in my life woken up with a smile on my face. I always thought that was something only done in movies. Not true. I’m grinning from ear to ear. Henry is asleep, head still on my stomach, exactly where I last … Read more

Love Beyond Monarchy Episode 5

LOVE BEYOND MONARCHY EPISODE 5 Continue from Episode 4 It’s almost midnight by the time we’re walking back to the guest room door. Royce and Angie are talking our ears off about the French Rivera trip they just arrived back from. We turn the corner, finding two people kissing against a door. I blush, looking … Read more

Love Beyond Monarchy Episode 3

LOVE BEYOND MONARCHY CHAPTER 3 If you haven’t read the previous tow chapters please search it here so as to enjoy the full story. I wake slowly, feeling a hand gently pushing a strand of hair back that has escaped my bun. I keep my eyes closed, comforted by the strong arm that’s still around … Read more

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