Attorneys For Elon Musk and Tesla Asked a Federal Judge to Move Forthcoming Trial

Elon Musk and Tesla Trial

Attorneys for Tesla and Elon Musk are asking a federal judge in San Francisco to move, or delay, a forthcoming trial from Northern California to Western Texas, saying they won’t be able to find unbiased jurors and citing “local negativity” toward Musk. Musk, and other current and former Tesla board members, are set to face … Read more

Elon Must Hired George Hotz to Fix Twitter Search Engine

Twitter Chief Elon Musk

Since Elon Musk bought the social media website for $44bn at the end of October, around 4,700 staff have either been fired or quit. Advertisers have fled as the red carpet has been rolled out for Donald Trump’s return. And regulators and politicians around the world are sharpening their knives. Who is George Hotz? George Hotz … Read more

Twitter Copyright System Goes Down

Twitter copyright system

Haywire ensues on the blue bird platform. Twitter copyright: Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has proven to be chaotic, with reports of its office shutting down over the weekend. With the headquarters put into a temporary stasis, the platform is expected to run into some bumps along the way. Twitter’s copyright strike or takedown system … Read more

MicroStrategy Bought The Extra Bitcoins Between December 30 and January 31

President and bitcoin advocate Michael Saylor who is popularly known as Microstrategy declared by means of Twitter on Tuesday that his undertaking programming organization bought another 660 bitcoins for generally $25 million in real money at a normal cost of $37,865 per coin, comprehensive of charges and costs. Also Read: Elon Musk Rise and His Impact … Read more

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