She Dropped Out of The Car, Crossed The Road, Took a Bike And Went Back Home

What’s your take on this…Let’s advice this guy positively…… Good day Nairablink, Pls post this for me. My fiancee told me last weekend that she was bored and I promised to take her out within the week, but I forgot and she called me during the week to remind me. To be honest, I had … Read more

I Curse The Day I Met Him- MFI Member Cry Out After Being Cheated

My Friends & I is one of the most entertaining and fastest growing group on Facebook. It’s more likely for people to get engaged in a groups and most of Nigerian Youths have fall victim of being jilted, frauded and hacked. Today the trending story on MFI I the issue of a lady with the … Read more

Stop Crying And Begging a Man to Accept His Baby; It Should Be The Other Way Round

As an adult single lady, I want to agree with you that the moment you have decided to have an unprotected sex with a man; you should be ready for the following probable outcomes: You have to stop crying or begging him to accept the results of your unprotected sex. It should be the other … Read more

Here Are The Secret Ways To Love Your Partner

Many wives are frustrated and tired of their marriages because of how unromantic their husbands are. Their husbands are predictable, always doing one thing all the time, no varieties. Many single ladies and married wives are just enduring their marriages but it can be different dear husbands if you will put into practice what I’ll … Read more

Stop Keeping Plan B On Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram While Staying With The Real Guy

My ADVISE TO THE UNMARRIED SISTERS Dear daughters, I know you love to explore. You love to try things. You love to consider various options and alternatives. That’s lack of wisdom… If you have given YES I DO to a brother, please give him undivided attention. Stop keeping PLAN B on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram … Read more

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